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Our mission: Meru University supports the advancement of spiritual seekers on the path of adeptship, initiation, and personal enlightenment through the love-wisdom teachings of the ascended masters revealed today through courses, workshops, seminars, and publications.

Our vision: Meru University students joyfully flourish through the practical application of the ascended master teachings and serve as teachers, ambassadors and spiritual leaders of higher truth.

Meru University is the education branch of The Hearts Center, a non-profit spiritual community

MU 2022 Upcoming Courses with David Christopher Lewis, instructor

Sunday, February 20, 2022, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm MST: Mother Mary’s Miracles and Appearances (Milagros y apariciones de Madre María)
We will review the various apparitions of Mary around the world and throughout the ages, including her basic messages and the miracles she has provided to devoted souls.

August: Listening to the Music of the Spheres (Escuchar la música de las esferas)
November: The Wisdom of Khalil Gibran (La sabiduría de Khalil Gibran)

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If your intentions for 2022 include experiencing more oneness, joy, love and harmony, then join us and take a step on your path today!

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Kuan Yin, Kindness and Kin Domain


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From the Brotherhood ...

Dearest ones, many of you are receiving at inner planes initiations that are moving you into new domains of beingEl Morya day by day, even as your souls travel and engage in holy work in the etheric octaves at night and during certain of your higher meditations. 

Through each Meru University class, something of the essence of the higher Aquarian way dawning upon Earth is brought to your outer waking consciousness—a key here, an element of higher truth there, which, when embraced and utilized in your daily striving, in your communication one with another, in the ministry that you engage in through your sacred labor, ennobles the entire greater work of the Brotherhood.    —Master KH, February 25, 2010

Learn with the ascended masters

Meru University offers a wide spectrum of live and on-demand courses offering living teachings directly from the ascended masters. Our courses are designed to help you attune to and merge with your own Divine Presence.

Open a world of beauty inside of you

Meru University will assist you in raising and purifying your consciousness as rapidly and continuously as you allow. Our courses are meant to feed your soul, your spirit by instructing you in divine wisdom, enlivening you with divine love, and filling you with divine power to co-create a new you.

Discover a new way of experiencing life

• Educate your heart and mind to see all around you through the eyes of the Divine.
• Practice  the virtues and gifts of the Spirit to transform your relationships, your community and the world.
• Begin to live in a wondrous oneness with God, Nature and every living being.