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9/21/23 2h Saint Germain 2023 Autumn Equinox Celebration - Mount Shasta - Darshan with Saint Germain
9/17/23 2h Afra Afra Speaks on Brotherhood, Unity and Love
9/10/23 2h El Morya El Morya Shares on Aspects of the Vow of Silence
9/3/23 2h Saint Germain Supernalize All that Is in Your Heart, Mind and Soul
8/20/23 2h Saint Germain Develop a Deep Relationship with the Holy Spirit
7/30/23 2h Hierarchs of the Elementals The Elohim and Hierarchs of the Elements Come to Invest a Great Light into Our World
7/23/23 2h David Lewis The Value of Flexibility and Inclusiveness Between Different Spiritual Movements
7/16/23 2h Alluvia Healing Mirth is a Key to Transforming Our Earth!
7/2/23 2h Saint Germain Saint Germain on Love, Givingness and Expressing Your Divine Nature
6/19/23 2h 20m Jesus Jesus and Magda: Illumine the World with Solar Joy and Wisdom’s Perfect Love!
6/18/23 2h 59m Portia Saint Germain and Portia: Blaze the Light of Freedom’s Flame throughout Chicago and America!
6/17/23 2h 50m Padre Pio Padre Pio: The Mystical Path of Holy Love that Leads to Eternal Life
6/16/23 3h 1m Nada Lady Master Nada: Fanning the Flame of Divine Love to Save the Youth
6/11/23 1h 50m Divine Director Darshan with the Divine Director for Guyana
6/4/23 2h 4m David Lewis Discourse on Beingness
5/14/23 13m Lanello Lanello's Mother's Day Message
4/16/23 2h 4m Archangels and Archeiai Begin Your Day with the Archangels and Archeiai
4/9/23 2h 5m Jesus Jesus and Magda's 2023 Easter Message
4/2/23 2h 3m Afra Afra Draws Us Deeper into Unity
3/20/23 3h 15m Holy Spirit Group Soul-Raising Session and Blessing
3/19/23 3h 13m Portia HeartStreams by Saint Germain and Portia
3/18/23 3h 10m Jesus Jesus and Magda: Lead a Golden Life with Us
3/17/23 3h 9m Mother Mary HeartStream by Mother Mary and Raphael
3/12/23 2h 2m Lanto The Nature of God is Inherent in all Life
3/10/23 1h 34m Paul the Venetian Paul the Venetian Announces the Ascension of Anita Hulburt
3/5/23 2h 5m Aurora Aurora Brings a Dispensation for the Protection of All Life
2/26/23 2h 4m Lanello The Transcendence of the Presence
2/19/23 2h 3m Jesus Jesus Transmutes Records of Infamy in His Name
2/15/23 2h Paracletus I Present a Valentine of Love to Each of You!
2/14/23 2h Lady Clarity How to Win Heavenly Friends and Influence People of Light!
2/11/23 45m Saint Germain Special Events 2023
2/11/23 60m David Lewis 2023 Conscious Life Expo Angel Panel
2/5/23 2h 1m Djwal Kul Seasonings of the Spirit
1/22/23 2h 4m Amethyst Holy Amethyst Blesses and Raises Trinidad and Tobago in the Light
1/15/23 2h 3m Lady FairGrace How to Overcome Subconscious patterns through the Superconscious Self
1/15/23 2h 3m Raphael Fitch How to Overcome Subconscious patterns through the Superconscious Self
1/8/23 2h 10m Jesus Jesus Blesses Israel and All Mankind With Cosmic Forgiveness
12/31/22 2h 3m Gautama Buddha Gautama Releases the Heartform for the Year 2023
12/18/22 3h 15m Divine Director The Divine Director: Planning Together for a Brighter World of Joyous Freedom and Love
12/17/22 3h 59m God Meru The God and Goddess Meru: Our Strategy to Awaken and Illumine a World and Her People
12/16/22 4h 7m Vaivasvata Manu Vaivasvata Manu: Saving a Civilization through Spiritual, Mental and Physical Preparation
12/15/22 3h 3m Himalaya Lord Himalaya: Use My Blue Lotus Light to Safeguard Your Communities
12/11/22 2h 5m Queen of Light Planetary Spirit-Raising Session
12/8/22 7m Mother Mary Mother Mary Comes Unannounced on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception to Comfort and Bless Us
12/6/22 2h David Lewis Keep the Flame Burning Brightly
12/4/22 2h David Lewis New Wisdom Rosary
11/20/22 2h David Lewis Prayers for Albania
11/19/22 58m David Lewis Saint Germain Speaks During a Cosmic Love Radio Broadcast
11/9/22 2h David Lewis Mastering What is Without, While Focusing on What is Within
11/6/22 2h Mother Mary Mother Mary Shares with Us Her Comforting, Healing Heart and Sings a Melodic Alleluia

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