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From the Heart of Kuan Yin

Missives of Mercy

The Role of Divine Mercy

  • Mercy is a master at positive reinforcement of your inner contact and contract with your Source.
  • Every attempt of the ego to subordinate the real within you is directly countered by the gentle reminders of Mercy.
  • Mercy says that Darwin got it wrong; the origin of the human species is divine.
  • Mercy is a kind of divine grace that none can resist except the haughty.

The Goals of Divine Mercy

  • One of Mercy’s goals is to uproot human (t)error by sowing seeds of love-wisdom everywhere. Her twin, Justice, is her joyous and insightful reaper.
  • The flowering of Mercy’s handiwork within a lost soul is beautiful and always brings tears of joy to the Divine One.

Practicing Divine Mercy

  • To be merciful to others begin by valuing life within every particle and cell of your own universe.
  • Mercy long ago redefined sin as forgetfulness and karma as cyclic opportunity.
  • Mercy and forgiveness will help you rewrite your own karmic history and destiny.

The Rewards of Divine Mercy

  • Shambhala is reserved for the charitable, the merciful and the compassionate.
  • Every resident of the Holy City is greeted by Mercy’s messengers.
  • Enlightenment is carefully preceded by Mercy’s soulful ministrations.

The Immaculate Concept

Learning to Focus on the Divine Blueprint

"Holding the immaculate concept" is a phrase denoting how we can visualize and focus on the perfect image or divine blueprint of a person, idea, situation or alchemy such that it may more easily manifest or outpicture its ideal or reality. Each conception or ideation that we hold of beauty, poise and grace on behalf of others actually creates an energy field of purity around them so that they can tap into those uplifting feelings and thoughtforms and then express them.

This divine art also involves the science of picturization or divine imagination and is actually a form of holy, unspoken prayer. The blessed Mother Mary is the Earth’s principle exemplar of one who continuously holds the immaculate concept for all of God’s children. She performed this great service on behalf of her son Jesus who, through her great nurturing love and devotion, was able to fulfill his mission of fully manifesting the Christ-ideal as an example for all mankind to follow. During one of her final appearances to Saint Bernadette Soubirou, Mary told the young girl, “I am the Immaculate Conception.”

Parents and the Immaculate Concept

Mothers have a natural calling or instinct to visualize their children as beautiful and perfect, for they were conceived in love and may more easily grow to express and fulfill their divine plan if nurtured in a safe and loving home environment. However, fathers and men of all ages may also partake of this sacred science through maintaining a positive mental and emotional attitude toward their children, training their vision on the God-good within them and thereby bestowing great blessings upon them.

Teachers and the Immaculate Concept

The importance of teachers holding the immaculate concept for each of their students has also been documented in many inspirational stories over the years including those captured in the books, Chicken Soup for the Soul series. For even those seeming to be lacking in natural talent or mental acuity made great progress because of the loving attitude and care that their teachers held for them.

As with parenting, this may mean suggesting and requiring that certain disciplines be followed by the children whose souls, [in order] to progress, need direction and guidance as well as compassionate support in fulfilling their goals. Ultimately, we must each first hold the immaculate concept for ourselves by attuning to our own Higher Self and maintaining a vigil of oneness through presence and awareness of our own divine or Buddha Nature.

Expanding the Immaculate Concept

Once we have learned to live in this unified field of stillness and beingness and maintain our spiritual poise, especially during challenging times and situations, we can more easily practice the science of the immaculate concept on behalf of all those around us. One key in mastering this science, given to us by the ascended masters, is to behold every person in consciousness as a newborn babe or soul without guile or blemish, pure and whole and wholly dependent upon his divine caregiver or Higher Self.

Even amidst their temporary playing out of personal problems and karmic situations, we can help them in overcoming by thinking the best thoughts and giving them the benefit of the doubt, by not prejudging or biasing ourselves through our subjective view of a tiny slice of their lives or their soul evolution. We may expand hope and emanate a field of belief that they can be victorious and fulfill God’s plan.

The Immaculate Concept as a Spiritual Science

In golden age civilizations of the past and in those to come, the science of the immaculate concept was or will be taught to and practiced by all from early childhood onward. This spiritual science is a key in manifesting the longevity of all divine cultures and also for every ascended master to maintain their own immortality in God’s Spirit.

Mercy is all about holding the vision immaculate for a soul to step into the light, to shed the garments of the past and embrace fully their real nature. As you are able to sustain this awareness and field of presence around you, all that you touch and all that comes within the purview of your consciousness is blessed by the radiance of grace of this immaculate conception.

It would do all of us well to practice consciously this science and art, even for five to ten minutes a day, taking to heart those matters that come before us for resolution and seeing the best possibility for their resolution within our lives as manifesting in the Now. Hope fulfilled is the immaculate conception manifest. Thus every sticky situation in which you find yourself has the perfect solution for you. And as you are able to employ the gifts of the Spirit in manifesting conscious co-operation with the subtle world and the masters of love-wisdom, East and West, you can fulfill the inner mandate of beingness through presence whereby there is the natural unfoldment of the best and highest outpicturing for you in every given situation.

Little children naturally are joyous, and there comes unto them this selfsame spirit of joyous expectation in their dreams. And upon awakening each morning, they simply know that they are loved, protected, safeguarded on their pathway and walk in the light to learn anew something fresh in their experience and journey through life. Returning to this nascent awareness of light and presence should be the goal of every God-man and woman. For unless you become as little children, you can in no wise enter the kingdom, which is the consciousness of purity of God.

