The Hearts Center Presents our Autumn Equinox Tour

The ultimate freedom is freedom of the soul. The ascended masters, through their messenger David C. Lewis, will delve into the mysteries of soul freedom in this six-city tour through Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Orlando. Join the rolling momentum of light flowing through hearts receiving and anchoring a new soul freedom in each city. Come in person to any cities close to where you live and listen on the broadcast throughout the tour.

  • In Chicago, learn to develop great soul and solar consciousness.
  • In Detroit, experience a spiritual cleansing of the solar plexus of America.
  • Hear about the path of brotherly love in the New Age in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.
  • Become the master of your inner economy in New York.
  • Understand the inner voice of the soul in Baltimore.

This excursion in soul freedom will end in Orlando with a HeartStream on the path of solar initiation for adepts and a visit from a mystery master who shares a cosmic secret awaiting the awakened.

In each city, the Maha Chohan will be delivering the baptism of fire individually to all those physically present who desire it.

Hear soul-empowering messages and engage in the sacred science of affirmation and mantra to free all souls for a new era of peace and prosperity. See the light of soul freedom spreading from the Heartland of America to the shores of Lady Liberty and beyond.

Sept. 18

Boyd Badten Encourages Heartfriends to Engage Our
Light during Our Autumn Equinox Tour


6 min

Tour Details

Chicago – September 14-15, 2012
Friday and Saturday

Detroit – September 16-17, 2012
Sunday and Monday

Philadelphia – September 18-19, 2012
Tuesday and Wednesday

New York – September 20-21
Thursday and Friday

Baltimore – Sept. 22-24, 2012
Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Orlando – September 25-26, 2012
Tuesday and Wednesday

Audio Links of the Baptisms by the Holy Spirit

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