Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy

Discover Alchemical Formulas for the Aquarian Age - Volume 2

By David Christopher Lewis



15 original color images by David Keil
Softcover, 368 pages

Saint Germain, the avatar of the Aquarian Age and exponent of freedom for all, continues to share his insights on higher alchemy with students of light the world round. He reveals that alchemy is both a mystical science and a divine art that we can all engage in to Self-realize our true nature in God. 

Make your life alchemical and magical by love! Commune with heaven and receive keys to live a victorious life. When we wed ourselves to Spirit, all is clear; and then life becomes serene, majestic and even miraculous. 

Saint Germain teaches us to express divine love and master the science of inner beingness so that together we will co-create a world of freedom, enlightenment, peace and prosperity.

About the Author

David Christopher Lewis is a spiritual teacher, author, composer, and talk-radio contributor. He is the co-founder of The Hearts Center, a spiritual movement and community dedicated to helping people everywhere realize their highest potential. He conducts seminars worldwide and hosts regular online webinars and live broadcasts on diverse spiritual topics. For more information on his other published works, music CDs, broadcasts, and seminars, visit

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