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Why Prepare?

These days, preparedness gets a bad rap. The popular term 'prepper' carries a negative connotation, often associated with crazed spending on items you will never use for an apocalypse that will never come. In reality, preparedness is a common-sense practice that can improve your regular, daily life.

In the same way that you carry a spare tire and jack when you drive, it pays to be proactive when planning for survival situations. Having fresh water when your pipes freeze, heat and light when the power goes out, food in the event of a shortage, or money and resources in the event of job loss---these are all benefits of planning for situations that you may have already experienced in your life. With a small investment of your time and resources, you can prepare for these relatively common events and also secure yourself against larger situations---natural disasters, economic depressions, power grid and supply chain failures, and so on.

Jesus Was the First Survival Expert

Jesus was embodied as the Biblical Joseph who, in his life, was sold into slavery by jealous brothers after being gifted a "coat of many-colors." His tribulations eventually led to his becoming advisor to Pharaoh. After interpreting Pharaoh's dreams, Joseph advised him to store grain to prepare for seven years of famine. His advice was heeded; and when the famine did come, that preparation ultimately saved many lives from starvation. This is one of many examples (another being Noah and his ark) where spiritual foresight and preparation saved lives.

Where Do I Start?

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Five Steps You Can Take Now

What The Masters Say

Beloved Lord Lanto
David Christopher Lewis
May 17, 2009 7:37–8:08 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Lord Lanto Speaks on
the Wisdom of Preparedness

In stillness I come from the Royal Teton Retreat to infuse a new light of illumination into the minds and within the hearts of those within this movement. For I perceive that many have become drunk, in a certain sense, with the light that we have released and yet have not always taken to heart fully that which we have proffered, to the extent of bringing deliberate action and awareness into play and into practical life within their domain. Therefore I have set forth through the messenger this day this teaching, that as you receive from the fount of illumination's flame, there is also delivered the specificity of initiation whereby each of you must come up higher in wisdom's fire to make the yellow plume active in your world through conscious work.

The chohans of the rays have been deliberating with the blessed Maha Chohan on ways and means for us to bring greater God-consciousness to humanity through the various movements of light that we have sponsored, and specifically through this avenue, in which many of you are engaged at a new frequency and yet which must come up higher if all that we have envisioned as possible is to transpire, blessed ones.

Many have received assignments and have been called specifically by ascended masters, and even Elohim, and yet have not fulfilled their original calling, often presented to them lifetimes ago by various masters to whom they have been tied for centuries and eons. And therefore where the proffered gift has been dashed upon the ground, there has been the setting aside of certain graces, certain dispensations, and the forfeiture of an increase that might have accrued to the causal body by active work that could have benefited thousands and even millions of souls had these initiatives been fulfilled.

Others among you have stepped up fully to the plate and have, at every level of your being, attempted, through obedience, to fulfill the masters' requests. And therefore you have accrued the great God-benefits resident within the initiation itself when, through an active heart, a humble heart, a glorious mien, a blessed countenance, your vision has been trued to the Divine and therefore the grace has been yours to fulfill your various assignments.

We have seen the destiny of many of you, and we hold this vision firmly within the eye of our Presence. And yet through a certain harboring of resentment or seeing the messenger himself as a stumbling block in some way to your own God-development, some of you have come to a point where there is no more initiation offered to your heart and soul unless and until, through humility, you see the higher way of love within our words offered and thereby attend to that which is the cosmic stream of our fire within the words conveyed.

Therefore this day there is an adjustment of cycles of time and space within the initiatic process within the lives of the disciples of this movement. To those who have given much, more is given; and to those who have withheld, a portion is taken from them.1 It is the law of being; it is the law of cycles and the new way of light for those who are ready. For a greater path of initiation is set before you so that those who have at times kicked against the pricks of their own being may have new opportunity to see what is real and active within their lives and what is offered now through this adjustment of cycles in time and space and initiation for you, personally.

When I presented my offering on the Feast of the Epiphany last year, it was to spur many of you to action who had not yet fully contemplated all that could ensue upon the Earth if you were to go about your lives with the same level of unconsciousness that most of humanity dwells within. And therefore some took swift and noble action and thereby averted within their own lives, as well as within the world of form around them, certain karmic recompense and patterns of ancient records that were coming due, which, when outplayed, could have precipitated greater and greater burdens upon their physical bodies, their souls and spirits.

For you see, blessed ones, every dictation that we offer is for you personally. And though you may consider that the world around you itself is the point of reference and the stage upon which events occur and play out, truly it is your own being that is within the very center of the equation that you must consider on this path. And therefore no matter what transpires within the world, though ten thousand on your left or on your right may perish, because you are one with God you are sealed in the light, and destruction may not come your way.

So this pathway is a very personal one and you cannot blame another, a movement, a messenger, a council or anyone else for where you are in awareness, consciousness or in your state of financial liberation or bondage. Your entire world is created by thought, by mind and by action. And therefore, as Serapis has said, if you do not like what you see, then create a new world for yourself. And this is a world that, by your active, principled life, will be the one that you and only you is responsible for. And all of the results will be firmly upon your own shoulders because you have taken to heart the Word of your own being as the Christ, as the Buddha within.

So as you review my words, what have you done personally to fulfill that which I have set forth? Are you in a better state of preparation for what is dawning within your life? Do you have the financial resources, through striving, to be liberated from the chicanery that is ongoing within the world economy? Have you ennobled your own spirit to the point of discerning truly that which is active within your emotional body that at times stultifies your own God-expression within your life?

Therefore look not to outer prophecy or prediction to see whether you accept or reject our message in this hour, but look deep within your soul to discern how it is that your life is being outplayed according to the mission vouchsafed to you by your sponsoring master, the Lords of Karma, and even in connection with your twin flame. And then stand true to Self by declaring and averring unto the world that which you will do, and then make it a reality by action and effort.

Yes, much has been averted. And though you have seen all around you the possibilities for the subjugation of souls and the enslavement of minds through the unholy ones who are attempting to direct the course of this civilization downward into the domain of darkness, had their plots and strategies been fully effective, they could have brought civilization within these months to a point of despair. Even the outbreak of the man-made flu virus that has been spawned and spread has been averted by the hand of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of divine ones everywhere.

The economy, which at certain levels is in shambles, is yet, though hanging by a thread, still at a certain level of stability for most of those within these United States and the greater portion of the world. And though wars and rumors of wars continue throughout much of the world—in Southwest Asia, the Middle East and Africa—a greater stability is known in this hour because of the diligent efforts of the faithful and true, the hosts of the Lord, in answer to your calls and prayers.

However, there is much still to be outplayed in terms of the chicanery of the godless ones upon Earth. And it would behoove many of you to continue in your preparations by way of gaining greater knowledge and the practical application of that which we have offered and are offering in this hour through your Meru University classes on permaculture, gardening and the growing, canning and storage of food. For you never know, blessed ones, when the elementals must be called to unleash radical change in the four quadrants of being around you. And therefore it is simply prudent to have those resources at hand that will ensure both your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual survival in coming days, months and years. Those who have taken action and are prepared, do you not feel a certain safety net of consciousness within your aura and life that had not been there before?

Those of you who have set your hand to the plow and have secured a greater stability through right financial choices, the erasure of debt, especially with credit cards, do you not feel a greater foundation in your life whereby your mission may continue at all levels? And to those who continue in the way of borrowing from the future or from others in order to meet their current needs, I say: Woe! Woe! Woe! And I say to the leaders of this nation, to those in the banking systems and to every individual who, by conscious choice, is not paying as he or she goes but is placing upon future generations a burden that they cannot bear and which is unrighteous: Turn toward God! Turn your ways away from the fleshpots of darkness and the ways of evil. Turn your hearts toward God, O mankind, and put aside the lusting toward materialism and the things of this world, which you do not need at all to become that which you already are in God's eyes and vision—his sons and daughters.

I stand with the seven chohans and the Maha Chohan to proclaim the imminent day of the Lord in your midst. When you stand with God, all things are possible and there is nothing that cannot be done to fulfill your reason for being and the accomplishment of your mission. But where you continue to hide behind a scheme, the scandal will be revealed, the darkness within you will come out. And I say, unless you transmute and surrender that darkness, woe to your soul, O mankind, and that which emerges from deep within the pockets of darkness of the netherworld. It would have been better for you to have never opened Pandora's box.

