Hearts Center Group of Chile Heartstreaming with Mighty Victory

Chile Heart friends in Mighty Victory's aura


2018 Special Event Broadcast from Santiago, Chile

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2018 Santiago & Reñaca, Chile

Raising the Mother Light in Chile,
America and the World—Using the Great
 Solar Disc to Balance, Purify and Elevate All!

Sponsored by The Hearts Center of Chile
April 7-11, 2018

With David Christopher Lewis


Participate online in an exciting special event

The Hearts Center of Chile is sponsoring a broadcast from Santiago and Reñaca, Chile! Many masters will be present, inspiring and blessing us with their wisdom and radiation. Join our Chilean heartfriends in prayer, mantra, and joyous song for an infusion of light into Chile and the entire planet!


On Saturday, be in the presence of the Spirit of Chile, Kuan Yin, and Saint Germain and Portia. Sunday, our Clare de Lis and Lanello, Jesus and Magda teach and bless. We will also have the opportunity to darshan with beloved Kuthumi on that day. Saint Teresa of the Andes comes on Tuesday to speak of a new type of surrender, Arcturian brings a clearance action with the light of the Solar Disc, and Lady Master Nada offers unique understandings on service to life.


There is more! Recently ascended Lady Master Monica shares her love and comfort with all. And beloved Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael seal this broadcast session in the flame of victory!


This is the next best thing to being there. Tune in to our broadcast and tune in to your heart. Help multiply the blessing that will occur in Chile by your presence online.


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Broadcast Program


Chile group doing paneurythymy in courtyard
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Vision Statement of Chilean Heartfriends

We see the spotlight on Chile, working in a spacious place and part of our natural environment where we can deliver our teachings, events and participate in Permaculture, working in great harmony with the elemental life.


Heart friends of Renaca, Chile 2018

                                                                                                Reñaca Heartfriends, March 2018

We see souls of light coming to our school from all corners of the country and our courses being offered at various fairs and libraries throughout Chile. All our citizens live in the Presence and in total harmony with nature, angels and ascended masters.

The seasons of the year come with the perfect climate providing water and electricity, which are received in the quantity required for an abundant agricultural production. Each inhabitant of the nation receives an enlightened education and government stays aligned with the divine Government.