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From Titicaca’s heights we come, and we invite you on a sacred journey…. Standing now at our side are the ascended Lanello and Lady Clare de Lis, your own Mother, who smiles upon you who have known them and who send you directly, each one, great appreciation for your constancy, your study of their teachings, and your desire to be of service to the ascended hosts in this lifetime.

What we would convey to you today is that what has been called the end of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, is the specific date that we are destined to completely pass the torch to Lanello and your Guru Ma, your Clare de Lis, to take up their full office within this retreat as we accede to them and then ascend to other service to Helios and Vesta within the sun itself.

Dearest hearts, in honor of the great celebration of the passing of this torch on this sacred day, we ask that you consider making a pilgrimage directly to our retreat in Titicaca, to be there for two days before this date, and to then be ready in your seats as we again will come accompanied by Helios and Vesta to have the full investiture ceremony of the transfer of the mantle from our beings to your own Lanello and Clare de Lis.

If you can make this happen, blessed hearts, each and every one of you will be blessed through this experience by a direct transfusion of light that will come through your minds and hearts as you each will also receive a portion of the mantle of Lanello and Clare de Lis that they will transfer to their disciples, even as they take up the higher mantle that they will receive.

You see, blessed hearts, whenever one master goes to higher service, it is incumbent upon the one to whom the mantle is offered to in turn divest him or herself of their own mantle to those who have earned the right to bear it. And so there will be a great ceremony of light. And many of you, having prepared your consciousness and your being for many decades and even lifetimes, will be able to bear that which these two will convey at the appropriate hour.

From that point within our retreat where this ceremony will occur, a great influx of solar light will descend from the heart of Helios and Vesta, penetrating the earth deep to its core. And there will be a conflagration of light within the sun of even pressure within the earth that, when triggered, will then emanate out through the core, the mantle and the crust of the earth to effuse itself into the entire atmosphere. And this, blessed ones, will be a great cosmic infusion of this solar radiance for the ultimate victory of this planet and for higher spirals of divine wisdom to flow such that a golden-crystal age may ensue.

Even now you may feel within your four lower bodies a prescience, a feeling of this future event and what it will mean for you personally as well as for your people and for the entire Earth. Truly, blessed ones, the Mayans saw this event long, long ago and in their own symbology forecast this date and this ceremony such that mankind would be ready for the shift that would occur. For truly this will be a notable date in the cosmic history of this Earth for all to witness who are sensitive to the higher vibrations of the Spirit. Thus we see many pilgrims coming from the four corners of the Earth to Titicaca in that hour, led by your messenger from the north, and many of you coming from the south as well as others from the east and west.

If there could be one pilgrimage that you all make within this lifetime, blessed hearts, consider this one. For those who have never been to our abode, you will be amazed at the great power of illumination’s flame that will be yours to experience and to accept fully into your own Solar being. And this may just be a catalyst for the fulfillment of your highest purpose as teachers and presenters of this age of the universal truths of the Great White Brotherhood upon Earth.

You may even desire to bring a sacred dress or costume symbolic of your own holy office. It will be in a sense almost like a United Nations ceremony, a true United Nations whereby representatives of many nations will come representing their people and their country. And the insignia of light upon their breast or within their dress or garment will be indicative of that which they have accentuated throughout all of their lifetimes and now show forth as an emblem of their own light consciousness and Solar awareness for all to see.

We make this announcement here in South America because of its import and so that you may have ample time to prepare, to raise the necessary funds and to support one another in making sure that this particular pilgrimage will be victorious in every way.

Through this messenger we will outline the entire plan for this event, the program of HeartStreams and presentations by many of you, including one that would include the transfer of an understanding of the culture of the Bolivian people and of what you can glean from other teachings, already presented through various dispensations, of the record of the ancient civilization that existed here and that even now in the heaven world abides in one manner through our retreat…. [God Meru inhales, then exhales the sacred fire breath.] Scintillating golden light crystallize within the auric fields of these, O Lord. Bring them to the eternal fount, the golden plume and balance their threefold flame forevermore in divine glory….

We thank you for your service to the light always. May the blessings of Cosmic Christ peace enfold you in its holy radiance evermore. Thank you.  (God Meru's announcement of the Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage, excerpted from his October 12, 2010 HeartStream, Santiago, Chile)

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 Darshan on the Sun Disk

August 9, 2012 Interview with Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage Tour Guide, Junia Gail Imel. Hear about the magic of Peru and some logistics that will make your preparations easier.  Listen


Nonrefundable Deposit:  $300 due before August 30, 2012

Please fill out a registration form at the time you pay your $300 non-refundable deposit.

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Payment schedule: 

  • 50% of balance due September 20
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These balances can be determined for you individually once you have selected your package.

Three packages allow you to choose the one that will fit your budget and timeline:


Package 1
Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca
December 14-22
(9 days/8 nights)

Package 2
Lake Titicaca Region Only
December 17-22
(6 days/ 5 nights)

Package 3
One-Day Extension Only
(Optional with Boating on Lake Titicaca)
December 22-23

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Messages from the Ascended Masters

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Save Your Resources and Make the Trek to Titicaca
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Beloved God and Goddess Meru, May 20, 2012

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God Meru's Announcement from Chile of the Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage
God Meru October 12, 2010

God Meru's Announcement from Chile of the Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage
October 12, 2010

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Meru 1208: Teacher Training of Solar Initiates
December 20, 2012

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After registering for the course, you will receive an email with instructions for access to the course page, containing all materials originally offered in the 2011 course with instructions.



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