We are about the cosmic business of world transmutation—do you see? And those who engage at the level of light of their highest Self daily through applying the oil and the fire of their being in mantra, in meditation and in merciful acts are recreating this world, even in this hour, in the image divine. But those who know better and have not done better, and those who have left off of the path of light by choice, it would have been better for many had they not heard of the ascended masters themselves and had continued in their ignorance of the true pathway of light. For once having walked that path and then having rejected our Word through every true messenger, the darkness that comes may be too great. And therefore it is only by the hand of mercy that they receive another opportunity to again walk this path in a future life and learn their lessons.

So be attentive to the inner voice. Think before you act or before you emote publicly or speak of that which may not quite be the whole truth and nothing but that truth. Be versed in the Word by studying that Word daily in some way. For when the Word sings within your heart and mind, then your actions, your words, your emotions and your thoughts can be trued to the Divine more easily by your Higher Self working through you.

I have spoken as a chohan this day, one who is concerned for your life, your being, your soul. Take stock of where you are in consciousness. If you do not fully like what you see and who you are—even your physical body—then change this day your attitude toward yourself, toward others, toward life and realize that it is only by conscious application of will, wisdom and love that you will be the true you, ever and always, and thereby honor God and your own Higher Self.

My words ring true within you if you will accept the initiation that comes by and through them. Let them ring within your cells. Let them sing within your mind so that you may find favor with the Lord—yes, so that you will offer a new flavor to the Lord of who you are, whom we the chohans yet hold firmly in our gaze—the beautiful ones, the divine spirit-sparks, the co-creators of this world as a God-free planet in light.

I AM Lanto. Know me through a mind stretched and attenuated always toward the Sun. I thank you.

1. See Luke 12:48.

Copyright © 2017 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted, giving credit to the author. Contact us at www.heartscenter.org. Send correspondence and contributions to PO Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.

Spiritual Preparedness

The Ascended Master Saint Germain

Spiritual Preparedness still remains, as Saint Germain has said, “the first line of preparedness.” A “state of listening grace” will allow you to “be in the right place at the right time.” This means remaining in communication with your God Presence at all times so you can hear the warning from your own Holy Christ/Buddha Self “for the attunement to be where you should be in the twinkling of an eye.”

Many angels, ascended masters and cosmic beings, as well as the precious elementals, are here to help us both spiritually and physically. The Kali Mother has come from the inner recesses of heaven to help us hold the balance. The Buddha of the Ruby Ray is here to extend the action of the ruby ray to reinforce the Elohim’s ruby bricks and cones placed within the earth. Alpha and Omega also extend their rays deep into the earth to connect with the sun in the center of our earth. The elementals and the Hierarchs of the Four Elements with Cuzco a working diligently to stabilize the earth in every way. The Great Divine Director has told us he is pulling out a the stops to help us be victorious, and Sanat Kumara came to increase the love fires on the planet. The masters have requested that we take some actions to mitigate the impact of returning karma.

  • The first action we can take is to draw down the light in sufficient quantities by making our personal calls to the masters, angels and elementals and participating in prayer vigils. 
  • Next we can prepare ourselves physically for earth changes and weather events and prepared to be off the grid for a time.

Part of the equation of spiritual preparedness is the ability to answer the sometimes difficult question of WHY we are spending so much of our resources on the mundane challenges of HOW to proceed and WHAT we are to prepare with. (Not to mention WHAT calamity we’re preparing for!)

Perhaps most importantly, the pragmatic side of spiritual preparedness reminds us that we are not to rely solely on material provisions or stocked goods alone. We are admonished to commune, meditate and be at one with our Presence at least 15 minutes a day to experience the reality of our God Self and the Divine Source of Being that administers all bounty and providence.

A good measure of determining the level of our spiritual preparedness is how well we stay focused and willing and able to execute the highest calling for our lives despite facing overwhelming circumstances that would attempt to undermine our resolve to remain “Heart Centered” (i.e.: a compassionate helper and up-lifter to humanity).

Our challenge is to not only survive but to thrive in the new reality of accelerated change. We are being thrown out of our comfort zones. It requires a new response – the 8th Habit as Stephan Covey calls it in his book by the same name:

“Remember, habits lie at the intersection of knowledge, attitude and skill. As [we] develop these three dimensions of the 8th Habit, [we’ll] increasingly become equal to the new challenge(s) and to our unlimited possibilities.”

Knowledge, attitude and skill interpenetrate and coalesce to form “habit.” We are habituating ourselves now to be electrodes and anchor points for Divine Intelligence to use and guide us to help deliver our fellow lightbearers, whether family, friends or persons unknown through these calamitous times. But to help others, we must do so from a position of strength. We must ourselves remain empowered to serve and help others. And how are we to accomplish this? The answers come through our spiritual preparedness as we remain attuned to an inner conviction and a powerful knowing of WHY we are “about our Father’s business."


Water is the number one physical preparedness priority.
Do not get caught without a supply of water and a way to purify it!


  •   Research methods of storage, and store AT LEAST 3-weeks of water or more
  •   Research and purchase a water filtration or purification system
  •   Educate yourself on nearby water resources - rivers, lakes, streams


  •   Drink contaminated or otherwise harmful water
  •   Rely completely on external water sources such as rivers, lakes or streams, or water sources that require water pressure or electricity
  •   Prioritize other physical preparedness over water

Suggested Water Purification Steps

1. Remove large debris : filter water using a piece of cloth or a coffee filter to remove solid particles. If water is still relatively cloudy, let stand till particulates settle. Pour clear water into separate container.

2. Disinfect : use your disinfectant of choice, bring water to a rolling boil for about one full minute, then cool for 30 minutes, Steri-Pen (UV light), iodine, food grade chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, stabilized oxygen or colloidal silver. Give the disinfectant its allotted time to work.

3. Filter : run disinfected water through a good ceramic filter like the Aquarain.

4. Store: store purified water in disinfected containers.

Sources of Water in an Emergency

Natural: Ponds, lakes, streams, springs, rivers, and oceans (use desalinators or distillers only). Know all local locations before an emergency and check quality.

Wells: Have non-electric collection options available – hand pumps, special buckets, solar pumps.

Collection ideas: Snow, rainwater, dew.

Survival techniques: Plants, underground sources, moisture collection – get a good survival manual relevant to your area of the country.

In Your Home: Turn off the main water valves . You will need to protect the water sources already in your home from contamination or loss.

· To use the water in your pipes, let air into the plumbing by turning on the faucet in your home at the highest level. A small amount of water will trickle out. Then obtain water from the lowest faucet in the home.

· If you have sufficient warning you can pre-fill your washing machine and bathtubs.

· To use the water in your hot-water tank (if it has not been damaged), be sure the electricity or gas is off and open the drain at the bottom of the tank. Start the water flowing by turning off the water intake valve at the tank and turning on a hot water faucet. Refill the tank before turning the gas or electricity back on. If the gas is turned off, a professional will be needed to turn it back on.

  • Melted ice cubes.

· Hot water boilers (home heating system).

· Liquids from canned goods such as fruit or vegetable juices.

  • DO NOT use water from water beds; fungicides added to the water or chemicals in the vinyl may make water unsafe to use.

· Water in the toilet tank is separate from the water in the bowl and should be safe to use. DO NOT use the water from the bowl. Do not use chemically treat or "blue" water.

· Use water from swimming pools and spas with CAUTION. Chemicals used to kill germs are too concentrated for safe drinking without treatment with a high-quality water filter like the Aquarain or British Berkfield, but could be used for personal hygiene, cleaning and related uses. Depending on the type of disaster you have experienced, the pool may have become contaminated in other ways that would make it unsafe even for personal hygiene use. Please use caution when using any outside source of water unless you treat it first.

Water Purification Methods

If water is cloudy, smelly or otherwise polluted, strain it through a paper towel or several layers of clean cloth into a container in order to remove any sediment or floating matter. Water that is boiled vigorously for 10 full minutes will usually be safe from bacterial, viral and parasite contamination. Let water cool for 30 minutes – makes water comfortable to drink and gives pathogens a chance to die completely. Harmful organisms can’t survive temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Effective against: bacterial, viral and parasite contamination.

Limitations: Boiling does not address chemical or heavy metal contamination and may even concentrate these contaminates. All water should be put through a good ceramic filter like the Aquarain.

A small hand held unit that uses UV treatment techniques similar to those used in hospitals. Ultraviolet light treatment is a proven and accepted method for disinfecting drinking water. Short wavelength ultraviolet light, commonly referred to as UV-C, occurs between the wavelength of 200 and 265 nanometers, and this is where the most effective germicidal action occurs. The Steri-Pen® produces 90% of its light at the 254.7 nanometers and is therefore very effective as an anti-microbiological agent. The treatment time is less than one minute per glass of water.

