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Come to our conference in UmeĂĄ, Sweden, the ”City of the Birches.” As 2012 gives us unique opportunities for personal development and keys to positively influencing the destiny of our planet, the ascended masters are here to magnify our efforts and guide us to higher levels of being.

Through inspired messages of eternal wisdom from the ascended masters, through decree, mantra, song, and meditation, through presentations, sacred movement and prana breathing, the light of heaven is released because you are there! You are the anchor points for the teaching and holy essences that will be focused in Europe and throughout the Earth.

This seminar will leave a deep imprint in the Earth, accelerating its resurrection and ascension. By imbibing these energies, you will accelerate your own resurrection spiral. Make it a reality by your presence in person or over our broadcasts!

An Invitation from David Lewis, Hearts Center founder

I was working yesterday with Marita and Rune Hagen on the program for our event in Sweden, and I was amazed at what I saw will occur energetically when we gather in May in Umea and then when some of us travel to the British Isles after that event. And I felt the power of the Presence of Sanat Kumara and of many angelic beings from Venus, who are so invested in the divine culture to manifest upon Earth that they actually took incarnation through many of these peoples, including the Scandinavians, most of whom, in their original seed, are from Venus. They love to dance and sing and be in nature, and this is what the Venusians love to do. And we will experience more of the Venusian culture during this event in a mini Meru University class on one day during our time together in northern Sweden.

So each of our courses, classes and events is very, very important for establishing upon Earth this beautiful culture of the Divine Mother. Each time a HeartStream is released, it’s as if a new street, an avenue of light is built within the etheric world where those HeartStreams are released. And a part of the Holy City is brought to bear in the Earth itself at a very deep vibrational level because those HeartStreams, as the sacred and blessed words of the ascended masters, are co-creating this river of light right where we are, through our consciousness upraised to God.

So if you desire to be involved in the creation of heaven upon Earth, of the City of God upon Earth, tangibly, come to these events; because this is where the rubber, the divine rubber, meets the road and where the divine Spirit and grace of God is manifest through our collective consciousness. And we can co-create architecturally beautiful, divinely designed cities of light, avenues of the Spirit, parks and boardwalks and places of meditation and harmony, just as we would see in the divine world, right within our conscious world through the co-creative work during our times together.

Each of these seminars, events is an opportunity to invest our highest selfhood together to bring the divine world into our world. Yes, much can be done through our online experience. And yet I have to tell you that when you are physically present in your seats in the aroma of the ascended master beings of light—especially the lady masters, who bring these divine fragrances, and the great God-beings who anchor such a stupendous radiation that it is almost indescribable in its ineluctable beauty and power—you are truly engaged with your elder brothers and sisters. And there is a transference through our chakras, through our beings, the crystal of our selfhood, into the world itself. We do our highest work, our most beautiful labor in these sessions together when we are of one mind, of one spirit, of one heart.

This is why we came to Earth. Yes, we can do a lot on our own. We can master ourselves; we can work on our divine theses; we can co-create through our own sacred labor many beautiful energetic works of the Spirit. Yet when we merge with others in a greater auric field of our unity through togetherness, there is co-created such a stupendous action that we will not even know how awesome this is until we ascend to the heart of God and look upon it from higher realms with our new eyes, our spiritual eyes, and see just how involved we truly were with the angelic hierarchies of light, with our masters, whom we love, and with the great cosmic beings, the Elohim, Solar beings who guide, guard and direct us. --David C. Lewis, February 10, 2012


Video and Audio Replays of our Sweden event


May 17 Thursday Afternoon Session - 4 hrs. 8 min. View 1 View 2 Listen
May 17 Thursday Evening Session - 2 hrs. 24 min. View   Listen
May 18 Friday Morning Session - 19 min. View   Listen
May 18 Friday Afternoon Session - 1 hr. 59 min. (With Knighting) View   Listen
May 18 Friday Evening Session  - 1 hr. 29 min. View    
May 19 Saturday Morning Session - 3 hrs. 3 min. View   Listen
May 19 Saturday Afternoon Session - 3 hrs. 52 min. View   Listen
May 19 Saturday Evening Session - 1 hr 59 min. View   Listen
May 20 Sunday Morning Session - 2 hrs. 7 min. (With Baptisms by Fire)     Listen

