What Is a HeartStream?

Ascended Masters Communicate through Their Messenger- David C. Lewis

David Christopher Lewis

In The Hearts Center, a HeartStream is the title given to a dictation, discourse1 or darshan2 delivered by an ascended master, angel or cosmic being through his amanuensis, or messenger, by the agency of the Holy Spirit. These messages have been given the name “HeartStream” because each one is transmitted with such great love and intense light as it streams through the heart chakra of the messenger to bless all who receive the message.

Delivered in numerous ways, the most common type of HeartStream occurs through telepathic communication between the master and the messenger. These messages may be written, typed or delivered orally. In the case of “ex cathedra”3 dictations, the master’s presence is so tangible over the messenger that the delivery is experienced by the messenger as if the master were physically speaking through his or her vocal chords.

Divine Radiation

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During the delivery of a HeartStream, the master’s energy or radiation is felt by the messenger, who becomes a conduit for the transmission of both the message and the radiance of the master’s presence. This benign radiation is often so great that all who are in close proximity may feel it. A similar effect may occur when the dictation is heard even as a video or audio recording.

This type of communication is not psychic channeling in which messages may come from disembodied spirits who are not free from the rounds of reincarnation and have not achieved union with God. By cosmic law, sponsored messengers may receive dictations only from beings who now dwell in the higher realms and not those who remain in the astral plane of the Earth.

All Present Are Active Participants

Each HeartStream is a spiritual experience and opportunity for those who are present to be active participants in the delivery of the dictation through conscious awareness of the sacred process that occurs during the preparation for the master’s coming as well as the actual message itself. During the time of preparation there is a heightened sense of awareness in the room where the delivery occurs. The messenger prepares his or her consciousness for the master’s delivery through deep meditation and concentration upon the light of God within the master’s presence.

Since there is a heightened sensitivity within the messenger to all surrounding vibrations, it is vital that the audience remain centered and in a state of deep reverence and devotion to insure a successful transmission. Each participant may therefore greatly help to “anchor” the message and the radiation behind the message during the delivery itself. For those whose inner sight4 is opened, the master’s presence may be seen superimposed over the messenger with great streams of light flooding into the room and into the Earth through the chakras of the master which have been placed over the messenger’s chakras.

HeartStreams Contain Spiritual Keys

For all who hear or read them, every HeartStream contains spiritual keys to enhance an individual’s progress toward ultimate freedom from the rounds of rebirth. And the profound teaching contained in each missive is meant to guide the student on his way to reunion with God in what the ascended masters call the “ascension.”5

Every dictation, discourse and darshan is a blessing and an opportunity for its recipients to rise higher in consciousness through the wisdom teaching of the master.

David C. Lewis

  1. A discourse is a type of HeartStream that is more conversational and informal in tone.
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  2. The term “darshan” has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It means being in the presence of a highly revered person or receiving teaching from a master as one enters into a spiritual interchange with that master. In The Hearts Center, darshan with an ascended master or other heavenly being is not only a spiritual interchange but an opportunity to ask questions publicly of that master whose responses edify all present.
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  3. “Ex cathedra” in general terms denotes a pronouncement that originates from some seat of authority. In describing a mode of communication used by an ascended master through a messenger, the master’s presence is more than an overshadowing or telepathic transference, there is a seeming fusion of chakras allowing for a more powerful and definitive release of the Word.
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  4. “Inner sight” is a gift of the Holy Spirit, or siddhi, allowing individuals to see beyond the physical plane into other planes of existence. In Eastern tradition, the activation of inner sight is referred to as the opening of the third eye chakra.
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  5. The ascension is complete liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth. In the ascension process the soul becomes merged with her Solar Presence, experiencing freedom from the gravitational, or karmic, pull of the earth and entering the bliss of beingness within God’s eternal presence of pure, divine love.
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