Access greater God-power. Be the instruments for instantaneous precipitation as the masters of love-wisdom have demonstrated in their lives…

The Science of Holy Prayer

Our Holy Work as Intermediaries

The Role of Divine Mercy

The science of holy prayer is an ancient art that you are bringing into a new manifestation of presence through the directed currents of your God Presence, your Solar Source by intention.

Some think of prayer only as a petition to the most high, where they request for gifts and graces and things of the Earth. And yet you, as a manifestation of the Word, as sons and daughters of God and Christs-in-the-making, understand that the Logos as the Word may flow through you. And the essence of the sonship of God, even as that solar light, may emanate through your being as blessing and as a bestowal unto the Earth of the gifts and graces of heaven as you become an intermediary through the science of the Word that you engage in, in great joy, in great love and compassion for all life.

The Purpose of Prayer—Bringing to Earth the Kingdom of Heaven

For you see, blessed hearts, the purpose of prayer is to bring the kingdom of heaven tangibly into the earth by drawing down divine currents and the stream of light from the very presence of God through your consciousness and the chrism of the blessing of your own being as an arbiter, truly as an electrode of light for many. If you study “The Lord’s Prayer,” you will see how Jesus, having fully manifested his Christ-awareness became that mediator for mankind. And when he called o the father, it was so that the divine light would flow through his being and through those whom he taught the science of prayer to manifest the kingdom consciousness within the Earth.

As you visualize and hold, through a focus of light using your higher vision, your mind’s eyes, patterns and thoughtforms of beauty, of grace, of perfection, even cosmic and geometric forms vibrating with a vitality of the Spirit whereby the angels may infuse that which you hold in mind with the God-reality of spiritual fire, then all that you see and believe in may fully manifest in the world of form because of the great flow of light through your being.

Scientists of the Spirit, alchemists of sacred fire are ye when, through presence of mind and heart, you are this divine mediator betwixt heaven and earth.

It Is Possible to Know Instantaneous Precipitation

Those of you who can focus through greater meditation that which you would see fully accomplished and manifest in the plane in which you live—allowing not your mind to wander and think of other things but truly allowing the laser action of light through your higher vision to focus with great presence upon that which you require in your alchemy—can be the instruments for instantaneous precipitation as the masters of love-wisdom have demonstrated in their lives.

Many of you have been saints, seers and holy ones in past lifetimes pleading and praying on your knees, giving supplication to the Divine. And yet now you are in a new mode of understanding of beingness whereby you are that Word, you are in the Earth the very focal point, anchoring point, even as a conscious talisman for the divine radiance to manifest. And through your great belief, coupled with your love and wisdom, there is the setting forth in three dimensions of being the physical outpicturing of that which you hold in the surety of light and life as the vibration does draw down from the Divine the very molecules of substance. And there is crystallized in your plane of existence the goal, the victory for all.

Maintain Harmony; Maintain Balance; Focus on Perfection

It is always a test, blessed ones, that you maintain harmony, balance and a cohesive spirit, wed to mater in order for that which you desire to fully manifest, to outpicture. And some would give up just before the clarity of the final descent of the light into mater, and thereby their alchemies do not fully come into fruition.

Take a cue from the blessed Mother Mary who was required to hold the focus on behalf of her son Jesus for many, many years in order to sustain spiritually his mission to be fulfilled. And even through the agony and the ecstasy of his crucifixion, resurrection and ultimate ascension, there was yet within her heart and mind the perfect vision of his Christ-essence and his spirit. This is key for each of you to know and understand in order that that which you hold so dear within your mind and heart as possible come into the real of this Earth, come in the reality of beingness within this Earth for you, blessed ones.

With God All Things Are Possible through Your Resolve

I remind you that with God all things are possible, all manifestations of light are doable. But it takes a great resolve of one-pointedness to resolve within yourself all matters and those things within your subconsciousness as satellites of non-beingness that have revolved around the pure sun-awareness of who you are as a God-realized one. And once you have fully dealt with all of these issues, all of these challenges—no longer seeing them as something outside of yourself but truly as those elements of non-selfhood that you have created—then through God-acceptance and the full enfiring of your alchemy, the perfect physical manifestation may come forth and emerge right from within you, from the God Source and the energy that God has embedded within you in the beginning as an aspect of selfhood and presence.

Some see the possibility and move heaven and earth to make it reality. And others simply wish and dream, thinking that all will eventually come to pass as an ethereal manifestation. And yet, those who have truly become the masterful ones are those who can draw down and anchor the light of heaven into the earth through work, through focus and through a strong and abiding faith in the light of God that always prevails.

Work toward Your Desired Goal in Practical Ways

I see the possibility for the increase tenfold of your abundance, your joy and the expansion of this movement if some among you would have that shift in consciousness whereby a greater energy may be brought forth and then safeguarded through action, through movement and through work. The choice is up to each and everyone of you how much of the energy from your Source you will manifest and sustain daily—putting aside the various distractions to your goal and fully embracing together that which the community of hearts of this movement may create on behalf of those, all those who are being called at inner levels to support and sustain the totality of this mission, blessed ones.

I am El Morya. I hold you in perfect geometry within my mind’s eye as a God-realized one and as one of the holy building blocks within this greater community of light for the mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in this hour and age. Hold for yourself the purity of this vision, and then you will have access to that greater God-power that may be yours as a result through tapping into that which I have become and would bestow by God’s grace.

In the name of all that is real within you, I enfire greater God-desire to be the one within the fire of the Divine and the sun of eternal beauty, the I AM THAT I AM, the All in One. Thank you.

—El Morya through David C. Lewis on April 6, 2008



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