Effective against: bacteria, viruses and Giardia

Limitations: If the water is very cloudy the UV light can’t get through to thoroughly disinfect the water. Filter water and let particulates settle out. Not effective against chemical contamination.

Dosage: Simply place the end of the Steri-Pen in a 16-oz. water bottle, the Steri-Pen automatically comes on, and when the light goes off (in about 30 seconds), the water is 100% safe to drink.

Iodine crystals or tablets are inexpensive, lightweight and compact.

Effective against: viruses and most bacteria. Iodine is the preferred process for virus control.

Limitations: Has difficulty in dealing with the protozoa Cryptosporidium and Giardia which have a hard, egg- shell shield around them. Iodine thus needs to be combined with a special filtration process (described below) in order to remove all three types of pathogens. Not effective against chemical contaminants.

It takes time to work; its effectiveness is dependent on the pH (acidity/alkalinity) of the water, temperature (cold water reduces its effectiveness) as well as the amount of dirt and/or silt in the untreated water. Taste is also objectionable but can be removed when used in combination with the filters described below. Also of concern are the possible health risks associated with its use.

Some have recommended 8 drops of 10% Betadyne (povidone iodine) per liter of water as a water treatment. Some Betadyne solutions contain nonoxynal-9 - read the label carefully.

Although iodine is considered an essential nutrient, long-term ingestion is not recommended.

Limitations of a few days to a couple of weeks are suggested, with individuals having weak immune systems on the short side of that limit. Pregnant women and individuals with thyroid problems should consult a physician before using iodine in this situation. Vitamin C powder added to the water helps neutralize any iodine taste.

Dosage: using ordinary 2-percent tincture of iodine from the medicine chest, 3 drops per quart of CLEAR water, or 6 drops to each quart of cloudy water, and stir thoroughly, allow water to stand for at least 30 minutes before using. For cloudy water add ten drops and let the solution stand for at least 30 minutes. If water seems very contaminated let water sit for 40 minutes to an hour and filter for additional protection.

TABLETS You can use water purification tablets to disinfect filtered and settled water.

Purchase commercially prepared tablets containing the necessary dosage for drinking water disinfection at drug and sporting goods stores. Use as stated in instructions. When instructions are not available, use one tablet for each quart or liter of filtered and settled water to be purified

Tetraglycine hydroperiodide e.g. Potable Aqua makes water that is questionable safe to drink, used by the military, relief organizations and outdoor enthusiasts, extremely light and portable. Just one bottle of Potable Aqua purifying tablets will purify 25 quarts of water.

Effective against: harmful bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

Limitations: The product loses its iodine rapidly when exposed to the air. According to the manufacturer, they have a near indefinite life when sealed in the original bottle, but probably should be discarded within a few months of opening. The tablets will change color from gun metal gray to brown as they lose the iodine, and you should see a brown tint to the water after treating. Each bottle contains 50 tablets. Three-year shelf life. The colder the water, the longer it takes for the tablets to dissolve.

Dosage: Two tablets in a quart of water let completely dissolve let stand for 30 minutes

KATADYN® Micropur™ Purification Tablets. The purification method is Chlorine Dioxide (a form of Stabilized Oxygen) According to the manufacturer, Micropur tablets don’t make the water taste bad like iodine tablets do and are the only EPA Registered Purification Tablets on the Market. They are easy to use and have the same proven technology that is used in municipal water supplies. They are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for traveling, backpacking and emergency use.

Effective against: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, bacteria and viruses.

Limitations: Long wait time. Not effective against chemical contamination.

Dosage: one tablet per 1 qt. (1 L) of water. Let water stand for 15 minutes to kill bacteria and virus microorganisms, 30 minutes to kill protozoa cysts. Dirty water requires a wait time of 4 hours.

Instead of Clorox Food Grade Chlorine is recommended. Clorox, even the unscented kind, is still designed for laundry use, not ingestion, and contains sudsing agents and other contaminants. See the article Bleach is Bleach, Right, Wrong! on the Emergency Preparedness page. Use a 5.25% sodium hypo chlorite solution without soap or phosphates.

Effective against: bacteria and viruses.

Limitations: Bleach will kill some, but not all, types of disease-causing organisms that may be in the water. Cryptosporidium and Giardia have a hard, egg-shell shield around them and even straight Clorox will not affect them; will not address chemical contaminates, so questionable water will still have to be filtered.

Water stored in metal containers should not be treated with chlorine prior to storage since the chlorine compound is corrosive to most metals. Therefore, only very pure water should be stored in metal containers. In addition to its immediate poisonous effects, bleach can kill microorganisms that a natural and vital part of your digestive system. Iodine is preferable to bleach when one has a choice in the matter. Only use food-grade chlorine.

Liquid chlorine bleach loses strength over time; fresh bleach should be used as a water disinfectant. If the bleach is a year old, the amount should be doubled. Two-year-old bleach should not be used as a water disinfectant.

Ratio of Chlorine to Water for Purification

Use an eye dropper to add the chlorine to the water. Use it only for this purpose.

2 drops of 5.25% Chlorine solution per quart of clear water 8 drops of 5.25% Chlorine solution per gallon of clear water 18 drops per gallon (1/4 tsp/1.25 ml) for CLOUDY water

1/2 teaspoon 5.25% Chlorine solution per five gallons of water

As a rule, if water is cloudy, double the recommended dosages of 5.25% Chlorine solution.

Mix thoroughly by stirring or shaking the water in its container. Let it stand for 30 Minutes. A slight chlorine odor should be detectable in the water; if not, repeat the dosage and let the water stand for an additional 15 minutes before using. If the treated water has too strong a chlorine taste, allow the water to stand exposed to the air for a few hours or pour it from one clean container to another several times.

DRY CHLORINE: also called calcium hypochlorite, has the added benefit of extended shelf life. Providing it is kept dry, cool and in an airtight container, it may be stored up to 10 years with minimal degradation. If one wants to keep chlorine in larger quantities, this is the item to store as it is readily available at swimming pool supply stores and many hardware and grocery stores carrying pool items and requires less actual storing space than its liquid counterpart. Make sure that any chlorine you purchase is food grade.

In the 1950s, hydrogen peroxide was first used for drinking water disinfection in Eastern Europe as it oxidizes like chlorine. It is known for its high oxidative and biocidal efficiency. Hydrogen peroxide has not been used often for drinking water disinfection, but its popularity seems to be increasing. It is often used combined with ozone, silver or UV. Hydrogen peroxide won’t damage friendly intestinal bacteria.

Effective against: anaerobic bacteria, some viruses and fungi.

Limitations: Takes a long time to do its job – 6 hours. Peroxide might have the same protozoal drawbacks as bleach; boil or filter the water to make sure it’s free of these contaminates. Peroxide degrades even more rapidly than chlorine, and potency may be an issue if it is going to be stored. NEVER consume hydrogen peroxide in concentrated form. It MUST be HIGHLY diluted first. Treat 35% hydrogen peroxide with same care you would bleach.

Testing for peroxide residual levels is difficult compared to testing for chlorine residuals. Residuals need to be measured to ensure disinfection is complete. This is dependent on the bacterial loading of your water source. There are various methods of testing for bacteriological levels, but measuring residual levels is much simpler. Will not address chemical contaminates, so questionable water will still have to be filtered.

Dosage: 32 drops or ½ teaspoon of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide per gallon of clear water. Up but not to exceed 64 drops or 1 teaspoon per gallon for CLOUDY water. Let stand 6 hours before use. Using 35% Hydrogen peroxide to make a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide (the kind you get in the grocery store) Mix 1 oz. of 35% hydrogen peroxide into 11 oz. of distilled water. This makes 3/4 pint of 3% solution.

(MICROPUR MP1) This is not a chlorine bleach product, but rather uses soluble silver ions which act as a purifying agent.

Effective against: the only product available effective against cysts, viruses, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, worm eggs, cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Limitations: Will not address chemical contaminates, so questionable water will still have to be filtered. Dosage: Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Bacteria are killed in 15 minutes, Giardia in 30 minutes, cryptosporidium in 4 hours.

Originally developed for NASA, it is effective at destroying harmful anaerobic bacteria and viruses without harming friendly intestinal bacteria. A healthy population of friendly intestinal bacteria defends the body against pathogens. Reports from people that have used this method feel it is better than iodine and chlorine. Both iodine and chlorine have shown some side effects if used for an extended period of time and these treatments have a taste to them. Stabilized oxygen is neither harmful nor has a taste. Conversely, natural health practitioners say it has a number of health benefits.

Some good chlorine dioxide (a form of stabilized oxygen) products on the market: Aerox, Genesis 1000, Dynamo 2, Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen (formerly Aerobic 07), Aquagen. We are not endorsing nor recommending any of these products; they are sources you may want to check out.

