The Importance of Exercise for the Heart!

Exercise the Heart Physically and Spiritually

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Exercise allows the heart to beat a little faster and the lungs to take in air more fully with its opportunity to take deeper breaths, more breaths. And as we increase our heart rate and our breathing, we also take in more prana.

Many individuals die from heart attacks. If we regularly engage in exercise for the heart, we can avoid experiencing arrhythmias and other heart issues that become problematic in our later years.

The Sacred Heart Meditation—Engaging our heart chakra in a love meditation. Meditate on
• the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
• the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
• the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain,
• the diamond heart of Morya,
• the merciful, beautiful heart of Kuan Yin,
• the magnanimous heart of Lanello, and
• the hearts of many an ascended master.

Let us see pulsating from within the masters’ sacred centers of light, their heart chakras, amazing fire beams and rays of light, amazing emanations of the virtues of God—the blessings that come through their hearts because of their pure love for humanity, for every sentient being.

As we exercise, let us engage our sacred hearts in love. As we do our pranic breathing, let us feel our heart chakras expand, our love expand, the light of the oxygenated blood pouring through our being bringing us spiritual health and vitality so that we can be of greatest service. Ultimately, this is the purpose of our exercise—to bring greater love through our hearts to all life.

Let Our Hearts Sing with One Another and the Ascended Masters!

Let us develop our hearts on a daily basis in some way, feeling new currents of divine loveliness and aspects of the virtues of God that we may have not embraced before. Let our hearts sing, let our hearts vibrate in resonance with one another, with the World Mother, and with any ascended master that we choose. Let our hearts be vessels for the highest forms of divine kindness, buoyancy, reverence, joy, and that aliveness of the Spirit that comes because our hearts are pristinely preened by the angels of divine love.

Ask the Angels of Healing to
Mend Our Hearts

We can ask the angels to mend our hearts. If we feel at any time that our hearts are not capable of loving or forgiving or giving to the fullest extent, the angels of healing can mend anything in our electronic body that requires a bit of adjustment or nurturing. And if at times we feel bereft of the Spirit or incapable of maintaining our highest stance for the light, we can simply offer our heart to the universe and to the angels of divine love to show us the way, to provide new resources and new energetic fields of beingness, to surround us in light, to engulf us in the sacred oils and essences and divine quintessences of the Godhead that are ours to use and to claim, so long as we always use them for righteousness, for God’s will, and for the highest purposes of light.

Recommended Reading: Honor Yourself by Patricia Spadaro

We have a right to possess hearts on fire and effulgent with the spiritual energies essential to help us embody our Reality, proclaim our truth, and perform our sacred work. 

Patricia Spadaro Honor Yourself

May we ever be reminded to value ourselves. Read Patricia’s book, Honor Yourself, which you may purchase in our store. It’s absolutely beautiful. Each of us will gain something from its insights into honoring our true self, even as we honor the human experience in which we are engaged on a daily basis.

You Have All You Require to Fulfill Your Divine Plan and Ascend!

Our hearts are so important to the Universal Great White Brotherhood. The Brotherhood cherishes us, even as we cherish them. They value our love, our reverence for life, our adoration, our adulation, our devotion. And lest anyone think that they are less important than another or somehow bereft of what it takes to be a disciple, and even an adept, let me simply state on behalf of El Morya that you do have what it takes. You do, in your essence, have all that you require to fulfill your divine plan, balance your karma, resolve your psychology, and ascend at the close of this life, so long as you maintain harmony, inner peace, happiness, a joyful spirit—one spontaneous, childlike being of love.

–Article excerpted from Jan. 1, 2013 discourse on health by David C. Lewis


Physical-Spiritual Exercises

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"Along with a reverence for God and life, exercise can create a beautiful auric field of light around us and fill us with divine radiance and holiness."   

          -David Christopher Lewis

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Playlist of Spiritual Exercises


Videos included in the above playlist:


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  1. The Gymnastic taught and guided by the spiritual Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
  2. 5 Tibetan Rites/Anti-aging/Rejuvenating. Detailed demo, explaining virtues
  3. How to Practice Sun Salutation-step by step, pose by pose guide
  4. Computer Yoga
  5. Top Office Stretching Exercises
  6. Breathing Exercises - Introduction to Pranayama
  7. Paneurhythmy dancing, Park of Moncloa, Madrid, 2009.


Below is a link to a series of simple yet powerful Hand Mudra Gestures which can be used to stimulate and energize specific elements within the body:


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