Nashville May Day Weekend Event 2010

Raising the Mother Light in the Americas—
Pallas Athena Invites All to Her Western Focus in Nashville

Holiday Inn Express Downtown
920 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee

April 30–May 2, 2010

Southern and heavenly hospitality await you! We are looking forward to seeing you in Nashville for a weekend of spiritual work, learning and fellowship.

David C. Lewis will introduce us to the exciting mission of The Hearts Center movement. Gregory Brinkley will lead us in meditations and songs as well as practices in pranic breathing and sacred movement. Cheryl Yarbrough will share her understanding of the Divine Feminine, and Jennifer Ledbetter will talk to us about a new spiritual technology that enhances the work of the violet light. She will also give us background information on Nashville’s sacred sites in preparation for our visit to the Parthenon in Centennial Park on Saturday, May 1.

We will enjoy HeartStreams on the flame of truth, the work of the archangels in clearing the heartland of America, developing divine intention and intuition, and on the meaning of stellar adeptship and Aquarian motherhood.

This is real Southern comfort—coming together in joy to pray and sing, meditate and reflect, learn and discuss. The comfort of heaven emanates throughout Tennessee, the Southeast, North and South America, and all of life on April 30th through May 2nd because you are there.

Lodging Information

Holiday Inn Express Downtown
920 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee

Ask for the Hearts Center rate of $99 per room when you make your reservation.

Transportation To and From Hotel

  • Nashville International Airport (BNA)
    • Distance: 8.0 miles West to the Hotel
    • Shuttle Charge (one way): $12.00
    • Taxi Charge (one way): $22.00
  • Complimentary Local Area Shuttle
    • Radius 2 miles


Call 630-894-4410 or email for
times and location.