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The New Dispensation of The Hearts Center

Beloved friends of the Divine One, O hearts who would sing, O hearts who would know the fullness of nature’s reality, O hearts who would expand God Consciousness, I come to deliver a richer and fuller testament of truth to those who would know my love in this hour, who would enter into the new dispensation1 of joy within this movement of The Hearts Center.

For as my joy is full in manifesting the Christ Consciousness, so yours may also be full and radiant as we work together to form a most blessed chalice of light through our joint work to fulfill the mission of the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation.2 For, blessed ones, this mission cannot be fully realized except by the expansion of our hearts, and this through the glorious luminary of love.

The New Law of Love

Love is the light of the world that Jesus brought to those caught in the grip of the law which was not fully the Father’s but was mankind’s misinterpretation and misapplication of the light of their own being. As he beautifully demonstrated a new law of love and compassion in his appearance everywhere, so I come to radiate a new law of love-wisdom to those whose hearts are open, to those who yet strive to explore the depths of God’s awareness of love within his many beating hearts in form.3

In truth love comes, but few are sensitized to the spiritual world and the Spirit’s exercises of love wrought through the disciples of love. So only those whose vision is clear and whose hearts are open to change can witness the movement of Spirit within the realms of Solar activity within the heart. For when quickened by the touch of the Spirit, the heart does yearn only for divine love, does pine only for the breath of life that it may enter into the fullness of God’s beingness.

You Are Just Beginning to Realize Who You Are

Blessed ones, the Spirit knows who you are, but you are just beginning to realize who you are as God knows you. And this Self-realization may only come when you enter the heart of God through the luminary of the Spirit. Jesus said that the Comforter would come and would reveal and explain all that he had said and open the disciples’ understanding so that they could interpret the Scriptures in a new light. He came to fulfill the Word of God, even as he was that Word in form. And so the new law of love superceded the Old Testament of the law within the Spirit that he manifested in form and which came on Pentecost to empower those who witnessed his life and his light.4

Become the Word through the Teaching and the Spirit

So it may be for you that as you have witnessed the Spirit speaking through Elizabeth and me and now through this dispensation of The Hearts Center and its messengers, that the same Spirit may fulfill the law of love within your heart, one with God’s. The reason we came was, yes, to deliver the Everlasting Gospel, but we came to bring each of you back to the inner love-wisdom within your own being so that you could stand on your own two feet as witnesses of the law of your own being, one with God’s.

For if our words and the wisdom teaching that we delivered from our sponsors and divine friends is not taken and fully realized through an active life of change and of Self-actualization, then our mission becomes null and void within those to whom we came. But if, through the full empowerment of the Spirit, the teaching and the Word becomes active within you, then the active ingredient, the yeast of divine change within the gospel of truth, will do its perfect work and you will become that Word also.

An Opportunity for Self-Transcendence

We knew that many would come and go and that not all would receive either us, with our human foibles and imperfections, or the words of the masters through us. And yet we delivered that Word and that teaching. And for those whose hearts were open, the words and the teaching became a living light and an opportunity for self-transcendence.

It is the same now through the ones that we have chosen to continue our mission in this hour. I said that there would be messengers within The Summit for a thousand years. And of course, we had hoped that our own would carry on our mission, for it is the great desire of every parent that one’s seed sprouts and grows in the earth. And yet choices were made and God moves on, being no respecter of persons.

The New Messengership

And so a new pair of amanuenses has been raised up, by the grace of God, through humility and through a willingness to be the orifice of the sacred flow of the Word that we know so well. Yet, beloved ones, just as in the case of our coming, if there were not those whose hearts were open, there could be no messengership. There could be no new dispensation of truth and of teaching. And so each of you is a part of the very messengership itself, by faith, by belief and by being the active ingredient of loving support, even as you are the receiver of the Word in your office as disciple, as knight and lady, as friend and brother or sister, and finally as Christ and as master yourself.

