One-Day Interactive Workshop
Kuan Yin, Bodhisattva of Mercy

8:15   Registration
9:00   Introduction by David Lewis; darshan* with Kuan Yin
10:15   Break
10:25   Sacred love poetry by Rumi, Gibran, Kabir etc.
10:40   Presentation by Venerable Owen Adhisila
11:25   Movement activity with audience participation
11:45   Lunch
1:15   Guided meditation/mantras/mudras
1:30   Presentation by Sister Natacha Kolesar
2:15   Question and answer darshan*
3:35   Break
3:45   Movement activity with audience participation
4:00   Guided meditation/mantras/mudras
4:15   Interactive session
5:15   Closing remarks and sealing of workshop
5:30   End of workshop
* The term “darshan” has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It means being in the presence of a highly revered person or receiving teaching from a master as one enters into a spiritual interchange with that master. In The Hearts Center, darshan with an ascended master or other heavenly being is not only a spiritual interchange but an opportunity to ask questions publicly of that master whose responses edify all present.

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