Come into a greater understanding of your own potential and the fulfillment of your personal mission as part of the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth…

You have opportunity through this dispensation to create a new world in vibration and consciousness…

The Purpose of The Hearts Center Movement

The Seventh Ray Action Is the Need of the Hour


The call compels the answer and I am here to share with you the essence of the heart of the matter of what this new movement, The Hearts Center, is about. I am Saint Germain. And I have kindled a fire within the heart of every man, woman and child upon earth this morning. For the seventh-ray action of the flame of freedom is required for all upon earth to move forward into the light of the new day.

A dispensation of light is a covenant between God and man and all of the evolutions within a system of worlds whereby through the tethering of souls to a new-found fount of progressive revelation where some among mankind have determined to be the one to aid the ongoing evolutionary process of all life, there does flow within the great crystal stream of the mind and heart of God the necessary nourishment for all life.

Reconnection to Our Source by the Ascended Masters

The heart is the great generating force and vessel through which the Lord God does sustain the entire creation. And God has placed a replica of Himself within the heart of all created beings. Therefore from this heart's center does flow all the necessary energy to sustain that lifeform within its environment, beloved ones.

We, as ascended beings, are practical and we see how mankind has become detached from the very Source of all life through acceptance of an unreality of self whereby there is the sense of separation which truly does not exist in the now of pure oneness. Therefore we come to reconnect those who have forgotten the way with their own God source.

Once the soul has been reconnected through the heart to the glowing fire of that one's own God-reality, whereby there can be the sustaining twenty-four hours a day of the flow of reality through the entire being of that one, then our job is done. But until that time, many of us have taken the vow of the bodhisattva to stay with the evolutions of this system until all life has reconnected with the source, plugged back into that cosmic circuitry that does allow the full-gathered momentum of the energy of the One to flow.

The Vow Taken by Ascended Masters

This vow many of you have also taken, and this is why you feel a resonance with the teachings of the ascended masters who are the elder brothers of the race, come to teach mankind the way. For we have determined to remain one with our God and desire that each one of you do likewise. The ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood, also known as the Universal White Brotherhood, have worked with mankind at inner levels for tens of thousands of years, though mankind know not on the outer all of what this has entailed.

The true teachings taught in the mystery schools of the Brotherhood are now being revealed to the outer waking consciousness of mankind so that many more may use and apply the science of Spirit to create a world of freedom and enlightenment whereby all are honored, all have opportunity for growth and none is left behind through a lack of that opportunity for spiritual growth.

The Creation of Movements of Light in Order to Raise Mankind

Therefore we have created various movements of light in various cultures throughout the world in the space-time continuum that continue to flow throughout the awareness of the evolutions of this earth. And we seek among mankind those who can commune with us to such an extent that they may bring forth our words for the edification, education and enlightenment of mankind. This our amanuenses and messengers have done for thousands of years. And it will ever be so, so long as there are those willing to sacrifice and surrender their own human momentums upon the altar of the divine to be the mouthpiece, the oracle and the word to certain among mankind who have ears to hear and open hearts to listen.

Therefore this activity, being sponsored by a grant of light energy from cosmic councils, was begun in earnest to continue to release unto mankind not only our instruction but the radiation which flows through the worded release of our dictations through our messengers. We move with many among mankind who know us, who believe in the truths that we espouse. And so each of you who listen to our word and who read the transcripts may come into a greater understanding of your own potential and the fulfillment of your personal mission as part of the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth.

The great conundrum for us is that many, not having entered into that path of oneness whereby each one sees all life as part of the great antahkarana of fire that we are building through all cultures and nations and peoples, do through a lack of focused vision judge one another or claim superiority or some edge on the path of spirituality. And therefore it has been necessary for us to use whom we may and will to get across to the minds of man and inculcate within their hearts the truths that we espouse for our God.

A New Opportunity to Create a New World

Thus, this movement of light was born a number of years ago in the consciousness of numerous ascended masters, for our previous dispensation of light granted no longer carried fully the weight of our intent through a conscious determination by some who were given the opportunity to sustain the dispensation through an active and current messenger to carry on that great movement of light, beloved hearts.

