Angels, Angels, Angels!

Messages for Today from Heavenly Friends

By David Christopher Lewis

Illustrated by David Keil



344 pages · 24 original color images of Angels

Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Finalist in the 2021 New Age category

Angels are beautiful, bright beings of light whose charge is to amplify the feelings and the divine emotions of God. They are also messengers of God who deliver to mankind guidance, hope and understanding as well as graces, virtues and blessings. They inspire us, assist us and raise our consciousness; they save us from peril and danger. They are our servitors and our wonderful divine friends, always available to us.

We learn in messages from over forty angels that we are always encouraged to call to our friends of light for greater assistance and that, by invitation, they are always available to help us through any crisis, difficult situation or even in our daily activities. Our lives may become much more sublime and joyous as the precious angels interact with us to lighten our load and inspire us in so many ways. In communion with the angels our lives are happier and more fruitful.

Justinius, Captain of the Seraphim,
speaks about this book:

"I AM Justinius, captain of the hosts of seraphim, and I ensoul this book Angels, Angels, Angels! with my Presence, for I am on that cover overshining all the angels therein. And I choose this day to reveal my identity to humanity to afford them entrée into the heaven world through association with, communion with the angels of all bands of light.

As you read this tome of light Angels, Angels, Angels! you will find aspects of your own God-consciousness within the words as cups of light on every page. You will find the internalization of the God flame within the matrices of the paragraphs, the concepts and that which the ascended hosts, the angels themselves, have embedded within their words, some of these of late and some dictated years ago through this dispensation.

Yes, the angels themselves whom you associate with as you read their words will bless you, will charge you with their God-glory, will suffuse their light all around and within you. And as you embrace these words and make them real within your lives as you prove the law of being through your conscious actions, words, thoughts and feelings, there will be a new you dawning each day. And as you read them in the morning, at noon or at night, the angels will heal your psyche, bless your soul and radiate their great love to your heart. It may just be, dearest ones, that you yourself being more angelic will be able to fashion within your world a greater image of God-glory than ever before in any lifetime. And when you rise as you meditate and pray, as you chant and dance with us, there will be a joyful attitude gracing your brow, ensouling your being. And you as an angel of light yourself will emerge from the chrysalis fully formed as a Solar being."

About the Author

Author David Christopher Lewis has been visited by angels over 700 times over the last 16 years. The book includes their mystical and practical revelations.

Discover the names and mission of angels never before revealed!

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