DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
3/31/20 2h Divine DirectorDivine Director: Know Yourself as God and All Will Be Fine
3/29/20 2h 20m Voice of Divine ReasonVoice of Divine Reason Speaks
3/27/20 1h 30m Sir VectorDarshan with Sir Vector (Jerome Tweedy)
3/24/20 2h 3m El MoryaEl Morya Blazes Forth the Light to Counter the Coronavirus Now!
3/15/20 2h JesusJesus on the Ides of March
3/10/20 2h 8m Mother MaryMother Mary and Raphael Seal Us in a Crystalline Shield of Light
3/8/20 2h 3m David LewisGaining God Self-Mastery through Love and Joy
3/1/20 2h Mother MaryLive Spanish Speaking MU Forum with David and the Masters Sponsored by Mother Mary
2/28/20 1h 30m HanumanReceive the Support of Hanuman in the Unfolding of the Gifts of Spirit Within
2/25/20 2h 5m Paul the VenetianPaul the Venetian, the Next Maha Chohan, Speaks on Divine Love
2/21/20 2h AfraAfra: Step Up Into Your Highest Service Now
2/16/20 1h 30m Mother MaryMother Mary: The Majesty of Mystical Love
2/15/20 1h 39m Anthony Rogers2020 Valentine Meditation
2/15/20 3h 50m MetaMeta: The Love of Silence
2/14/20 1h 32m Mothers of LoveA Poem from the Mothers of Love
2/14/20 3h 32m CherubimThe Cherubim Bring Forth Heaven's Love to Safeguard Hearts One with God
2/13/20 1h 54m Tara the White GoddessTara: Emanating the Light of the Divine Mother
2/10/20 1h 18m Saint GermainSaint Germain Speaks to Devotees in Los Angeles
2/10/20 2h 30m Maitreya2 Hour Workshop: Buddhic Mindfulness and Heart-Centered Living for Westerners
2/8/20 47m David LewisLA Expo Lecture: Moving Beyond Simple Meditation to Mindful Emanation through Deep Stillness
2/4/20 2h 10m David LewisManifest the Peaceable Kingdom through Divine Love
2/2/20 2h Saint GermainLive English Speaking MU Forum with David and the Masters
1/31/20 2h Boyd BadtenMorning Meditation and Prayers 2020
1/28/20 2h 10m ShivaShiva Comes to Clear and Reconstruct Our Souls
1/26/20 2h 35m David LewisMusings on Joy
1/24/20 1h 50m David LewisA Celebration of the Life of Marsha Guyette Hammon-Lady Priella's Poem
1/21/20 2h GodfreGodfre Stands in Washington for the Victorious Mission of America
1/14/20 2h El MoryaEl Morya Stands in Tehran and Washington and Delivers Cosmic Justice
1/12/20 2h Mother MaryLive International MU Forum with David and the Masters Sponsored by Mother Mary
1/10/20 2h Divine DirectorThe Divine Director Imparts a Fohatic Formula to Help Us Progress Spiritually
1/7/20 2h Saint GermainSaint Germain: Be Bold in Your Visionary Meditations; Be an Arhat
1/5/20 2h 1m David LewisThe Importance of Disinterestedness for Our Victory in 2020
1/3/20 2h El MoryaEl Morya's New Quips
12/31/19 1h 30m Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha's 2020 New Year's Address
12/29/19 2h 53m JophielJophiel and Angels of Illumination Clear the Earth of Darkness and Illusion
12/25/19 21m JesusJesus' 2019 Christmas Message
12/24/19 1h 15m Mother MaryMother Mary's Christmas Eve Message
12/24/19 3h 8m LanelloLanello Shares His Christmas Eve Message of Light
12/21/19 60m David LewisInterview with Christopher Rudy on the Wisdom Teaching of the Lords of the Seven Rays and Other Aquarian Revelations
12/20/19 1h 30m Angel of PeaceThe Angel of Peace Speaks on Stillness and about Norene Kaminski
12/18/19 3h Buddhas-Bodhisattvas of ChinaThe Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of China Speak
12/15/19 2h 13m Kuan YinKuan Yin: You Are Flowers of Mercy: Multi-Coloured, Beautiful, Holy and Pure
12/14/19 3h 32m CyclopeaCyclopea: You Are Essential to the Divine Plan and Divine Matrix of the Fulfilment of Every System throughout the Universe
12/13/19 1h 2m David LewisDiscourse on the Etheric Fountain at the Temple of Clarity, Vista, California
12/13/19 4h 2m Divine DirectorReceive the Assistance of the Divine Director to Discern Your Divine Plan
12/12/19 2h 7m BabajiBabaji: A Teaching on Self-Fulfilment, Self-Actualisation, Self-Realization and Self-Mastery
12/11/19 1h 29m Mother MaryAn Evening with Mother Mary: Experience Her Radiant Light for the Healing of Ourselves, Our Families and All Life
12/10/19 3h Cathleen AlexanderMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
12/8/19 1h 59m Mother MaryMother Mary Speaks on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and Announces the Ascension of Ximena Urrutia
12/4/19 3h MaitreyaLord Maitreya Speaks on the Dangers of EMF and Electric Vehicles

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