What Is Heartstreaming?

(This HeartStream by El Morya was delivered through David C. Lewis on April 7, 2008.)
The Spirit, Art and Science of Heartstreaming
Heartstreaming is the emanation of divine love from and through one’s heart center, the central of the seven major chakras of the spiritual or etheric body of sons and daughters of God. It is the science of connecting with one’s Higher Self1 or Divine Presence by attuning to the frequencies of the Spirit through deep meditation, prayer and devotion. It is contacting one’s Solar Presence2 or Source and allowing a sacred flow of radiant light-energy to consciously course through one’s being to bring joy, love, harmony and peace to the world.
Heartstreaming is an ancient art and yet one that all can know today by learning the science of Presence or living in the Eternal Now. While heartstreaming, one feels an increase in the vitality of light and life within as an inner joy, leaving off of living on the periphery of life and entering the heights of cosmic gnosis, or inner wisdom, born of truth in the sublime and higher worlds of existence. By attending to one’s heart connection with the Eternal One, a constant stream of contact may be maintained and a higher understanding of one’s purpose and mission in life found.

Contemplation, Devotion, Praise, Group Visualization—Forms of Heartstreaming

Heartstreaming occurs when one pours devotion, praise and thanksgiving to God through prayer, mantra, chant and song. It occurs when one is engaged in reverential contemplation upon divine principles, values and precepts so long as it is born of love and mindfulness and not just a mental exercise.
Heartstreaming with others in a group setting allows for a greater interactivity of all the divine resources of light within that group when each one is focused on holy purpose, visualizing the beautiful outcome that that group would see as manifest in its spiritual work. There is a multiplication factor of the divine energy that flows through the group by the square of the number of those present. And thus great spiritual power, wisdom and love may be wielded, augmented by ascended beings when heartstreaming occurs through the heart-centeredness of each one present through the harmonious alchemy of the many.
Heartstreaming with the Ascended Masters

Heartstreaming with ascended masters occurs when the deity is called upon in their names as divine intermediaries—the saints and sages of East and West—who have gained their enlightenment and liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth by oneness with God. During this time of sacred interaction, a master may communicate through an anointed representative who is trained in the science of being as an amanuensis3 through the spiritual disciplines of the path but most especially through humility and love.
Through discourse,4 darshan5 and dictation,6 the light body of the master is fully present and radiates spiritual energies through the chakras of the messenger of light unto all present or who are participating through their conscious awareness in viewing or listening to the message of the master.
One may also rise in consciousness into the higher realms of light to directly heartstream with any ascended master, one’s personal sponsor, angels and cosmic beings as one gains adeptship and attainment through maintaining [his] divine connection by practicing holy Presence day and night. Thus, heartstreaming is a sacred event each time it occurs in whatever way the disciple by intention sets forth [her] purpose in that moment.
Enter the Heartstream of Light
There is a great stream of light that is coursing through the earth body itself in many planes of being that you may enter in consciousness through the sensitivity of your spiritual faculties. And when you enter the great heartstream of God as it courses through life itself, you may truly understand what it means to live in the very heart of God.
Every Christ, every Buddha, all who have gained oneness with the divine are here for you to assist you in mastering the science and art of heartstreaming. We attend to, through communication with your Higher Source, the requirements of your soul day by day as you strive to pass your initiations on your path. And thus, each and every ascended master is happy and feels privileged when called upon by name, or simply by recognition, to heartstream with you toward the holy purpose of your personal enlightenment and freedom, blessed ones.
I am the Master M and my heartstream is available to you this day and every day, this moment and every moment for your victory. I thank you.
1. The Higher Self describes a part of being that is an expansion and refinement of human awareness into a divine awareness of what is real on every plane of existence. In the ascended master tradition, the Higher Self opens us to perceive personal manifestations of God as hierarchy—from our Father-Mother God, Alpha and Omega, to the Elohimic and angelic kingdoms to every ascended master. Through these individualizations of God, we experience the loving relationships for which our souls hunger that nurture spiritual growth. The Higher Self has also been termed the super consciousness (Yoga), objective consciousness (Gurdjieff), the Buddhic consciousness (Theosophy), cosmic consciousness, God Consciousness (Sufism and Hinduism), Christ Consciousness (New Thought), the I AM Presence, the Solar Presence, the Christ/Buddha Self (Ascended Master Teachings). Higher Consciousness.
2.“Solar Presence” is a new term, introduced by the ascended masters through The Hearts Center dispensation, to describe that part of our being that is God, depicted as the upper figure in “Your Buddha Nature Chart.” The Solar Presence is also called the I AM Presence, the Divine Presence, the God Presence. It is the individualization of the One, our true divine identity. In the wording “Solar Presence” we see the image of our total being as a radiating sun center which continually emanates divine love and every virtue to all life.
3. An amanuensis is an unascended disciple who, due to spiritual preparation in current and past lifetimes, is able to receive from higher planes the communications of ascended beings, which he transcribes and delivers to a spiritual community for their edification. In ascended master movements of the 20th and 21st centuries, amanuenses have also been referred to as messengers.
4. A discourse is a type of HeartStream that is more conversational and informal in tone.
5. Darshan The term “darshan” has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It means being in the presence of a highly revered person or receiving teaching from a master as one enters into a spiritual interchange with that master. In The Hearts Center, darshan with an ascended master or other heavenly being is not only a spiritual interchange but an opportunity to ask questions publicly of that master whose responses edify all present. A darshan is a type of HeartStream.
6. A dictation is a message from an ascended being through a chosen messenger, an office of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, for the purpose of edifying a spiritual community of believers. The message is usually delivered orally through the messenger but can also be written down by the messenger during transmission and then read aloud. A dictation is a type of HeartStream.
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