Effective against: anaerobic bacteria, viruses and Giardia.

Limitations: Some emergency preparedness experts feel Stabilized oxygen has not proven itself in the field especially against Cryptosporidium. Stabilized oxygen will not address chemical contaminates, so questionable water will still have to be filtered.

Dosage: For long-term storage add 10 drops stabilized oxygen for every one gallon of water. To purify 8 oz. of Giardia-contaminated water, add 5 - 20 drops of stabilized oxygen. Let stand 2-1/2 minutes before consuming. For short-term water storage, treat 1 gallon of already chlorinated water by adding 10 drops of stabilized oxygen. For water to be stored for long term, add 20 drops. For 55 gallon drums, use 55 ml or 1,100 drops.

Store water in a cool location away from direct sunlight.


Contains a catalyst that disables the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungus and viruses use to metabolize oxygen, essentially suffocating them. The manufacturers say it will kill disease-causing

organisms in seven minutes. You can purchase your own silver colloid machine and make gallons of silver colloid for pennies. Go to www.silverbulletenterprises.com for more information.

Effective against: bacteria, fungus, anthrax, protozoa cysts and viruses.

Limitations: Silver colloid will not address chemical contaminates, so questionable water will still have to be filtered.

Dosage: For contaminated water, add 4 ounces of fresh colloidal silver per gallon of water stir or shake, let stand 10 minutes. Stir or shake again and let sit for another 10 minutes. For storing water add 1 teaspoon colloidal silver per gallon of water.

Good water filters like the British Berkfield are a must for water purification because they will treat all four categories of contamination except small bacteria and viruses. Check out: https://www.berkeyfilters.com

Effective against: Protazoa, large bacteria and chemicals.

Limitations: Ceramic filters only remove particles larger that .3 microns, so chemical disinfectants need to be used in conjunction with filters to eliminate small bacteria and viruses. Iodine is especially effective against viruses.

Usage: If water is cloudy, smelly or otherwise polluted, strain it through a paper towel or several layers of clean cloth into a container in order to remove any sediment or floating matter. If the water you must use is suspected of being highly bacteria or virus laden, use a chemical disinfectant and let it sit for 30 minutes before running through the mechanical purifier.


Food preparedness often must be tailored to your individual needs. From what you eat to where you live, it is important to research and come up with a plan to feed you and your loved ones in the event of a shortage.

Since this is an in-depth topic, we'll simply list some high-level pointers here, and then encourage you read further.

Basic Tips

Rice and Beans
The staple survival food, rice and beans are cheap, long-lasting, and can keep you alive, provided you can cook them. It's recommended to have some on hand.

The ascended masters have endorsed the Medical Medium. Being healthy and being aware of what foods you need to have to stay healthy is part of being prepared.

Buy What You Eat
Rather than purchasing a bunch of food you'll never touch, instead buy foods that you will eat and rotate through them.

Accrue Food Over Time
Although a few 20 pound bags of rice and beans will get you well over the starting line for less than $100, for most people they cannot buy months or even years of surplus food in one go. Therefore, it is advisable that you slowly accumulate surplus buy buying a little extra each time you go grocery shopping.

Depending on your climate, gardening can be a fantastic way to get healthy food during a crisis. The Hearts Center recommends it, both as a source of healthy food and as a spiritual practice. Hunting and fishing can also be alternative sources of food, depending on where you are located.

Some foods require special preparation. See the video regarding mylar bags below.

In a long-term survival situation, variety is important. Seasonings, condiments, and different kinds of foods will make dealing with a survival situation easier. Foods that are easy to make, snacks and treats are also important.

Editor's note: A large part of this information was compiled before the Medical Medium's first book was published. As mentioned above, the masters have repeatedly endorsed Anthony William. We recommend you take his work into account alongside this information.

Food Storage

Storing food is an important part of becoming self-reliant. It is also essential to good health and the prevention of illness. This chapter will provide guidelines, resources and ideas to help attain a balanced preparation and peace of mind. Whether you live alone or are part of a family, the challenge is to take the basic guidelines and fill your own needs. Consider securing foods that you are used to eating, not a whole new diet. Food in an emergency situation needs to taste good. If you never use spinach, don’t store it!

Preparing for three months of self-reliance will require a more expanded approach to food storage. Judy Harrison and Elizabeth L. Andress in Consumer's Guide: Preparing an Emergency Food Supply ( selections reprinted with permission from the University of Georgia) recommend storing bulk staples along with a variety of canned and dried foods.

Wheat, corn, beans and salt can be purchased in bulk quantities fairly inexpensively and have nearly unlimited shelf life. If necessary, you could survive for years on small daily amounts of these staples. You can supplement bulk staples which offer a limited menu with commercially packed air-dried or freeze-dried foods, packaged mixes and other supermarket goods. Canned meats are a good selection. Rice and varieties of beans are nutritious and long-lasting. Ready-to-eat cereals, pasta mixes, rice mixes, dried fruits, etc. can also be included to add variety to your menus. Packaged convenience mixes that only need water and require short cooking times are good options because they are easy to prepare. The more of these products you include, the more expensive your stockpile will be.

The following is an easy approach to long-term food storage:

1. From a consumer co-op or other similar source begin to buy food in bulk.

2. Build up your everyday stock of canned goods until you have a two-week to one-month surplus. Rotate it periodically to maintain a supply of common foods that will not require special preparation, water or cooking.

3. Make sure to include a mix of herbs and spices in your food supply to flavor your food.

4. Nutritious “comfort foods” such as crackers, trail mix and the like are important also. Remember that not having tasty, nutritious food during an emergency situation makes a difficult situation harder, especially for children.

5. Dried fruits such as raisins and apricots, as well as dried vegetables that can be ordered from specialty mail-order companies. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are another option. They are lightweight, portable and easy to prepare.

A general recommendation regarding any preparedness food is to open it, cook it and eat it before you invest in it in large quantities. At the very least, prepare and taste the food before you have to use it in an emergency situation. Gathering recipes and/or cook books on preparing dried foods is recommended.

Storage and Preparation of Food Supplies
All dry ingredients or supplies should be stored off the floor in clean, dry, dark places away from any source of moisture. Foods will maintain quality longer if extreme changes in temperature and exposure to light are avoided. Metal cans are preferable to plastic for storage of food. If you use plastic for food storage, never stack plastic buckets more than three high. Over time they will crack, attracting rodents and bugs and letting in moisture. Use moisture-absorbent salt packets and diatomaceous earth (an excellent natural bug killer and great source for calcium) in each food container.

Grains: If you purchase bulk wheat, dark hard winter or dark hard spring wheat are good selections. Wheat should be #2 grade or better with a protein content from 12 - 15% and moisture content less than 10%. If wheat is not already in nitrogen-packed cans, it can be stored in sturdy 5-gallon food-grade plastic buckets or containers with tight fitting lids. If the wheat has not already been treated to prevent insects from hatching, wheat may be treated at the time of storage by placing one-fourth pound of dry ice per 5-gallon container in the bottom and then filling with wheat. Cover the wheat with the lid, but not tightly, for five or six hours before tightening the lid to be air tight. Other grains to consider storing include rye, rice, oats, triticale, barley and millet. Pasta products also satisfy the grain component of the diet. Milled rice will maintain its quality longer in storage than will brown rice. Many of the grains may require grinding before use. Some health food stores sell hand-cranked grain mills or can tell you where you can get one. Make sure you buy one that can grind corn. If you are caught without a mill, you can grind your grain by filling a large can with whole grain one inch deep, holding the can on the ground between your feet and pounding the grain with a hard metal object such as a pipe.

Non-fat Dry Milk/Dairy Products: Store dry milk in a tightly covered air-tight container. Dry milk may be stored at 70Âş F for 12 - 24 months. If purchased in nitrogen packed cans, storage time for best quality will be 24 months. Other dairy products for long-term storage may include canned evaporated milk, pasteurized cheese spreads and powdered cheese.

Other Foods or Ingredients: Iodized salt should be selected and stored in its original package. Dried beans, peas, lentils, etc. provide an inexpensive alternative to meat and are easy to store in glass or

plastic containers tightly covered. Those purchased from the grocery shelf are normally the highest quality.

Coconut oil is an excellent oil to use for food storage because it has an extremely long shelf life and will not go rancid like so many other vegetable oils do. Coconut oil has many healing properties such as: weight and blood sugar control, anti-viral and anti-fungal lipids, and it protects the thyroid gland.

Open food boxes or cans carefully so that you can close them tightly after each use.

