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MU 1502R: New Essene Teachings for Aquarius


New Essene* Teachings for Aquarius

Online Video Course

with David Christopher Lewis

Commune with Heavenly Experts on Aquarian Living 

During this course you will receive Essene* teachings that will help catapult you into the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius within your own being. Learn from Enoch the way to walk with God, from Jesus new understandings on divine communion, and from John the Beloved the meaning of a higher order of love. John the Baptist redefines the experience of divine baptism and Mother Mary shares what healing is meant to be in the Age of Aquarius.

With Solstice Comes the Alchemy of Joy

Saint Germain prepares us to co-create world transmutation through light hearts and joyful spirits, right in the midst of our opportunities and challenges. And Melchizedek shows us how the power of joy is the greatest accelerator of personal and planetary transformation.
This event took place in historic Livingston, Montana from June 17-21, 2015, at summer solstice. In this video course, you will enjoy Aquarian community and learn from the minds and hearts of our Essene experts in heaven how to deepen, refine and purify our relationships with one another, with nature and all life.


* The Essene Community:  Its teachings and philosophy traced back to Persia, India, Tibet, China, Egypt, the Essene Community at Jesus’ time observed the purest form of these ancient teachings. A spiritual community of the highest order, the Essenes farmed without slaves. They did not believe in social classes and shared all things communally. They studied astrology, astronomy and other sciences of the times. They rose before sunrise and honored the sun at dawn and dusk. They used herbs to help heal. Vegetarian in diet, they also did not partake of alcoholic beverages. Through their pure living they enjoyed a lifespan of 120 years in good health and strength. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, John the Beloved and John the Baptist were all members of the Essene Community. In past generations, Elijah and Elisha, embodiments of John the Baptist and Jesus, respectively, were also Essenes. 

Course Video Replays

Wednesday evening’s video replay: The new prayer and song books are released; experience the DVD Leto’s Evening Meditation; representatives of our youth share about the youth retreat; Enoch’s HeartStream Walking with God in the Garden of Light; Archangel Rafael heals us and adjures us to remove sugar from our diet; prayers to Astrea and Purity.

Thursday morning’s video replay: Discussion on preparing for silent meditation; silent meditation on the sacred heart of Jesus; Rosary of Loving Affirmations to Mother Mary; darshan with Jesus on Communion with the Divine—Silence, Confluence and Presence; prayers and songs; John the Beloved speaks on Love of a New and Higher Order; presentations by local heartfriends groups.

Friday morning’s video replay: Archangel Gabriel initiates us in the light of purity and the ascension fire; fiery prayers to Archangel Michael and violet fire prayers for the Earth; Rosary to Mother Mary; John the Baptist on The Divine Baptism; darshan with Mother Mary: Healing in the Aquarian Age, heartfriends receive special healing dispensations.

Saturday morning’s video replay: Silent meditation; Pallas Athena presents a message from the Karmic Board; prayers and songs;  “Blue Danube Waltz” plays as Saint Germain speaks poetically on The Alchemy of Planetary Transformation through Joy; Welcoming the Gaefke Family; International HeartFriends Presentations from South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Spain, Sweden and Canada; The Hearts Center Council presentation; announcements from the Divine Director; knighting of heartfriends.

Sunday morning’s video replay: Musical and silent meditation; Serapis Bey speaks on solar light and the discipline of the path of the ascension; Rosary to Mother Mary with statements from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle; celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Hearts Center;

Melchizedek speaks on the eternal now of solar awareness as you know God within you.

Sunday’s closing video replay: Melchizedek blesses the donations presented by heartfriends. Closing of conference.



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“I felt the Light more than I had at other events. I felt the angels’ presence while I was in Livingston more than I ever have via a broadcast to my home. I now have a greater understanding of the new Essene teachings.” —CA

“Mother Mary's darshan on healing was definitely a highlight. It was amazing! I've never seen a darshan where just about every person in attendance came forward. Mother Mary's answers and blessings were the reason. It was so personal yet at times universal, applying to all of us. I was totally engaged for the full three hours!” —LH

“There was so much light in the conference I felt elevated for days afterward.” —JG 

“I like how the conference was a Meru Event. I learned a lot. Also I decided to stop eating sugar, wheat and meat. WOW! I feel so much lighter. I have really desired to come up higher in sustaining longer states of being and this Essene diet was the key for this to happen. The highlight for me was Raphael coming and telling us to get off sugar. Then during the conference not eating sugar or meat. I would never have guessed that a big diet change like this was what was required for this leap into a higher awareness of Being. I am so grateful for this teaching.”—CH

“The heartfriends themselves were what stood out for me. Everyone was like a special petal from a great flower. Each person shared their heart's love in a unique way and this offering produced a special individual presence, quintessence and aroma of God's Beingness, living within the Aura, and manifestations of all of us as one large body of light (or flower.) This collective allowed for the creation of some mystical and magical experiences to manifest in one’s world.” —GG

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