The Hearts Center of Sweden Presents

Teachings on Divine Love for Earth in Transition

The Aquarian Teaching within the Essene Tradition

with David Christopher Lewis

Gimo, Sweden · August 18-21, 2022


Event Information

Pricing & Registration

Registration Fees
In-Person Attendance

To register for in-person attendance, e-mail or call Inger + 46 (0)70-157 93 96.  Indicate if you prefer vegan or fish meals and if you have any food allergies. Contact Inger with any questions. 

The seminar fee of 3000 SEK includes room and board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

International visitors, email immediately to register and pay upon arrival with Swedish currency in cash.

Internet Broadcast Attendance
$75 (USD)

See store page for reduced international and senior rates.
*The event is in English. We regret that we will not be able to offer Spanish translations during this event. For our Spanish-speaking registrants, the replays will be translated into Spanish and will be available on this event page after the event.
If you desire to sell consignment items or donate items to be sold at the event, please see The Hearts Center Consignment Policy.




Aquarian Teachings for Our Time

These are interesting times—and getting more interesting by the day! We are blessed to receive during our four-day Sweden event, August 18-21, Aquarian teachings meant to elevate us above all worldly illusion and delusion and alight us on the plateau of heaven’s solutions to any and all burdens upon the children of God.

At this event we can find comfort and encouragement through the messages of John the Beloved and Lady FairGrace, Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael, the Queen of Light, Saint Germain and Portia, the Divine Director, Jesus and Magda, and Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus.

An Essene International and Interdimensional Fellowship!

What a joy to energetically unite via our broadcast with heartfriends worldwide creating an international antahkarana of scintillating light. Sponsored by our Swedish heartfriends and broadcast from Sweden, David will be present in Sweden to conduct the event. By our power prayers, meditations, devotional songs, fellowship and fun ... and through the release of every magnificent HeartStream, we, with God, will inundate our planet with more of what Mother Earth requires to make a gentle transition fully into the Aquarian Age.

Please join us as we together realize Earth’s victory and the victory of her every inhabitant through Aquarian divine love!