Wrap cookies and crackers in plastic bags, and keep them in air-tight storage containers. Empty

opened packages of sugar, dried fruits and nuts into screw-top jars or airtight food storage containers to protect them from pests. Inspect all food containers for signs of spoilage before use. Commercially canned foods are safe to eat after long periods of storage unless they are bulging, leaking or badly rusted. Quality, however, will diminish with long term storage. Changes in flavor, color and texture may be observed and nutritional value will decrease. For best quality, use within one year. If stored longer than one year, rotate canned goods at least every two to four years.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: To help compensate for possible deficiencies in the diet in emergency situations, families may wish to store 365 multi-vitamin/mineral tablets per person. Careful attention should be paid to expiration dates on packages.

Shelf Life of Foods for Storage (Unopened): Here are some general guidelines for rotating common emergency foods to ensure the best quality of the products.

  • Use within six months:
  • Powdered milk (boxed)
  • Dried fruit (in metal container)
  • Dry, crisp crackers (in metal container)
  • Potatoes
  • Use within one year:
  • Canned condensed meat and vegetable soups
  • Canned fruits, fruit juices and vegetables
  • Ready-to-eat cereals and uncooked instant cereals (in metal containers)
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Hard candy, chocolate bars and canned nuts

  • May be stored indefinitely* (in proper containers and conditions):
  • Wheat
  • Vegetable oils
  • Corn
  • Baking powder
  • Soybeans
  • Instant coffee, tea
  • Cocoa
  • Salt
  • Noncarbonated soft drinks
  • White rice
  • Bouillon products
  • Dry pasta
  • Vitamin C
  • Powdered milk (in nitrogen-packed cans)
  • *Two to three years

If the Electricity Goes Off... FIRST, use perishable food and foods from the refrigerator. THEN use the foods from the freezer. To minimize the number of times you open the freezer door, post a list of freezer contents on it. In a well-filled, well-insulated freezer, foods will usually still have ice crystals in their centers. Consume the foods only if they have ice crystals remaining or if the temperature of the freezer has remained at 40 degrees F or below. Covering the freezer with blankets will help to hold in cold. Be sure to pin blankets back so that the air vent is not covered. FINALLY, begin to use non-perishable foods and staples.

Paying for it : Plan to build up your food supply just as you would a savings account. Save a little for storage each paycheck. Can or bottle fruit and vegetables from your gardens and orchards. Learn how to preserve food through drying and possibly freezing. Make your storage a part of your budget.

Food Storage How To

Cook Books

  • Apocalypse Chow; How to Eat Well When the Power Goes Out by Jon & Robin Roberston - Laugh out loud funny, written by a couple that has endured three hurricanes www.amazon.com
  • The Storm Gourmet Daphne Nikolopoulos www.amazon.com

Food Storage Calculation

The following is a sample of the quantities of basic food necessary for a family of four to be self-reliant for three months. This is only an example. You can go to these site for more food storage calculators and programs.

Food Storage Calculators

Food Storage Example

Number of months


Number of family members



Wheat 100 lb.

Enriched white flour 16 lb. Corn meal 28 lb.

Rolled oats 50 lb. Enriched white rice 101 lb. Pearled barley 3 lb.

Spaghetti or macaroni 33 lb.


Dry beans 44 lb.

Dry lima beans 2 lb.

Dry soy beans 2 lb.

Dry split peas 2 lb.


Nonfat dry milk 14 lb. Evaporated milk 12 12-oz can


Granulated sugar 39 lb. Brown sugar 3 lb.

Molasses 0.9 lb.

Honey 3 lb.

Corn syrup 3 lb.

Jams or preserves 5 lb.

Powdered fruit 6 lb. drink

Flavored gelatin 0.9 lb.

Dry lentils 2 lb.

Dry soup mix 7 lb.


Cooking oil 5 q.

Shortening 2 q.

Mayonnaise 0.9 q.

Salad dressing 0.9 q. (mayonnaise type)

Peanut butter 0.9 q.


Salt 8 lb.

Dry yeast 0.5 lb.

Baking soda 0.9 lb.

Baking powder 0.9 lb.

Water 55 gal.

Fruits and vegetables in any form would enhance the nutritional value of this

Alternative Cooking Methods

In order to be self-sufficient for three months, you need to fine the right cooking method and fuel for your situation. There is a wide variety of wood stoves, barbeques, propane or kerosene camping stoves and solar ovens on the market today. Consider your living arrangements and how much space you have. Propane and kerosene stoves require ventilation. Solar ovens require direct sunlight but not fuel.


  • Propane Bottles, liter : Camping stores, hardware stores, Target, Walmart
  • Propane Bottles, 20 pound : Hardware store, Walmart, camping RV supply stores. ~ refillable or exchangeable.
  • Camping Hose Adapter Enables your camping stove or propane lanterns to use the 20-pound propane tank instead of the liter bottles. Can be found at hardware stores (Ace, True Value, etc.), camping stores, RV supply stores. Never use 20-pound tanks inside your home.


Sometimes you and your family need nourishing vegetables immediately in an emergency. Waiting months to harvest a garden may be too long. An easy and fast approach to obtaining some nutrients vegetables provide is sprouting. Some good sprouting seeds are: alfalfa, mung beans, triticale, soy beans, lentils, whole peas, adzuki beans, clover, garbanzo beans, rye, wheat, beans, rice and oats. The last five seeds mentioned sprout in only two

days, the rest sprout in about three to five days. Sprouting is simple, and sprouting kits can be purchased for under $15, or you can use items found around the house. The process is quite simple:

1. Get large (gallon-size) Ziploc bags;

2. Get seeds you desire to sprout and eat;

3. put seeds into the Ziploc bag (just as you would for a jar);

4. Put in enough water to cover the seeds;

5. Keep the water in the Ziploc bag all day on the first day;

6. Drink the water the following day; this water will have live plant enzymes in it from the life force activation in the seeds;

7. The following days rinse the seeds twice daily (yes, drink the water again);

8. Within two or three days you will have a bag full of green, fresh nutrition that your body will thank you for.

Another thing to keep you strong and healthy while traveling is to do the same process as above, but use beans, wheat berries or any grains as well and let them sit in the water for eight (8) hours. The water that is usually discarded after the initial wash will have started to become enlivened. This is referred to as Rejuvelac. It is an enzyme-rich, living drink, usually slightly fizzy. It should taste sweet, grassy, subtle and slightly tart, not sour and unpleasant. Rejuvelac is a rich source of friendly bacteria to heal your digestive system. It is delicious, inexpensive and easy to create.

Rejuvelac contains eight (8) of the B vitamins, vitamins E and K and a variety of protein dextrines, carbohydrates, phosphates, saccharines and amylases. Amylases are enzymes derived from aspergillis oryzae which have the faculty of breaking down large molecules of glucose, starch and glycogens. Rejuvelac contains all the nutritional nourishment of wheat and is more easily digested. It is rich in enzymes that assist both your digestion and the growth of friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus bifidus. Lactobacillus produces a lactic acid that helps your colon maintain its natural, vitamin-producing facility.

Wheat grass juice is about 70-percent chlorophyll, a substance that “enters red blood cells quickly...where it's said to heal tissues, purify the liver, improve blood sugar and generally help flush out ingested toxins from within the body.” It also helps cleanse your intestinal tract and reduce the build-up of sludge on your colon’s walls. The Rejuvelac replaces valuable nutrients and re-instills the enzymes that about 98% of the population is lacking because of the eating habits of processed (dead) food. Rejuvelac fermentation is key to aiding digestion. Rejuvelac breaks down carbohydrates, protein and sugar so the body can absorb it. As an added bonus, by the chemical alchemy of the breaking down of the excess proteins and sugars in the body so that they can be absorbed, you will start to see a new thinner you in many cases.


Fresh vegetables, greens and fruits are an important part of your family’s diet. With a little planning, storage and hard work, you can grow part of your own food storage and continue to have fresh fruits and vegetables should regular services be interrupted. The key to doing a Victory Garden is to start now. Even people with limited space can grow fruits and veggies in containers. Your local library should have books about gardening in your particular climate. Remember to use heirloom seeds so you can save and reuse seeds from your harvest.

First Aid

The Hearts Center recommends every spiritual initiate have a first aid kit on hand and be trained to use it.

If you have not received basic first aid and CPR training or have let that training lapse, enroll immediately. Check with your local Red Cross chapter, high school night courses or your local hospital for available classes. Type in your zip code to get information on a Red Cross or American Heart Association location near you.