Audio - Edited Heartstreams

Date  Teaching Topic  Audio  Length
May 17 Lanello with Clare de Lis: Claim Your Ascension as a Reality Now! Listen 71 min
May 17 Hans: My Joyous Path in Higher Octaves of Light Listen 28 min
May 17 Darshan with Jesus: Do Those ”Greater Works” that I Spoke of and Have Your Victory in this Life Listen 79 min
May 17 Amaryllia: Life is a Glorious Renewal Listen 13 min
May 18 Kuthumi: 
The Uplifting Power of Devotion Listen 13 min
May 18 Astrea: 
Develop Cosmic Consciousness through the Circle and Sword of Astrea Listen 9 min
May 18 Serapis Bey: A Personal Clearance with Serapis Bey Listen 22 min
May 19 Meditation on Eye Magic, Appreciation and Soul Freedom Listen 10 min
May 19 Discourse on the Importance of the Hands, on Mudras and on Blessing Listen 17 min
May 19 Omri-Tas: A Transfusion of Light from the Ruler of the Violet Planet Listen 4 min
May 19 Saint Germain: 
The ”Hahaha” of the Violet Fire Listen 16 min
May 19 Great Divine Director: Perform your Magic through Joy and Love Listen 12 min
May 19 Melchizedeka: A New Manifestation of Light from the Priesthood of Melchezidek – I Claim My Own! Listen 10 min
May 19 Knighting Ceremony by Mother Mary Listen 24 min
May 19 Three Goddesses, Lady Plieades and the Co-Creative Nature of Spiritual Dancing Listen 22 min
May 19 Venus with Sanat Kumara: 
The Cosmic Destiny of Sweden, Scandinavia and Europa Listen 16 min
May 20 God & Goddess Meru: An Invitaion to Join the Pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca in December 2012 Listen 11 min
May 20 Helios & Vesta: On Cosmic Succession: Our New Office in the Hierarchy  Listen 10 min
May 20 Maha Chohan: Baptism by Fire! Listen 37 min
May 20  Mighty Victory: Your Victory is My Victory!  Listen  2 min
May 22  Verla (Lewis) Extends Blessings of Peace and Requests that We Give Our Spiritual Gift to Life Each Morning  Listen 12 min
May 22 Reading from Secrets of the Light by Dannion Brinkley; The Purpose of Our Pilgrimages by El Morya Listen 26 min
May 23  Lanello Declares our Scotland Visit and Mission 100% Accomplished!  Listen 3 min



Registration and other information

Location: The campus of Strömbäck Folkhögskola College is situated on an idyllic bay, a segment of the Gulf of Bothnia, about 20 kilometers south of UmeĂĄ. This  heritage-listed building was constructed in 1750 and first used as glass-making factory. Within walking distance of Strömbäck  is a nature reserve with cliffs, beaches and winding pathways.

To register: E-mail or call to Marita at + 46 (0)270 423450. Also, if you have questions, contact Marita.

Fee: 1850 SEK (includes 3 lunches, 3 dinners,tea/coffee and fruit)

Register and pay by May 1, 2012. Our Pg number is 458 922-2.
International attendees will pay in cash using Swedish currency upon arrival at the conference.

Download event program

Event Call PDF

HeartStreams PDF

Room and Breakfast

To order your room and breakfast, please contact Erika Liljedahl, Strömbäck Folkhögskola at +46 (0)90 42 613 or email . They will send a separate invoice to you.

Room and breakfast fees:
Single room: 600 SEK per nnight (including linen and towel)
Double room: 448 SEK per night, per person (including linen and towel)
Extra mattress: 75 SEK per night  (linen not included)
Breakfast: 65 SEK per day

Travel Arrangements

Air: Several airlines have flights to UmeĂĄ. Travel time by plane is approximately 1 hour from Arlanda, Stockholm to UmeĂĄ.

Check with the airlines  below for good deals during certain periods.


Travel by train

If you plan to arrive by train, order your ticket at (click on the English flag in the right upper corner on that website for English version) and order your ticket to UmeĂĄ C.

Taxi from the airport or train station to Strömbäck Folkhögskola

One way in a smaller cab (up to 4 passengers): approximately 300 SEK

One way in a bigger cab (5–8 passengers): approximately 400 SEK

At, follow the directions to Strömbäcks Folkhögskola, 905 82 Umeå.


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