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NewLife Expo
Wyndham Hotel New Yorker
481 8th Ave., (34th & 8th Ave.)
New York, NY   10001

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Friday, March 16, 4:30pm–10pm
Saturday, March 17, 10am–9pm
Sunday, March 18, 10am–7pm


Visit Us at Our "Table Top by Mezzanine Window"
The Hearts Center is at the New York New Life Expo, March 16-18, with great soul-stirring messages, newly released books of progressive ascended master teachings, new age rosaries, meditation DVDs and heavenly music CDs, orgonite pyramids, blessed crystals,and free wallet cards of the masters.

We are a community of dynamic, heart-centered people who share your desire to make our world a better place!

NY New Life Expo
NEWLIFE Expo has been the largest and longest-running mind, body, and spirit expo in NYC for the last 28 years. The thousands of people who come each year help to make every expo more exciting, more informative and more fun. Learn more at

Pick Up a Life-Changing Book at Our Table

  • Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy   
  • Mother Mary’s Missions—Messages from the Divine Mother
  • Advanced Studies of the Human Aura (El Morya)
  • Living a Soulful Life (Afra)
  • Light on the Path: Inspiration for Each Day of the Year
  • Learn about how our community assists in bringing in a golden-crystal age.
  • Find a FREE source for over 4500 HeartStreams from 200 masterful beings of the Universal Brotherhood of Light.
  • Discover the Ascended Master Afra, the model of soulfulness and brotherhood, whose new teachings will lead you to fulfill your divine destiny.
  • Sign up for a FREE e-book about a unique aspect of the violet flame as violet laser light.


For more information about our Expo table and New York group, call:

Hearts Center file Photo New York 2015
Hearts Center Booth at New York Expo 2015


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Lively group at the New York Expo


About Our Hearts Center Community

Welcome! We look forward to meeting and greeting you at our expo table. We are grateful you have connected with us!  And we honor your gifts, inviting you to join us in bringing in a new age of peace, freedom and enlightenment.


Hearts Center in the New Yorker (Hotel)

We'll meet you in the New Yorker!

Our Mission:
Within our Hearts Center Community, we realize personal enlightenment through our Higher Self and share the ascended masters' teachings and our love-wisdom throughout the Earth.

Our Vision:
We live in sustainable Golden-Crystal Age communities in joy and in harmony with Mother Nature, using solar sciences of the Spirit. We radiate light, and we live and love as one.


Hearts Center Table at Mezzanine Window
Photo of our 2015 NewLife Expo booth 

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Advanced Studies of the Human Aura


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