Red Cross American Heart Association

Preassembled First Aid Kits

The Easy Care™ first aid system is intuitive, easy to use and organizes the first aid components into injury-specific, waterproof bags complete with instructions. Color coded bags make it easy to locate the supplies you need for the injury. Easy Care™ instruction card gives complete instructions on using the supplies in your kit. This modular component system (used in professional med kits for years) provides individual compartments inside the kit containing all the supplies and equipment needed to treat a specific first aid situation.

To find wide variety of these kits ranging in price from $15 – $55, go to Adventure Medical Kits, then click the “Buy Kits” tab at the top, then click the wilderness medicine button at the left and select “Camper.” Typically, there are six basic modules in these units: Stop Bleeding/Shock, Wounds (Cuts) Care, Blister/Burn/Abrasion, CPR/Choking/Drowning, Fracture/Sprain/Strain and Medication/instruments.

First Aid Contents

The following items would allow you to meet just about any circumstance you might encounter in an emergency or long-term, self-reliance situation. As always, adjust the list to your situation.


  • Elastic Bandages: For wrapping wrist, ankle, knee and elbow injuries and holding larger gauze or trauma pads in place. 2 or 3 inches wide.
  • Triangular Bandage: For wrapping injuries and making an arm sling.
  • Adhesive tape and 2-inch gauze: For dressing wounds.
  • Gauze in rolls and in 2- and 4-inch pads: For cleaning and dressing wounds. 18” x 36” for larger wounds.
  • Wound closure or suture strips: For taping cut edges of skin together. "Cover-Strip II" by Beiersdorf seems to work the best.
  • Bandages of assorted sizes and shapes: For covering minor cuts and scrapes. Elastic knit cloth type bandages are better over all.
  • Bandages for burns (Second Skin) 3" x 3-1/2"
  • Butterfly sutures or Leukostrips
  • Feminine hygiene pads , ultra-size, non-perfumed, extra-absorbent, excellent dressings for severe bleeding because they are designed to absorb blood. Tampons are very effective for nosebleeds or ear injuries.
  • Eye Wash Solution - saline


  • Antibacterial soap (commercial or herbal) and lots
  • Antibiotic Ointment: For cuts and scrapes. Single use packages may be a good alternative for infrequent use.
  • Isopropyl alcohol & hydrogen peroxide Povidone Iodine 10% solution (brandname Betadine) For cleaning and disinfecting cuts and scrapes.
  • of running water is an acceptable solution.
  • Burn Treatment For minor burns. Tea Tree Oil or Aloe.
  • Burn Dressings: To keep burns moist, also useful for blisters. Spenco "2nd-Skin" "Aquaphor," etc.


  • Tweezers: To remove small splinters and ticks. Instant Activating Cold Compresses: For icing down injuries. A traditional ice bag is effective over the long term, but for immediate use to combat swelling where every second makes a difference, nothing beats these instant cold bags.
  • Heat Packs reusable would be best.
  • Comb For removing cactus spines.
  • Scissors
  • Bicarbonate of Soda
  • Dental Floss
  • Epsom Salts Eyedropper
  • Nail/Cuticle clippers
  • Moistened Towelettes Razor Blade single edge
  • Meat Tenderizer for insect bites and stings.
  • Safety pins: To fasten splints and bandages.
  • Nitrile (Rubber) gloves: To protect your hands and reduce the risk of infection when treating open wounds.
  • CPR Mask: To protect against the transfer of bodily fluids.
  • First Aid Manual First Aid and CPR training are a big advantage.
  • List of emergency phone numbers, including a Poison-Control Center.
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Cotton balls
  • Needles
  • Tongue depressors
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses or contact lens
  • Vitamins
  • Thermometers (non-mercury).
  • Electric

    Alternative Power Sources In An Outage

    Short-term Electrical Preparedness
    by Boyd Badten & Co.

    Alternative electricity tools can range from very expensive to relatively affordable. Accordingly, we advise you tailor your considerations to your individual environment, although lighting is fairly universal.

    We'll divide this into two categories: power storage and generation. Both are important and rely on each other.

    Power Storage

    The primary means of power storage are, you guessed it, batteries. From the AA and AAA variety you see in convenience stores, to modular battery banks, to massive battery arrays, there are options that range the financial spectrum. What you need depends on your particular situation. For example, if your communications devices that you would like to use in an emergency situation and they rely on batteries, you may wish to stockpile some Duracells, which purport to have a 10-year shelf life. If you need to charge only a cell-phone, consider a solar-powered all-in-one charger . If you need a rig that powers a freezer for an hour or so every day, you may wish to buy a battery bank from a company like Xantrex, Outback PowerInergy or Jackery and run it off that.

    InergyTek battery
    Xantrex battery

    Power Generation

    Unlike storage, there is plenty of variety in generating power. 


    Solar arrays are available in all shapes and sizes, from the cellphone charging bricks mentioned previously, to pads that are a few square feet, to solar arrays that sit on the back of your truck or in your back yard. Then, of course, there are solar arrays that can be installed on top of your home.


    While noisy and polluting, generators can help in a pinch, provided you have gas or propane on-hand. There are multiple styles, include ones that take, as said, gasoline or propane, only gas, and even a dual gas-solar generator.


    Personal wind turbine kits are sold now, typically for a few thousand USD or cheaper. If you live in a windy area, consider investigating this as an alternative option.

    Manual Labor

    Yes, nowadays you can generate electricity and get a workout at the same time. Whether it be a simple hand-crank generator, or even a large apparatus that hooks up to your bicycle, there are options out there that allow you to convert your physical energy into electrical energy. Given the amount of energy it requires to generate even small amounts of electricity, this should be considered a niche solution.

    Heating and Cooling



    If you have a wood stove or a wood-burning fireplace stock up on lots of wood. Alternatives to matches are a magnifying glass and manganese for a quick fire-starting solution.


    Propane would be the logical choice if you already use propane for heat. Since your propane-burning furnace requires electricity to run, you would need to consider accessory radiant or convection type heaters that don’t require AC-powered fans or an alternate method to power these fans. Consult a reputable heating (HVAC) professional to help you with this. Outside venting is absolutely essential when using propane space heaters, although some have been approved for indoor use. 

    To store propane you can purchase five-gallon portable propane fuel tanks to supply these space heaters, but they will not last long. A better solution is having the ability to fuel the propane space heaters from a 250- to 500-gallon propane tank in your yard. If you go this route, make sure you keep your tank topped off, even in summer.


    If you live where it gets hot during the summer you will want to make provisions for keeping cool independent of the power grid. Passive cooling uses far less electricity to operate than active cooling systems such as air conditioning which typically use vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration and require complex electromechanical equipment and a power supply. Passive cooling methods use simple mechanisms and require no input of electrical energy or conventional fuels. Passive cooling systems use simple, low-cost techniques to provide summer comfort in warm climates. Such systems can also be used to keep food, liquids and other materials at temperatures that will prevent spoiling or other deterioration. 



    Create a Communication Plan

    Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so plan how you will contact one another. Think about how you will communicate in different situations. Complete a contact card for each family member. Have family members keep these cards handy in a wallet, purse, backpack, etc. You may want to send one to school with each child to keep on file. Pick a friend or relative who lives out-of-state for household members to notify they are safe.

    Text Messaging

    During an emergency, cell phone lines may become inoperable or be jammed; however, past emergencies have shown that when normal cell phone capabilities fail, text messages are still able to get through because they are smaller bits of information. Be sure you know how to use your cell phones text messaging features.


    After an emergency without access to either satellite or land-line communications, what remains is the ability to passively monitor a battery-powered radio for information. Passively receiving information over a radio is better than no communication at all. Moreover, emergency announcements are broadcast over radio

    Shortwave Radio

    Operates between the frequencies of 2,310 kHz and 30 MHz (30,000 kHz). It would be best to make sure that any shortwave radio you purchase will pick up the ham radio frequencies 4MHz to 40MHz.

    Some features that are absolutely necessary to pick up utility and amateur (ham) stations are digital tuning, SSB (Single-sideband selectivity) where you switch between the lower and upper side bands of a radio wave; multiple bandwidth filters that allows you to literally filter out extra Radio Frequency (RF) noise so you can get a clearer sound; and AM Sync which allows you to 'lock on' to a particular signal that may have interference from an adjacent signal. When you are purchasing, let the sales person know that you want to be able to listen to amateur radio operators. 

