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An Ancient Art


Prayer is an ancient art. It is more than petitioning God to meet our perceived needs. It is a divine interchange. 

For when we pray, light may flow through us as a blessing to ourselves, and beyond ourselves to others. The true purpose of this age-old practice is to raise our consciousness as we pull on heaven, asking the angels to descend into our areas of need.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for Comfort for Yourself and Others:

The Lord’s Prayer is an example of the way we bring heaven to earth. Jesus calls out to his heavenly Father to allow a higher consciousness to flow through himself to his disciples and those who listened to his words on the hillsides of Galilee and everywhere he taught. He asked that there “manifest the kingdom consciousness within the earth.”1

Prayer Power as Visualization and Focused Attention

A dynamic addition to spoken or silent prayer is visualization—a practice that can give potency to our communion with divinity. Visualization allows the angels to work with us toward the physical creation of that which we hold in our mind’s eye. The work that angels do when we combine visualization with supplication is often a challenge to conceptualize but actually more real than the world we see. The angels first create our “answer” in heaven then allow this creation to flow through us and into the physical world. This is alchemy.2 We are mediators between this heavenly creation and its physical counterpart.


Girl with Dolls Praying

Prayer is keeping our attention on our visualization for periods of time and several times through the day. The more we can train our minds to stay fixed upon the intention of our prayer, the more the lightwork of the angels can be a laser action. The results—more instantaneous precipitation!"


From Supplication to Realization

During past lives, and even for some of us in our current embodiments, we have been taught that prayer is an agonizing supplication and begging. Today, El Morya3 wants us to know our true nature as the living Word4. To be the Word means that we are anchor points of divine light, talismans in the earth. Through our belief, love and understanding—three dimensions of being—we draw down from heaven the intent of our prayer on earth.

The Test—Maintaining Faith, Joy and Balance

Prayer, the most creative and miraculous endeavor in which we can engage, comes with its challenges. How much faith do we bring to the endeavor? How much constancy and trust? Does our attitude remain positive and joyous? Without these qualities active in us, the desired outcome can be compromised, delayed or remain unfulfilled.

Consider the finished painting if the artist’s hand trembles or her heart and mind are not confident in the action of the next brushstroke. Consider the dance performance if the dancer has not trained his mind and muscles to be strong and in equipoise as he spins and leaps. For it is in the midst of prayerful visualization and focus that the tests of will come.

Hold the Vision

Often the temptation to give up may occur just before the breakthrough. An amazing example of this ability to keep the vision for a desired outcome is Mother Mary. In her role as the mother of Jesus, she did not veer from seeing her son’s mission as victorious in spite of all outer signs to the contrary. Her inner resolve, her faith was key to the fulfillment of that most holy and sacrificial mission of the Christ in Jesus.

Coming Together

Praying with others is another key to achieving powerful results. Something wonderful happens when we overcome the illusions that rise to divide us—husband and wife, parents and children, neighbors, citizens of a country, a world. True group prayer, in that all come in unified purpose and in good will, causes positive, joyful change. Why? Because coming together requires planning, work, a give and take, a love of brotherhood and community that is greater than personal or selfish concerns.

Through “coming together” in prayer, we are rewarded by a complementary “coming together” in heaven as tiers of angels and the sponsoring ascended masters of all those present on earth join us there. The power of community in prayer is the greatest prayer power there is. In Buddhist teaching, “community,” is known as the sangha, and is one of the Three Jewels5—the other jewels being the “teacher” and the “the teaching.”

Prayer Is Action

We can wish, we can daydream or we can be mountain movers. Mountain movers know the way to bring heaven’s miracles to earth by faith in Almighty God, accompanied with work and focused attention on the goal. Prayer is action. While doing the next practical thing as we hold the vision, the Holy Spirit within, works through us to bring a bit more of the angels’ creation to earth.

Work is to precipitation what tithing is to financial abundance. It is the leaven of faithful prayer that creates the miracle loaf of results.

El Morya’s Vision

As we are learning to be the Word by visualizing, focusing, remaining faithful and in balance, holding the vision of the desired outcome, the Master El Morya and all of heaven hold the vision for our victory. They know our true potential as God-realized beings without an inkling of doubt. And the ascended masters desire that we hold this vision of self-mastery. Self-confidence is not pride but a knowing that the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, lives within and can flow through us purely as we purify our motives and free ourselves from distraction and limitation.