We began as a small humble circle of disciples in Washington, D.C. and grew to a worldwide movement of hearts as Elizabeth was able to draw around her, through the grace of God, many who came in response to the movement of the Spirit through her. And yet, though many have now ascended by fully becoming the teaching that was conveyed, so many have also left off of the inner work of the heart and ceased to maintain the inner tie to us and the light of love-wisdom through that connectivity of the Spirit.

The Mission of the Two Witnesses

And we have had to begin anew to form a movement that would re-empower some who knew us and re-ignite others who knew not of our work through a new dispensation of teaching, through the light of the Spirit that continues to work through those who are sensitive and whose hearts are open to the new frequencies of Aquarius. You who are listening to or reading these words may be those who will carry on the mission of the Two Witnesses in this hour through your own inner testimony, through the voice of divine reason that speaks within your own heart and soul because you have allowed that Word to ignite something fresh and new within.

Welcome to the New Dispensation

One can only truly know the authenticity of a dispensation and a messengership through the inner man of the heart, through the conscience of truth that speaks deep at the core of being and says, “Aha! I feel the Spirit moving within me now. Yes, I know this truth because it is self-evident within me. O God, thank you for your blessing and for the rush of light I now know because your life is my own, and I live and move and have my being within your Solar awareness of divine light here.”

And so, blessed ones, only those who have had this inner experience and this re-conversion of the Spirit within will attest to the truths of this mission and dispensation. For those who would not know because they are comfortable where they are, we bless you. You have the teaching that, if fully realized, will help you win your ascension. But for those who would rise on the wings of a new love-wisdom radiance of glory to know where we now abide in Spirit and receive the new intimations of God’s heart and teaching, then we say, welcome to this fount of love-wisdom.

I release luminaries of light to each of you in this hour. They are as little doves of the Spirit that answer the call of the Maha Chohan to wing their way to the hearts of those who are willing to listen and to open their hearts to the ways of the Holy Spirit. They now enter your aura and consciousness and deposit the radiance of love-wisdom that will empower you with a greater opportunity for connectivity with your own God Presence, your own oneness with your Solar Source. Receive them now, and meditate upon that Spirit and that joy that brings you new life, new love, new joy.

Sponsorship of the New Messenger

I am Lanello. And my words are true within this one, my son, in whom I am well pleased. Though he has been railed by some, yet he has not closed his heart to me or to Morya and to the disciplines of the Spirit that continue to work through him day by day. As John the Baptist said of Jesus, whose way he prepared through his preaching in the wilderness, so I say, listen to this one in this hour, O disciples of the Spirit, for the voice that speaks through him is the Word of God, is the flower of the Christ who I am.

Follow the good shepherd of the Christ through this dispensation of light, for Morya and I have sponsored it with Mary, with the Great Divine Director and Kuthumi, and now beloved Lanto; and we fully sanction each dictation, each discourse and release of fire by the stamp of approval of the Word whom we are and who also abides within all those who are of the seed of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, who are of the true light of Sirius and of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of love.

Time and space fulfill all. And the outpicturing of our words of truth will be fulfilled, even as the Word of God lives forever. Though the worlds disappear and the sun grows cold and the leaves of the judgment book unfold, love never fails. Love sings on its song of joy. Love is the key to your divinity, blessed ones. Know love. I thank you.

I am Kuthumi, and I sing as I play the organ at Shigatse1 this day.

—Beloved Lanello through David C. Lewis on May 9, 2008

  1. A dispensation in a spiritual context is a grant of light, an allotment of energy that the ascended masters secure for a person or community for the good of humanity. It must be approved by one or more councils in the heaven world, based on the nature of the request and what the proposal entails. It requires a promise of repayment in the form of greater spiritual growth, enlightenment, practical work and prayers from those to whom the dispensation is directed.
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  2. Revelation 11: 3-14
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  3. Matthew 5:17
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  4. John 14: 16-26, 15: 26
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