    Ham Radio

    Amateur radio, commonly called "ham radio," is a hobby enjoyed by many people throughout the world. In times of crisis and natural disasters, ham radio is often used as a means of emergency communication when telephone lines, cell phones and other conventional means of communications fail. Unlike other systems, ham radio is not dependent on physical systems that can fail. Ham radio utilizes the atmosphere to transmit signals and most equipment can be powered by a 12-volt automobile battery. Although a license is required to transmit on amateur radio you don’t need a license to receive. A Ham radio receiver will allow you to listen to the stations that a shortwave radio would receive in addition to amateur radio operators and any communication transmitted by the Hearts Center.

    Emergency Alert Devices

    You should also have a weather radio with the NOAA alert service feature to alert you to emergency weather and other emergency conditions. During an emergency, emergency alert weather radios activate to provide you with immediate information about any serious event. For instance, if there is a tornado heading your way at three o’clock in the morning, your weather radio will come on with a tone alert and begin broadcasting an emergency communication message. The National Weather Service continuously broadcasts updated weather warnings and forecasts that are received by NOAA Weather Radios. The average range is 40 miles, depending on topography. The National Weather Service recommends purchasing a radio that has both a battery backup and a tone-alert feature which automatically alerts you when a watch or warning is issued for your area. Look for receivers which carry the Public Alert logo. The Public Alert Standard (CEA-2009) was developed by the Consumer Electronics Association in conjunction with the National Weather Service. Devices which carrying the Public Alert logo meet certain technical standards.

    How to connect with
    The Hearts Center in an emergency

    Prepared by BOYD BADTEN

    ALERT: You must take action ahead of time if you desire these resources to help you in an actual emergency communication situation. Download and test the browser and be sure to bookmark the alternate URL’s ahead of time.

    Under some circumstances, you may find that you have electricity and you SEEM to have some internet connectivity but most of the sites you choose to visit seem offline. This may be due to damage to the internet DNS (Domain Name System) network or it could even be due to widespread censorship. But there are ways to connect with the Hearts Center and perhaps other very important resources which circumvent these problems.

    The Onion Router (Tor) is technology originally created by the US military and is designed to make it impossible to trace and monitor a person’s use of an internet network. It does this by bouncing all network requests, such as choosing to visit a website page, through a series of at least 6 different, randomly selected routers from around the world in order to make it hard to trace. What makes it even more difficult to trace or intercept is that each relay router RE-ENCRYPTS the network traffic before sending it on. This means that your internet resource request is wrapped in layer after layer of very hard encryption (layers like an onion…) which cannot be pried open except by the person who made the request.

    In order to use this technology you must use a special web browser which is called Tor. Tor uses the Firefox browser core and simply adds the ability to understand the onion network system---a sort of network within a network. You can download it for free here:

    You can use Tor browser to surf the regular internet just as you use any other browser. But if you have the .onion address of a site which is enabled for this more censorship-resistant subnetwork, then you can access that as well. The Tor browser ability is built into the Brave Browser as well—download that here: https://brave.com/download/

    Both Tor and Brave are especially privacy and security-centric browsers. They have built in mechanisms for protecting you against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

    You can connect to three important Hearts Center web resources via this more censorship-resistant onion network via the following URL’s:

    The Hearts Center main website-www.heartscenter.org

    Spanish language Hearts Center site-www.centrodecorazones.org


    In the event of an even more serious communication disruption you may try to connect with the Hearts Center with either of these two URL’s:

    If you must use the first of these two addresses you will probably need to approve connecting even though there is a certificate mismatch. This cannot be helped by us since it is a raw IP address—it is safe to connect to though.


    How to Safeguard Your Resources in Institutions, Projects and Materials that Allow for Your Long-term Sustainability in the Transition to the Golden Age

    Prepared by JACKIE FLEDER

    Note: I am not a financial advisor. I am an investor. Your Higher Self is your best advisor. These are ideas for you to consider as you commune with your Higher Self. Every person has a different set of circumstances, and varying amounts of resources available. Each needs to consider their own situation when determining how to invest their financial resources. A financial planner can give you more specific advice on how to invest your resources.

    The transition of the economy to a golden age economy is a time of great opportunity as the economy shifts to the gold standard. Many financial advisors are pessimistic about what they see on the horizon. They have yet to understand the new age that is coming, and how holding the immaculate concept for the economy will transform our lives, and nations. We desire to be prepared, and grow abundantly during the transition.

    There are many cross currents flowing through our economy with inflation and deflation often occurring at the same time. The value of a particular asset can depend on many other variables in the economy. That is why asset diversification is recommended when investing. Fortuna has said that we should not put all our apples in one basket.

    It is known that many public institutions, companies, exchanges, and banks are riddled with fraud and insolvent. The fraud is much greater than the insolvency that caused the 2008 stock and real estate market crash in the US. The world economy is more connected than ever before. Allof us are affected by what happens in major markets around the world. During this transition, all our stock, bond, real estate, commodity, and currency markets will be transformed into, simpler, decentralized systems in the future.

    At the time of the Great Depression in the US, there was a wealth transfer. Wealth was concentrated in the hands of the power elite. A few light bearers were able to read the signs of the time and position themselves. Most were caught off guard. In the transition in progress now, wealth will transfer the other way, to many light bearers. It takes non attachment to your physical resources and listening to your Higher Self in order to place yourself and your assets in the right spot to receive this abundance.

    Physical versus Paper Assets, Electronic Assets

    It is better to invest in physical assets at this time and limit paper assets. The definition of a physical asset is an asset that has physical existence, such as cash, precious metals, food, supplies, equipment, and real estate. Ownership is held by you outside our computerized public exchanges and institutions. The term paper asset refers to the paper used to print money, the CD certificate, stock certificate or note that you used to receive. when you invested your money before computers were used extensively. Nowadays, most paper assets are really electronic assets. Electronic assets include Stocks, Bonds, CD’s, money markets, mutual funds, checking accounts and cryptocurrencies. You don’t receive those paper certificates any longer, and you don’t hold much cash in your wallet or home. Your asset exists as digital data in some institution’s computer that you can access on line. It’s so much easier for your bank, mutual fund or brokerage house to hold these paper certificates for you in a computer in the bank's name. The problem is, if the institution holding your asset goes bankrupt, the assets they were holding for you are considered part of the bankruptcy assets, and are given to the creditors, and not to you. Another problem is censorship. If the government doesn't like what you say, or write they can confiscate your assets. The exception in some cases is cryptocurriency assets.

    The government created the FDIC for banks and the SPIC for brokerages to guarantee at least part of your money in the financial system. If several banks and brokerage houses go under at once, the FDIC or SPIC doesn’t have the personnel or funds to handle it. You might not have access to your funds for a while, for months, years, or never. Banking holidays are another possibility where the banks shut down access to your checking account, debit and credit cards, and ATMs for a period of time. When banks reopen they may limit withdrawals to something like $500 dollars per week effectively keeping you from transferring your money out of the system. Your purchasing power can be lost to inflation before you gain complete access to your money. In past economic panics, one million dollars has been reduced to $500 dollars worth of purchasing power in ten days. These are some of the risks of keeping all your money in the electronic, financial system.

    The masters say this is a very physical time and we must be physically prepared. Physical assets are not a liability for someone else. Physical assets generally appreciate at the inflation rate. Electronic assets generally are a liability for some institution. Physical assets eliminate the the possibility of losing your investment due to an institution’s insolvency, inflation or government controls.

    Financial Preparedness: 3 week, 3month, and Sustainable

    Three Week Plan: Have three weeks of cash and coin in house for expenses because banks may be closed and you may not be able to use credit or debit cards.

    Three Month Plan: Have three months of expenses in cash, coin, and or gold and silver.

    Sustainable Financial Preparedness for Securing Savings and Investments.

    From God of Gold Darshan on July 27th, 2008:

    “Consider 25% of your savings minimum in gold and silver. 50% of your savings in materials that you will need for your physical sustenance and sustainability. And the remaining 25% either in land or in funds that are absolutely secure, or cash.”

    On cashing out IRA’s God of Gold said:

    “This is a personal decision based on amount invested, what withdrawal will mean tax wise, your age, how much you will require for your retirement to the ripe age to which many will live....All factors must be considered, including current potential income, ongoing income. What you may want to do is consider no longer putting money into IRA funds, 401k’s but in other sources and in general if you have $10,000 or more in these funds, we would recommend removal of at least 50%”

    The God of Gold suggests diversifying into at least 3-5 different assets. Many people have a high percentage of their assets in one area such as 40lk’s, pension plans, or in real estate. These investments could be illiquid in a crisis.

    Sustainable Financial Preparedness for Your Current Income.

    Is your job or business sustainable in an economic meltdown? If not, consider developing an alternative business on the side to maintain your income. People will most likely go to a barter system where goods and services will be exchanged. Few will have cash or precious metals. Obviously a hair cutter can still cut hair. Can an accountant still find work? You will have to discern under what economic conditions your current income stream will remain viable. Is there is another income stream you could develop that will be more secure?

