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3/13/19 3h Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit Comes with Lanello and Clare de Lis and Blesses Us with Light and the Holy Oil of Gladness for Higher Initiation
3/11/19 3h UzzielUzziel and Azzalea: 33 I AM Affirmations to Integrate Compassion into Your Life!
3/6/19 3h JesusJesus and Magda's Darshan with Chilean Heartfriends
3/6/19 3h JesusBring Holiness and Wholeness to the Earth Through Collaboration with Your Twin Flame
3/5/19 2h 17m El MoryaEl Morya on Transcending Self-Limiting Boundaries and Barriers
3/3/19 2h RexRise in Your Excellence as Kings and Queens at the Roundtable of Light
3/2/19 1h 30m Maha ChohanBe a Blessing to Others, a Boon to your Community and a Builder of a Solar Civilization
2/27/19 3h El MoryaFostering Brother/Sisterhood through Our Spiritual Practices
2/20/19 3h LanelloLanello on the Spiritual and Healing Benefits of Regular Attendance at Our Prayer Services
2/18/19 3h 9m OmraamOmraam on Keys to Establishing Viable and Sustainable Holy-Spirit Powered Communities
2/15/19 1h 45m Saint GermainSaint Germain Delivers a Fiery Clearance of North America in Answer to the Prayers of Many Thousands of the Faithful
2/13/19 3h MetaMeta Comes with Love to Raise all Children
2/12/19 3h CuzcoThe Power to Be Victorious is Within You! Developing the Volition, Virtue and Virya of Victory!
2/10/19 3h 8m MagdaMagda: Make a Daily Pilgrimage to My Heart for Therein You Will also Visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus
2/9/19 2h Spirit of EuropeSpirit of Europe Affirmations
2/8/19 1h 4m Fu LaoFu Lao, Chinese Teacher and Mentor Extraordinaire, Speaks!
2/6/19 3h ManjushriManjushri Speaks on the Tai Chi Dynamics of Living in Our Buddha Nature
1/23/19 3h AfraAfra: Another Take on Love, Brotherhood and Freedom
1/22/19 3h 3m El MoryaEl Morya on How to Make the Greatest Progress on the Path
1/20/19 2h 30m JesusJesus on Taking Responsibility and Accountability for Everything
1/17/19 2h Buddha of Diamond Crystal LightCollapse Time, Transcend Space to Access Your Buddha Nature Now!
1/16/19 3h 10m JovielJoviel Encourages Us to Be Jovial and Full of Levity and Love
1/13/19 2h 10m David LewisSpecial Events 2019
1/8/19 2h 8m El MoryaEl Morya's 33 Quips to Empower and Encourage Us to Live in God's Will to Safeguard Our Economy
1/6/19 1h 40m Clare de LisCascading Vigils 2019
1/4/19 1h 35m MaitreyaPurity is the Key to Your Victory
1/3/19 3h HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2019
1/2/19 3h NadielNadiel Speaks on the Importance of Our Hands and Blesses Them
1/1/19 3h MonicaEvery Soul is Precious to God; Every Spirit is a Part of God
1/1/19 3h 2m David LewisForward Into the Light of the New Day and New Year!
12/31/18 3h 16m Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha Releases the Thoughtform for 2019
12/28/18 3h David LewisVision of a Council Session at the Maha Chohan's Retreat to Support the Youth
12/26/18 3h KuthumiAssimilate the Mystical Elements of Your Presence
12/22/18 3h Nicholas RoerichNicholas Roerich A New Touch of Venus; A New Brush of Beauty
12/21/18 3h El MoryaEl Morya's Poetic Message of Encouragement
12/20/18 2h Juan DiegoGive Your Heart to God as a Floral Offering
12/20/18 1h 30m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
12/19/18 3h 6m AmitabhaBeloved Amitabha Speaks on Discriminating Wisdom
12/16/18 2h 27m Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit Empowers Us with Love
12/15/18 3h 27m Divine DirectorDivine Director: Anchoring Planetary Providence, Progress and Peace
12/15/18 1h 58m Saint GermainSaint Germain: Envisioning a New Earth Victorious in Love, Freedom and Righteousness
12/14/18 4h 2m Seven Holy KumarasThe Seven Holy Kumaras Charge the Earth with Aquarian Love-Light!
12/13/18 2h 4m Lady ClarityLady Clarity: Welcome to the Temple of Clarity Where Aquarian Love Reigns Supreme!
12/12/18 3h 6m Mother MaryMother Mary: Live in the Integrity of Honor and Be an Instrument of God's Virtue
12/9/18 1h 30m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
12/7/18 1h 40m Padre PioDarshan with Padre Pio
12/7/18 4h 3m Angel Deva of the Jade TempleMeditate on Jade! Meditate in Jade! Meditate with Jade!
12/5/18 3h Saint GermainA Comprehensive Discourse on the Seventh Ray
11/28/18 3h David LewisDynamics of the Living Word
11/27/18 2h 5m Serapis BeySerapis Challenges Initiates to Choose to be One with God Every Moment
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