Transmute Toxic Chemtrails with


Visualizations, and

I AM Affirmations of Light!

Archangel Michael Clearing Chemtrails

Visual of Archangel Michael clearing chemtrails using the Mighty Power of God.

There are many ways to call on heaven to transmute toxic chemtrails:

1. Group prayers: Join our daily prayer and meditation services to clear chemtrails here.

2. Individual prayers:
While you are walking or exercising, during your personal meditations, pray for transmutation of and protection from the toxicity of chemtrails.
Pray to Michael to clear up toxic chemtrails anytime!
I Am Standing Now With Michael audio prayer PDF

3. Visualizations:
Watch our chemtrail visuals as you pray and meditate to help clear the problem of chemtrails, its cause effect, record and memory!

. Read and meditate on snippets of Archangel Michael's HeartStream concerning chemtrails entitled, The Judgment Is Called Forth upon the Dark Ones Who Have Fomented Destruction and Disease through Chemtrails. A Dome of Protection Is Established within the Etheric and Mental Planes of the Earth. Some excerpts:

As your Archangel Michael, I am come this day with a dispensation from the Lord . .. . that if you sing and pray each day to me, giving your calls, your fiats, your invocations with the fullness of your heart and ask that my legions soar through the heavens, we will intercede in regard to the diabolical manifestation known as chemtrailing that you have seen in the heavens, blessed ones.

Truly, the powers of man are no match for the powers of God when his legions of light answer the call of mankind.

Therefore, when you call for the consuming, by the power of Archangel Michael and my legions, of the negativity manifest through chemtrails, a legion of my angels will soar directly behind each of those jets that has been thrust into the skies at the behest of the dark ones to foment destruction and annihilation and disease upon mankind, as a man-made plague of sorts, in recent years.

And thus there is an answer to this dilemma, and it is through God-light and the action of the blue ray, accelerated to an extreme level of perfection in the eternal light of God.  Read the entire HeartStream here.

5. Use this powerful I AM affirmation for cosmic freedom:

I AM wielding a great light to meet head-on the cataclysmic changes occurring upon Earth!

Look at what’s going on right now. Are there cataclysmic changes? We have Fukushima, the situation in the Middle East, in Crimea, Ukraine and Russia. We have interference by the godless in all manner of intrusions upon nature through HAARP, through chemtrails, through the introduction of viruses that are very deadly. And many of us who have studied the science of life in this day and age are fully aware of all of the various real conspiracies that are occurring. Our awareness keeps us vigilant, keeps us mindful and allows us to utilize the light that we do invoke to go specifically into those arenas where manipulation is occurring so that we as lightbearers can make a difference.

When we are integrated in our soul, the light flowing through us is more powerful to effect change in any area that we desire to concentrate upon. When we are true adepts and initiates, we can be used any hour of the day, as Jesus was when the woman walked by and touched the hem of his garment and she was cured instantly of a flow of blood that she had experienced for many years. Now, that’s true mastery, and many of us haven’t necessarily come to that level of self-mastery. And yet we can continue to work on ourselves, purify, cleanse until we are sensitive enough, we are able to divinely concentrate, focus and allow that level of light to be and flow through us.  â€”David Christopher Lewis

More I AM Affirmations for Cosmic Freedom

6. Trust in God:  Know that God has the solutions and is waiting on you to "make the call." Free will reigns on this planet and it's important to pray to God to direct the ascended masters and angels on what you would like to happen here. Thank God and be grateful for your prayers answered even as you are saying them! Faith makes your prayers most effective! God will answer your heartfelt prayers. Miracles do and will happen! 

Nobody ever said Armageddon would be easy. Yet with positive affirmations and visualizations you can make a difference and protect this earth and its people from the negative effects of toxic chemtrails. Start seeing beautiful skies free of toxic chemtrails now!

7. Create your own affirmations and visualizations for transmuting toxic chemtrails:  For example, "I AM living in a beautiful world filled with blue skies and clean air!"

Visualizations to Clear Chemtrails

Go around the globe clearing chemtrails with Archangel Michael.

See chemtrails disappear by God's grace and the power of prayer!

Link to Transmute Chemtrail Video Playlist

I AM Standing Now with Michael!

Say prayers to Archangel Michael to protect life and to transmute toxic chemtrails:

I AM Standing Now with Michael! 10.023

In the name of Alpha and Omega, Hercules and Amazonia, Archangel Michael and Faith, Micah and Unity, all Legions of Blue Lightning Angels and Defenders of the Faith, Lives, Mission, Joy and Heart/Head/Hands of all Lightbearers, and their families as well as their homes, sanctuaries and vehicles throughout the cosmos, I affirm:

I AM standing now with Michael, defending every soul!
I AM always true to Michael; his mission is my goal!

I AM praying now to Michael to save all sentient beings!
I AM flying now with Michael amid his blue-fire wings!

I AM soaring now with Michael around the Earth each day!
I AM serving now with Michael; I’m always in the fray!

I AM blazing now with Michael blue lightning far and wide!
I AM helping all with Michael, forever at his side!

I AM staying near to Michael through Armageddon’s night!
I AM always trusting Michael ‘midst tribulation’s plight!

I AM ever calling Michael to save, protect, defend!
I AM loving blessed Michael, my dearest angel friend!

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All rights reserved. Released September 2, 2015.

More prayers to bring joy and peace to our world!

Pray, Sing, Dance and Play! 
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Chemtrail Fiats

Say these fiats with full faith that God will answer!

Beloved Archangels Michael and Zadkiel and your legions of blue and violet light, in the name of the Living Christ,

Erase, erase, erase all toxic chemtrails now! Transmute, transmute, transmute all toxic chemtrails now!

Consume, consume, consume all toxic chemtrails now!

Enlighten the public and all Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard pilots of this infamy now! Bring to divine justice those at the highest echelons of temporal power who are responsible for this evil now!

Purify our atmosphere by the miracle grace of God and the violet laser light now!

Thank you for answering my prayer this hour!

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