    An economic crisis is not garanteed. Our consciousness influences the outcome for every situation. It is best to continually visualize a positive outcome to every situation.

    A great way to guarantee your future prosperity, no matter what the economic situation, is tithing, the law of the tenfold return. Many masters have spoken on giving, and the tithe. This is the most profitable investment you can make. A 10-fold return equates to 1000% return on your money. If you give 10% of your income now, you will receive 100% of your income in the next cycle. If you want to increase your income you can give more than 10%. If you had $100 dollars, you could invest in a certificate of deposit it would return you $4 dollars per year. You could invest in a dividend stock and receive $10 per year. You could do research on upcoming technologies, and double or triple your money. Or you could tithe, and multiply $100 ten times, receiving $1000 dollars from the law of the ten fold return.

    The masters require our financial support to pay the messenger and staff. The staff can then dedicate their time to the delivering the masters word to us during this transition. Many of you are already tithing. Thank you for your support of the Masters! For those of you who are not tithing consider supporting The Hearts Center with 10% of your income as a way tie thee to God. Secure the cosmic flow of abundance to yourself during this time of economic challenge.

    In addition to the tithe, consider Seed money in action. Seed money is a gift in order to claim a tenfold return. It is different from the tithe which is a gift after you have received income. Money in circulation is God in action. You can buy a lot of good with your money, and receive a 1000% return. Determine the cost of a project you wish to fulfill, or an object you wish to obtain. Give one tenth of that cost to a charitable cause. If you desire $500 for preparedness, then give a gift of $50, and make your intention known to the universe. Watch for your return. You could receive items of preparedness instead of money as your return. Write it down. Often we do not acknowledge our return, and praise God for it.

    The law of the 10-fold return is an excellent deal from God. When we practice it, we are actually expanding our abundance in the economy. Do you desire to help the economy? This is a great way to do it, and help the Masters too. Many of us have invoked this law, and know it works. Why don’t we practice it all the time? We have to continuously engage in activities which keep our prosperity consciousness high, and keep our abundance flowing.

    Giving, and gratitude keep our consciousness high. We have to give in order to receive. Remember a key to our financial sustainability is supporting the delivery of the Masters’ word. If we do, we will have prosperity no matter what the economic circumstances.

    Suggestions for physical investments in the order of importance

    In a recent message El Morya talked about our goals for the future. He said that we must move quickly. Prudent and future vision involving investments in the financial markets are required. Consider all possibilities. Safeguard your resources in institutions, projects and materials that allow for your long term sustainability.

    1) Invest in food and water supplies.

    Financial commentators have talked recently about supply chain disruptions. It would only take a week for the stores to be depleted if deliveries are interrupted. Commentators have stated this year’s harvest, 2021, from large farms, is inadequate to meet demand. There are floods, drought, extreme cold and heat affecting crops. Shipping, transportation, worker shortages, and pandemic restrictions are restricting the supply chain. Christmas gifts and manufactured goods from China and Asia are expected to become scarce. Prices are rising on meat, coffee, wheat, corn, and soy products, Prices may increase dramatically through the winter.

    Similarly natural disasters are likely to occur including trouble with the electric grid which supplies our water. Also cyber attacks could cause all or part of the electric grid or internet to go down. If you have money in the stock market, banks or 401k’s, and you don’t have at least a 3 month supply of food and water, take some out, and spend it on food and water supplies.

    Many people can grow their own food in gardens, containers, and sprout. They can stop eating GMO foods, and nutritionally deficit foods such as processed foods, coffee, meat, wheat, corn, and soy. People can eat more fruits and vegetables grown locally to alleviate the supply chain and become healthier.

    It is incredible to me how much of the food in our current supply chain is wasted. I receive 70 lbs of produce, weekly, for $12, much of it organic, from Borderland Produce Rescue in Arizona. This organization rescues produce from Mexico that was over produced and can't be sold. Maybe there is a similar organization in your area, or you can buy directly from local farms at quite a cost savings.

    2) Invest in other 3 month preparedness supplies besides food and water

    Saint Germain has said (3/10/06 & 6/15/06) that he would like each one of us to be prepared for emergencies and evacuations as they are likely to occur and no place is absolutely immune.

    “ Every area in the country is vulnerable in some way even if it's a power outage or being snowed in, it's nice to be prepared with flashlights, canned food, battery operated radios, etc.. The Mormons have been preparing like this for a long time. They find that preparedness also helps in times of economic hardship such as the loss of a job. Even if they are not affected by a disaster they are able to assist their brothers and sisters who have been affected by sharing out of their stored supplies. Another benefit of emergency preparedness is the savings on food by buying quantities on sale or buying in bulk.”

    Supplies such as generators, communication systems, bug out bags, storing gas for your car and so on should be your next purchase. If you haven’t completed the 3 month plan use money you have in the financial system to complete it. With inflation running at 10-20% now you’ll make a better return on your money than keeping it in the bank. If you wait for a crisis to stock up, you’ll pay extremely high prices and lose money. Consult with your Higher Self on what to stock after reviewing the 3 month plan so your money is used most efficiently.

    3) Keeping a stash of cash and coin.

    Keep a stash of cash and coin around. Gold and silver may become too valuable to use for grocery money in a crises and you may not want to alert people if you have it. Cash and coin will be a good backup in such a circumstance. Cash and coin could appreciate in a crisis because people won’t have access to electronic funds, checks, credit and debit cards. The metal in coins, pennies dimes nickel, and quarters may become more valuable than the face value as metals increase in price due to inflation. www.coinflation.com gives you the current melt value for coins.

    4) Investing in gold and silver

    God of Gold recommended 25% or more of savings in gold and silver.

    Buy gold and silver eagles, Silver rounds, junk silver, Canadian maple leafs or coin issued by your country. For large investors 10, 100, 1000 oz bars are okay too. No numismatics coins unless you are very well informed about that market. These coins valued for collector value instead of bullion content. http://the-moneychanger.com/numismatic_files/coin_con.phtml gives a good explanation of numismatic coins and lists many of the arguments salesman use to sell the public these coins.

    Note: there is a shortage of silver and gold. You may have to pay a premium. Shop around before buying www.coloradogold.com or

    www.milesfranklin.com, are good sites to compare prices with or to order from.

    5) Invest in a safe location.

    Determine if you will stay in your current location and invest in that location or invest in a the retreat location. Develop a plan in the next two to three months.

    Real estate is less favorably priced from a year ago. The credit industry continues to contract with long wait times for financing purchases.

    6) Invest in supplies and materials to be sustainable

    Once you have decided on your safe location, invest in ways to renew your supplies to become sustainable. Invest in a wood stove, solar ovens, solar energy, an energy efficient car, ham radio, a green house, a garden, as your finances permit. There is a big budget version and a small budget version for each of these. In a crisis you can help others get through the crisis in exchange for services that they can render for you like working in your garden, or trading chicken eggs to talk with family members on the ham radio, and so on.

    7) Safe ways to hold paper assets if you want to keep some of your investments in the financial system

    If you feel you must keep all or part of your money in banking system, mutual funds, 401k’s or stock market there are ways you can better protect yourself. First of all don’t believe people in the industry when they say your money is safe. Often they don’t know the truth. Check it out thoroughly yourself. Go to


    for their ratings on banks, insurance companies etc. Don’t keep more than $250,000 in one bank and split up your money in two or three institutions.

    8) Crypto currencies

    Never in the history of economic transitions, has there been the use of electronic money like our current central banking system. Will electronic money lose all value and disappear? Cryptocurrencies are new to the scene and some may have a roll to play for storing wealth outside the central bank system during the transition to the new economy. Some cryptos are attractive as a form of electronic money that is independent of the central bank system. More and more companies are adopting cryptos as a form a payment and storage for wealth. It takes some knowledge and experience to invest in cryptos wisely. It is not necessary to invest in cryptos to get through this transition in the economy. If your are interested, Bitcoin Ben is a good starting point.

    The Great Reset

    This time has been labeled The Great Reset. I see a monetary system reset, food supply and eating habits reset, government bureaucracy and political reset at federal, state and local levels, health care and education reset, and a debt and commodity market reset, an occupation and business reset among other things. An entire over hall of planetary consciousness and social systems is in progress. It may take a decade or more to complete. It is prudent to be prepared for all challenges that may occur in this transition. Even if you are fine, your preparedness will give you the ability to help others. May the transition into the golden age happen with the highest outcome, according to divine will.