The Divine Cosmic Rhythm


Paneurhythmy: the Uniting of Heaven and Earth


Paneurhythmy (pan-u-rith-mee), a system of meditative movement set to sacred music was created and introduced by the Bulgarian master, Peter Deunov,1 between 1932 and 1942. In his own words, he describes this all-encompassing science by saying, “…I have placed in your hands [Paneurhythmy], the key to my Teaching. If you dance the Paneurhythmy correctly, the positive forces of Nature will flow through you and connect you with one another and connect all of you with the unbounded Cosmic Circle of Great Beings.”


The book, Paneurhythmy, Supreme Cosmic Rhythm, by Beinsa Duono, Peter Deunov’s name in Bulgarian, teaches that this sacred dance of life unites heaven and earth through a series of twenty-eight easily learned movements in rhythmic circular walking dance. This sacred dance applies the principles of love, wisdom and truth and is a method of balancing the physical, mental and spiritual forces within man.
Universal Harmony of Movements

Some think of the Piscean Age as the age of the intellect, one of gathering information, dissection and studying all of life. The Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius2 we are now entering is the time of synthesis or becoming that which we have so far only studied and recorded. We have been dividing and dissecting; now we unite and discover the unity and organic wholeness of life. These new ideas need an external expression through which to influence the deeper forces in man, and such a form is Paneurhythmy, the great universal harmony of movements.



Everything in life is Paneurhythmy. Deunov taught that these exercises, a gift from heaven to the Community of the Holy Spirit,3 are meant to help mankind accelerate in their spiritual evolution as energies are harmonized, regulated and transformed through rhythmic movement. Peter Deunov realized through his work with music and movement that “Paneurhythmy—the way it exists above [in the divine world]—cannot be done here on earth [as yet] because humankind is not ready for it; we are given as much as is possible and in the most accessible form.”
Three Movement Sequences of Paneurhythmy
During the years 1932 to 1942, Deunov introduced three movement sequences of the Paneurhythmy: 
1) The 28 Exercises
2) The Rays of the Sun
3) The Pentagram
“The 28 Exercises”awaken our potential and focus energy upon our work on Earth. In practicing and performing the movements in “The Rays of the Sun,” we become part of the sun’s rhythm and are prepared to work with the Wheel of Life. “The Pentagram”symbolizes man and the five virtues proclaimed by man as he comes to realize that he is an essential part of the cosmic universe. The five virtues are Truth, Justice, Wisdom, Virtue and Love.
          We will be discussing this most important science further here at The Hearts Center Community. But for now, discover more about Paneurhythmy on the internet or at your local library.4
 Patricia DeWitt
Bozeman, Montana
1. Peter Deunov was known as Beinsa Douno in his native Bulgaria. He was the spiritual teacher of Omraam MikhaĂ«l Aivanhov whose books and daily meditations are often read during The Hearts Center’s morning devotional services. For more information on Beinsa Douno visit For books by Omraam MikhaĂ«l Aivanhov go to

2. The Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius is a time of wholeness, peace and harmony upon Earth when a majority of mankind live together in brotherly love and unity and in service to God and man. Educational, religious, scientific and governmental institutions elevate and serve its citizenry. Music and the arts rise to new heights of sublime beauty and perfection. Nature is unmarred by any form of blight, environmental pollution or violent weather condition. Climates are consistently moderate with the precise precipitation needed to grow delectable fruit, grain, vegetable and lush flora and healing herbs. There is a lessening of disease and lifespans are increased. Solar power and the use of spiritual science techniques have advanced technology at every level. And nature spirits, angels and ascended beings walk and talk with us daily in full view. Heaven in great measure is integrated with Earth in this Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius. 

3. The Community of the Holy Spirit is a body of spiritual students who work in harmony and pray together in unity of purpose for the acceleration of their own souls and that of society into the Golden Crystal Age of Aquarius.
4. For further information on the reasons behind Paneurhythmic exercises read the book, Symbolic Language of Geometric Forms, by Omraam MikhaĂ«l Aivanhov.    

Paneurhythmy Instruction Videos

Master Peter Deunov: The Paneurhythmy demonstrated by the I.D.E.A.L. Society
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Winter Solstice participants enjoyed PanEuRhythmy at Questhaven.


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