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2024 Spring Event

Living a Mindful Life

The Mother Buddhas Come to Initiate a New Cycle with Solar Light

Sanctuary of the Heart, Livingston, MT   March 22-24, 2024

Event Information

Recommendations & Requirements

Spiritual Requirements
The conference is held in a sacred space. Drug and alcohol consumption is not permitted during the event. Additionally, we recommend consistent spiritual practice leading up to the event, such as prayer, meditation, and clean living.

Cell Phones đź“´

Please power off your cell phone while in attendance at this event. Cell phone noises, vibrations, and even electromagnetic radiation can disturb the flowfield required for HeartStreams and meditations.

What to Wear and What to Bring

In Livingston, March temperatures vary between a high of 47°F and a low of 25°F. Layer clothing.

Illness During Onsite Events

If while attending our event in person you develop a fever, flu, cold, cough or any other contagious condition, in order to protect the health of others, please participate via the broadcast from your place of lodging. Thank you, and know that you will be in our prayers!

Respect for Our Retreat Experience

We view our Hearts Center events as retreats from the outer world and opportunities to commune with our Higher Selves, the ascended masters and fellow light workers. Out of respect for everyone’s differing viewpoints, please refrain from political discussions during this time of inner renewal. Thank you for your discretion and understanding.

Accompanied by the Mother Buddhas, our spring equinox prayer vigil brings us together under their magnificent radiance to usher in the third quadrant of the year blazing light from the heartfires of the feminine aspect of the Godhead.

Come, Mother Buddhas, be with us. Come, heartfriend of old, be with us. Elevate your soul with the beauty of snow-peaked mountains; the sound of the rushing waters of the Yellowstone River; the crisp, pristine air-prana of life lived at 4,500 feet above sea level. Be with us in Paradise Valley in March.

Initiations, Blessings, Advice

Through our three-day vigil, we will be blessed with a HeartStream each day. On March 22, a message from the consorts of the Five Dhyani Buddhas explains the connection between our ability to maintain a joyful spirit and living a mindful life. Then, on Saturday, beloved Kuan Yin promises to bless us with her “Miracle Mother Blessing” and strengthen us for our continuing work on behalf of Earth as well as our personal evolution. On the final day of the vigil, beloved Prajnaparamita, Mother of the Buddhas, addresses us, each one, as “mother beings.” Her message advises us to be true to our Solar Reality.

Also on the final day, as is our custom, a group Soul-Raising Session with the Holy Spirit energizes and empowers us to make the most of the three months ahead as a victorious manifestation of God’s desires for our Earth. Hope to see you in Livingston or over our livestream of the vigil!

Ask the Masters, Ask the Archangels

Cosmic opportunity knocks for our youth! Starting at this conference, and then at every one of our quarterly events, the masters will darshan with our youth and young adults through David. A question to an ascended master or an archangel could be the beginning of a youth’s spiritual journey. For more information please email . The Youth Darshan is planned for Saturday, March 23, at noon MDT.

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