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8/14/19 3h 5m Mother MaryMother Mary's Ascension Day Message
8/11/19 3h 4m KuthumiSaint Francis' Encounter with the Sultan and Kuthumi's Comments
8/7/19 3h JesusJesus' Aquarian Prayer to the Father-Mother God
8/4/19 2h LanelloLanello Leads Songs and Prayers Focusing on the Great Central Sun
8/3/19 2h 4m ReplayMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
7/31/19 3h 5m El MoryaEl Morya Pours Out the Fire of His New Dispensation through Us
7/28/19 2h 33m LanelloReincarnation, Past Lives and the Akashic Records
7/24/19 3h JesusJesus' Invocation to Overshine the Capitol Building and Congress
7/23/19 3h 9m Boyd BadtenMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
7/17/19 2h Mother MaryMother Mary: Our Daily Alchemy to Transform the Earth Through Love
7/14/19 2h 37m El MoryaEl Morya: America Is a Divinely Sponsored Nation of Freedom, Justice, Equality and Opportunity
7/10/19 3h Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara and Venus and the Seven Holy Kumaras Refresh the Earth with Divine Love and Joy
7/7/19 2h 57m JesusJesus and Magda: The Love and Life of Twin-Flame Initiates
7/6/19 60m Sir PierrePeter McPhee: Commune with the Sacred Pranic Essence of the Trees for Healing and Blessing
7/6/19 3h 15m Saint GermainSaint Germain and Portia: A Magic Ride to the Violet Planet with Omri-Tas
7/5/19 2h Kuan YinKuan Yin: Loving-Kindness Reigns in Hearts of Mercy and Grace
7/3/19 3h El MoryaEl Morya: Appreciation for the Threefold Flame as the Center of Your Presence
6/30/19 2h Michael WelzelTwelve Short Messages from Ascended Master Michael Welzel
6/23/19 3h 34m JophielArchangel Jophiel and Christine: How to Manifest Enlightened Love in All Relationships
6/22/19 3h 24m Saint GermainBeloved Saint Germain and Portia: Welcome to a New Era of Victorious, Twin-Flame Love!
6/21/19 4h ChamuelArchangel Chamuel and Charity: Love Is the Fulfillment of the Law within Marriage and All Relationships
6/20/19 1h 6m RaphaelArchangel Raphael's Discourse and Mother Mary's Blessing Given at the Healing Light Retreat, Paradise Valley, Montana
6/19/19 16m Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit Shares on the Integrity of Nature, at the Montana Megaliths
6/18/19 3h 5m Boyd BadtenMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
6/14/19 1h 40m Serapis BeySerapis and the Chohans Serve Us Spiritual Communion
5/21/19 3h 6m Boyd BadtenMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
5/5/19 60m CyclopeaCyclopea Performs Cosmic Surgery and Enacts a Clearance of the Media, New York, and the Planet
5/4/19 2h Fun WeyThe Alchemy of Divine Levity, Humor and Laughter
5/1/19 3h Saint GermainSaint Germain's Ascension Day Message
4/30/19 3h 5m David LewisMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
4/24/19 3h 8m Mother MaryMother Mary Receives the Soul of Beloved Jerome Tweedy
4/21/19 2h JesusJesus' 2019 Easter Message
4/20/19 3h 4m VictoriaMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
4/19/19 3h 11m ArcturusMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
4/17/19 2h 33m LetoLeto: Anoint Others with Sacred Love and Forgiveness and Be Whole in Yourself
4/16/19 3h 5m Boyd BadtenMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
4/12/19 1h 50m Clare de LisClare de Lis' Birthday Message
4/10/19 3h Lady FrancescaLady Francesca: The Attitude of Wholeness Brings the Grace of Healing Light
4/7/19 2h Saint GermainSaint Germain: The Pulsation of God's Love and the Rhythm of Eternal Joy
4/3/19 3h El MoryaDo You Really Love El Morya? Read His Books!
4/2/19 3h 3m FaithPoetry Inspired by Faith, Hope and Charity
3/28/19 1h 34m Peter DeunovPeter Deunov: Creating Balance, Maintaining Harmony, Sustaining Peace Within and Without
3/27/19 3h LanelloLanello: Maintain Oneness with God through Aliveness
3/22/19 3h 35m MichaelKnighting Ceremony
3/21/19 4h 16m David LewisGuided meditation: The Power of Meditation to Get Inner Direction for Our Path and Groups
3/20/19 3h 15m CyclopeaCyclopea and Virginia: Envision Perfection with Courageous Love and Intrepid Joy!
3/20/19 4h 18m David Lewis2019 Mexico International Congress and Pilgrimage
3/18/19 3h 37m Divine DirectorDivine Director: The Victory of Aquarius Now Fulfilled in You!
3/17/19 3h 34m Saint PatrickA Teaching from Saint Patrick
3/16/19 3h 38m Saint GermainSaint Germain and Portia: Welcome to Mexico, the Heart of North America!
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