Resolving Subconscious Blocks

Anything is possible with God. But it takes a fearless scrutiny to assess what patterns of thinking and feeling that sabotage our faith and ability to be the living Word. Sometimes these patterns have been with us such a long time, even embodiments that we don’t even know that they are there. They reside and hide in the subconscious.

Limiting ways of being can be resolved. And when they are, we will see the invigoration of our prayers. Miracles were meant to be performed not only by special people like Moses and the prophets, by the Master Jesus, by Gautama or those we labled “very spiritual people” but also by you and me. The same limitless God Presence lives within us all. May we set aside every distraction and fully engage in the joyful practice of powerful prayer.

And what is it that we can do about our limitations? We invoke the Holy Spirit as the violet flame, or the violet light.6 It may seem strange to speak in terms of invoking a flame into a condition, but when we remember that the Bible refers to God as a consuming fire,7 this advice takes on meaning. The ascended masters teach that the violet flame and the violet laser light8 can accelerate the work of transmuting9 psychological blocks and all forms of unclear seeing of ourselves and others.

The Violet Flame Key

The violet flame is an aspect of God’s Spirit within us that is his mercy and forgiveness, leading to soul freedom from every form of bondage. When we are free, our prayers soar to the heart of God and we know transcendent joy that no one and no thing can take from us. Visit Prayers and Songs and experiment with violet flame prayers in the 70.000 listings.

Prayer is the answer. And powerful, focused, faith-filled, pure-intentioned visionary prayer will get us results with laser-light speed!


(Inspired by El Morya’s HeartStream on prayer from April 6, 2008)



  1. Excerpt from El Morya HeartStream of April 6, 2008
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  2. Alchemy, originally used in medieval times as a forerunner to chemistry and referring to the pursuit of the transmutation of baser metals into gold or silver, in its esoteric context, refers to the science of spiritual transformation. According to the teachings of the ascended masters, it is the process through which the base nature of the lesser self is transformed into the permanent values of the Higher Self.
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  3. El Morya is the Lord of the First Ray, the ray of God’s will. Through such embodiments as the Biblical patriarch, Abraham; the visionary King Arthur; the principled Thomas Becket, the renaissance Indian mogal, Akbar; the stalwart St. Thomas Moore, and the sensitive and loyal Irish poet, Thomas More—the soul of El Morya excelled in its tenacity to principle and obedience to the highest understanding of the will of God.
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  4. The Word, or Living Word, is the indwelling Christ of every child of God upon earth. The Christ is an aspect of God that lives within our hearts where heaven and earth meet. Through the Word, God speaks to man.
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  5. The Three Jewels is a term originating in Buddhism describing the three pillars of its belief system. The first jewel is the Buddha, or the awakened teacher. The second jewel is the dharma, meaning reality in its highest definition. It can also mean the teaching itself or the work to be done based on the teaching. And it can be the spiritual practices that are followed, the duties of spiritual service. The third jewel is the sangha, the community of devotees who receive the teaching and work together to embody its words and share its precepts with others.
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  6. The violet light is the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit. The seventh ray carries the qualities of mercy and freedom, forgiveness and joy. This sacred-fire energy works miracles in our lives, balancing negative karma from current and past lifetimes, lifting burdens and feelings of depression. Invoked through mantra, meditation, decree and song, it can be visualized as flames surrounding a person, a place or a situation. It has been called the “cosmic eraser” and the real “fountain of youth.” To read or download The Hearts Center affirmations and decrees to the violet light, visit our Prayers and Songs page, prayers 70.001 through 70.070.
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  7. Deuteronomy 4:24
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  8. The violet laser light is an accelerated, divine energy emission projected through conscious and focused visualization, usually coupled with spoken prayers, mantras, decrees or fiats. This concentrated light emission creates a positive quantum field wherein advanced alchemy may occur. The violet laser light intensifies the action of the violet fire to a high pitch and frequency, allowing instantaneous transmutation. When engaging in the use of this seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit, the devotee must act only from the point of the highest humility and purity and from complete surrender to the law of being if his alchemical experiments are to be successful.
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  9. Transmuting, in spiritual terms, is the alchemical transforming, or recycling, of negative and limiting energies created in the physical world into pure light energy.
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