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9/14/18 1h 42m Mother MaryMother Mary Comes to Heal Chicago through Her Immaculate Heart
9/12/18 3h Mother MaryMother Mary on Fortitude
9/11/18 4h El MoryaEl Morya Says Prosper in the Providence of your Divine Presence!
9/9/18 2h LantoLanto Infills Us with Golden Illumination Flame
9/8/18 2h Hans RöingThe Call Compels the Answer!
9/8/18 3h Hans RöingMorning Meditation and Prayers 2018
9/5/18 3h Mother MaryDarshan with Mother Mary
9/4/18 2h 5m El MoryaEl Morya on Thriving on Your Path of Oneness through Spiritual Thrift and the Thrust of the Tithe
9/2/18 1h 30m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
8/26/18 1h 30m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
8/26/18 3h 30m GodfrePrepare in Proportion to the Difficulty on the Endeavor
8/26/18 3h 20m HanumanHanuman Clears Britain and Supports Morya and Merlin’s Mission
8/25/18 3h 20m Divine DirectorDivine Director Comes with Many Masters and the Living Christ Light to Bless England
8/24/18 3h 15m El MoryaEl Morya On Directness and Sustaining God Consciousness Through Focus on Your Source
8/23/18 2h 45m KuthumiKuthumi Invests the Light of Peace Deep Within Us
8/22/18 23m JesusJesus on the Ancient Essenes and Being the Essence of God Now
8/22/18 3h 15m Mother MaryUse the Healing Energies of Nature to Restore Wholeness
8/19/18 1h 32m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
8/16/18 2h Gautama BuddhaThe Four Nobler Truths and a New Eightfold Path through the Eight Heart Virtues
8/15/18 3h Mother MaryMother Mary's Ascension Day Message on Leading a Principled and Disciplined Life
8/14/18 3h 30m LanelloShine Forth Your Light! Invoke Illumination’s Flame and Manifest God-Wisdom Daily!
8/12/18 1h 34m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
8/12/18 1h 40m Divine DirectorThe Importance of Your Life and Your Special Place in the Universe
8/10/18 1h 30m Mother MaryThe Ascension Is Not So Difficult; Love, Care, Serve and Be Humble
8/8/18 3h Goddess of LibertyThe Goddess of Liberty on Immigration and the G's and L's of God-Gratitude
8/7/18 3h 6m El MoryaReflect on God’s Abundance and It Shall Also Be Yours!
8/5/18 2h Buddha of the Aqua-Teal RayBuddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray Leads a Breathing and Healing Exercise Using the Aqua-Teal Light
8/4/18 2h Karin SvedeliusKarin Svedelius The Divine Radiance of Hearts Attuned to God, Hearts of Gold
8/3/18 3h 4m AurielBeloved Auriel Developing Spiritual Sensibility and Sensitivity
8/1/18 3h El MoryaDarshan With El Morya and International Heartfriends
7/29/18 3h 53m Maha Chohan2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
7/28/18 49m Kuan YinKuan Yin: Discourse on Mercy
7/28/18 4h 1m Saint Germain2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
7/27/18 1h 7m Saint GermainSaint Germain and Portia discourse: Freedom's Flame Reigns Supreme in All Loving Hearts
7/27/18 3h 33m Oromasis2018 Mount Shasta MU Event
7/26/18 2h 25m ZadkielZadkiel and Holy Amethyst: Wash the Earth in Violet Light
7/22/18 1h 35m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
7/18/18 3h UrielHandling the Pressures of Modern Living Through Angelic Assistance
7/18/18 3h 5m Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara Calls Us to a Higher Standard in Practicing Reverence for Life and Avoiding Gossip
7/15/18 1h 35m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
7/14/18 2h KuthumiMindfulness, as a Virtue, Leads all to Brother/Sisterhood and Peace
7/13/18 1h 25m Angel of JoyThe Angel of Joy Sparks Joy into Our Prayer Service
7/12/18 2h El MoryaIt is Great to Be Employed by God!
7/11/18 3h HimalayaHimalaya: Overcoming the Dissonance of the Lower Self through the Resonance of the Higher Self
7/8/18 2h HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
7/8/18 2h 3m KrishnaKrishna: The Fragrance of God's Love
7/6/18 3h 7m David LewisMaintaining Harmony is Key to Our Collective Oneness with God
7/3/18 2h El MoryaEl Morya on the Path to True Riches Through Service
7/1/18 3h 8m David LewisSpecial Announcements by El Morya and David
6/24/18 3h 51m Goddess of LibertyGoddess of Liberty: Liberate the Soul of America with Me!
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