Mercy and the Immaculate Concept at Work in the World

Mercy comes, reminding you of who you are as a co-creator, one who can illuminate the Scriptures as they are outpictured in nature through your life and the lives of your loved ones. Every blessing that you bestow may house an aspect of Mercy. Every gift that you give heartfully may employ the seed ideations of Mercy’s radiance in your life. When fully blossoming, every co-creative thought and feeling of love and joy will manifest in this new world awareness. This is what will bring about the glorious day of the coming of the One Sent, the return of the Christ principle and the Buddhic nature of every man, woman and child fully manifest in the Earth, whereby the golden-crystal age of love-wisdom may appear.

As you emanate presence daily, the field of light around the Earth grows. As you begin your sessions each day, feel this energetic matrix surrounding yourself, your sanctuary, your home and the Earth itself. And know that you can, through the law of correspondence, establish this field around any world that you desire. You can project it through the time-space continuum to another city, to wrap itself around a soul in need of healing. This is the dynamism of our work together, blessed hearts, and is the key to creating this new world of love-wisdom.

Mercy and the Science of Correspondence

When every ascended master comes unto you in these discourses, HeartStreams or dictations, the energy field of their cosmic belief in the One is set before them, enfolds you in its radiance, uplifts you in its joy and delivers to you the cosmic frequencies of transformative change whereby you may rise into your own higher nature through this sacred science of correspondence.

You may go and do likewise and be the master everywhere by projecting the fullness of your own Presence to every man, woman and child and space across this Earth. The glory of the Lord, the fire of the Holy Spirit and the great presence of light may be where you are. And that may be anywhere that your mind ideates and that your consciousness streams to. Thus use your globes. Use your maps. Use the science of visualization and hold that immaculate concept for all each day. I am the victory of Mercy within you, manifesting through the eye of God within you this day

—Beloved Kuan Yin though David C. Lewis, February 9, 2008



[Messenger’s comments: This is a sacred science of holding the balance and holding the immaculate concept. Sometimes holding the immaculate concept involves actually holding the burdens of that one’s dweller1 at bay, by volunteering to bear the karma temporarily on behalf of that one. And I think that this was something that was unsaid in this discourse but which Kuan Yin is also sharing with me now that we can do. And you don’t have to do it necessarily all day long for thousands of souls, but you can do it for one at a time and volunteer.

I think the saints did this and that’s why they bore the sins of the world. And sometimes those sins or that karma or as we heard today, the cyclic opportunity or the forgetfulness was borne in the bodies of these great saints, many of whom you are and have been. So you bear them in the greater body of the being of the God Presence who you are, with the greater understanding this hour, rather than having to bear them so physically in your physical body.

But still there is the burden of light that sometimes we feel when we know that at a given point in time and space we are being asked by our Higher Self and the ascended masters to hold that balance on behalf of others. So if the burden at times gets too great, you can simply ask that it be lifted and that others bear it. But as you’re able to sustain your daily prayers and the momentum of light through your ongoing vigil, you are able to garner more and more light to be the counterbalance for the weight that we, both individually and collectively, can bear on behalf of souls so they can be cut loose and set free.

The Equation of Light and Darkness

Some have asked why we are not growing quickly enough. And it is because of this equation—that those within this movement must be able to hold greater light to be that counterbalance for those who are coming. So as each and every one of you lives in your Presence and is firmly rooted in the light and can sustain that twenty-four hours a day, then we will have greater growth. It is basically a very simple equation of light and darkness.

And many of you have noticed that before a major event, like conferences, there seems to be a tightening of the coil of light that will be released during that class. And it is as if you feel the weight and density of the opposition or the opportunity of what is coming during that event. So if you would like to see greater growth within this movement of The Hearts Center, look no farther than yourself to understand this equation of light to know the dynamic of how it is that the masters can garner more substance, more light and more souls by you holding that balance where you are in greater presence and consciousness.

Multiplying Light through Group Spiritual Effort

We can do this better together. And that is why the group decrees and prayers are so important because when one or two or three are missing there is not quite the multiplication factor that we require. I’ve heard people say, and well meaning, that we just don’t need more decrees, we need greater consciousness. And that is true. However, I do have to say that when one or two or three are missing from our sacred sessions there is not the holding and the sustaining of that light balance as it could be.

And so don’t think that just because you have other work to do, or at times you need to do something in your home, don’t think that your presence is not missed. It is missed. And if there’s anything you can do to be physically present or to be present on the broadcast very consciously and blending your voice and your awareness with all those who gather at Wellspring every morning, we will see the increase in light because of this.

And I want to remind all of us how important these sessions are. And your conscious cooperation with and your presence on the broadcast, because there is that interconnectedness, there is that multiplication factor. Those at Wellspring feel when you are consciously participating because of the stream of light that is that interconnection between us. And it really is a matter of being there on time in Presence, in consciousness and not relegating till tomorrow or to another the responsibility to be the One where you are, to be for God that vessel and that point and stream of awareness through which the masters and the angels can pour forth the light into the world.

So, lest anyone think that their personal work is more important than these group sessions, a word to the wise is sufficient. And I encourage all of us to come together in our Hearts Centers, in our Heartfriends Groups to work together, to be together as much physically as you can and to sustain that light on behalf of the Earth. Day by day by day, the light can grow, as the master said today. But it takes all of us together doing it and manifesting the victory consciousness through our awareness in our Presence.]

  1. Dweller-on-the-threshold is a term used to refer to the self-created conglomeration of misqualified energy. It is the result of the misuse of our individual free will over many lifetimes. This grid of energy, woven around the central core of our being over these lifetimes, has taken on an identity of its own and opposes the divine mission that we came to Earth to accomplish. It is sometimes called the anti-self or the not-self. Its intensity can be lessened and, ultimately, the entirety of its existence transmuted through prayer, meditation, purification and loving and selfless service to life.
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