Now you have opportunity through this dispensation to create a new world in vibration and consciousness, one more attuned to our current understanding from where we now see as ascended beings that mankind must move in the coursings and the flow of the ongoing revelation brought to bear through our students and disciples in the world of form.

All Are Called to Be Messengers of Light

Therefore each of you is called as a messenger of light, a servitor of cosmic fire. And we have empowered through a new model in this activity the wherewithal for each one to rise as high as that one desires in spiritual consciousness and the evolution of the soul unto the final victory of the ascension and the ongoingness of the dispensation for all life. Therefore we have spread our wings and have determined that many, and not simply one or two, may bear a mantle of fire for us in the Earth. Therefore you can take up the proffered gift of the mantle that we bestow through your studiousness, through your attentiveness to our words and your entering into a personal relationship with one or a number of ascended beings who come to sponsor you both individually and in various Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups throughout the world.

We must have many fires burning across the Earth to sustain throughout the vast antahkarana the balance of the spinning of the earth toward a golden age that we all seek. This requires many and not the few and certain focal points in various nations. And so, we have determined to send not only these messengers but many of you to various points across the earth to anchor our light through your auras, through your chakras, sanctified through holy invocation and the sacred science of mantra that you offer daily in your devotions.

Anchor Light around the World; Anchor Light Daily

Therefore we have sent the messengers and various of you on pilgrimages and will continue to do so to anchor light at various spots across the globe, setting forth seeds of cosmic light substance whereby the dispensation may sprout through the hearts and minds of many who are gaining daily in attunement with their own divine reality. We seek through this new opportunity ways and means to reach many more upon Earth through the streaming forth through a daily and a life-full broadcast the opportunity for many to partake of our words and join in the dispensation through harmonizing their hearts in daily devotions that you give. For it is one thing to record the voice for the future, but it is another to day by day regenerate the sacred fire through heart, head and hand and the ongoingness of the dispensation.

Therefore you must move upward and onward daily, evolving, changing, transmuting. For this is the nature of the universe and of the seventh ray, beloved hearts, that I bring. You are being subsumed into great beings of light that you already are at inner levels. This entire process is one of remembering the first cause, your original love and why you were sent forth as a spirit spark to evolve in time and space.

Many More Must Know the Truth

Time is moving on. The sands are shifting. The tides are rising. And many more must know of the truth that we bring for the Earth to be sustained as a platform of evolution for lifewaves. Therefore each of you is key and has been given many keys, both personally and for the ongoingness of this Hearts Center activity. When each of you fulfills that portion that you have vowed at inner levels to sustain, then the work accelerates and we may seek greater dispensations of light and energy to use for the victory of many more upon Earth. Therefore as you apply the teaching that you receive daily, fulfill your assignments and move upward and onward. Then, as you know, the reward for service will be rewarded through greater opportunity to contact greater numbers of mankind with these truths.

We thank each of you who has been faithful, who has striven to become the Word in all ways. And though our messengers in this activity may at times falter or may not always be in the outer eyes of many perfect in their delivery of the Word, yet their hearts remain pure and tethered to ours through the sacrificial giving of their lives, for you have seen the witness of their daily devotion, of their sacrifice for each of you, attempting to help hold the balance. And their witness, which is our witness, I, Saint Germain, proclaim is worthy and true this day.

Strive for Your Soul Freedom

I now release a coil of fire from my heart to every soul of light upon Earth. It is incumbent upon each of you, O souls of mankind, to strive for your soul freedom. The opportunity has been given to you many times in the past and again in this incarnation and in this life to make right decision to fulfill your karma and your dharma and to transcend the wheel of rebirth to once again merge with your own God Presence.

Portia and I are calling you again to follow the true teachings of the ascended masters. Give the violet flame, invoke the sacred fire, and you will know a new-found freedom for yourselves and for all life upon Earth. I have come this day at the behest of some to lay a new foundation for the expansion of this activity of light. And I add my momentum of fire for the victory and the fulfillment of this mission. Let it be so through each one of you who determines to be the one with Morya and me and Lanello for victory in all ways.

I seal you in my purple heart. Understand the nature of the heart of God. Meditate upon that heart and you will win all the way, beloved ones. I thank you.

—Saint Germain through David C. Lewis, April 22, 2006


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