HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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7/28/21 17m Elohim of the Twelve Rays The Elohim of the Twelve Rays Inspire Us to Maintain Our High Ideal
7/23/21 13m Prajnaparamita Prajnaparamita Coaxes Us to Realize Our Higher Selfhood
7/21/21 17m Meta Meta Empowers Us to Have Faith in God's Miracles to Change the World
7/14/21 12m Jesus Jesus' Vision of the Holy City
7/14/21 10m Padre Pio Padre Pio on the Sanctuary of the Heart
7/11/21 30m El Morya Beloved El Morya's New Quips as Nuggets of Light
7/7/21 11m Saint Germain The Price of Freedom Is Vigilance over Tyranny - Only the Vigilant Will Become Victors
7/7/21 11m David Lewis Hearts Center Productions as Offerings from Our Hearts to Yours
7/7/21 7m David Lewis David's Comments after Saint Germain's HeartStream
6/30/21 15m Maitreya Maitreya Fortifies Us in the Peace of Stillness
6/30/21 33m Maitreya Darshan with Maitreya
6/21/21 41m Lanello Lanello Speaks on Sacred Sites, Sacred Ceremonies and Sacred Times in Ancient Civilizations and in Our Lives Today
6/9/21 15m Mother Mary Mother Mary and Raphael Bring a Little Bit of Fatima to Montana
6/9/21 15m David Lewis Omraam's Formula for Health, Vitality and Wellbeing
6/6/21 1h 2m Brahma Community Building Discourse and Darshan with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as well as the World Teachers: Jesus, Kuthumi and Omraam
6/2/21 16m David Lewis To Know, To Dare, To Do and To Be Silent - Clearing Subconscious Patterns with Ho'oponopono
5/25/21 26m David Lewis Allow Virtue to Flow Forth from You to Perform Miracles
5/23/21 28m Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit's 2021 Pentecost Message
5/21/21 4m David Lewis Our Lady of Vladimir (Russia) Icon Story
5/21/21 1m Mother Mary Mother Mary's Poem of Purity
5/21/21 8m Lanello Omraam, Lanello and the Blessed Mother's Teaching on the Power of the Spoken Word, Prayer Repetitions and Their Influence on the Subconscious
5/21/21 41m Mother Mary Darshan with Mother Mary
5/18/21 23m Holy Spirit Holy Spirit: Glorify God through the Empowerment and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
5/13/21 29m Jesus Jesus' 2021 Ascension Day Message
5/11/21 19m Omega Mother Omega's Miracle Dispensation
5/4/21 26m El Morya El Morya: Change Comes from Within - Attend to the Inner Spirit
5/2/21 33m David Lewis Old Religions and Cultures for Modern Life
5/2/21 18m Kuthumi Special Services and Dictations 2021
4/23/21 16m David Lewis Reading of Lady Kristine's Chrisms of Grace #29
4/27/21 11m Gautama Buddha Gautama's 2021 Wesak Address
4/27/21 5m David Lewis Teachings on the Bodies of Man from the Book "You Are Gods"
4/27/21 13m Gautama Buddha Perfect Health through Conscious Listening and Eating
4/23/21 23m David Lewis Reflections on the Life of Lady Kristine and the Chrisms
4/20/21 22m David Lewis Resolve Your Psychology for Love and Affection to Reign
4/13/21 18m Enoch Enoch Comes with Divine Justice and Mercy
4/8/21 14m Vesta Vesta Speaks on the Importance of the Word in Sustaining the Light Worldwide
4/7/21 32m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion 33 - Wield the Sword of Truth with Cyclopea and the Green Ray Masters to Assist the Evolution of Mankind
4/6/21 10m Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays The Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays Come with a Very Personal Alchemy of Integration
4/4/21 19m Jesus Jesus' 2021 Easter Message
3/31/21 7m Hilarion Hour of Truth with Hilarion - #32 Uncover the Truth Everywhere! Rediscover Your True Self!
3/31/21 19m David Lewis Hour of Truth with Hilarion - #32 David's Comments on Hilarion's Heartstream
3/30/21 17m Goddess of Freedom The Goddess of Freedom Exhorts Lightworkers to Pull Out All the Stops and Stand for Freedom
3/26/21 19m Gabriel Choose to Live in the Eternality of Your Divine Self
3/26/21 3m David Lewis The Translation of the Soul into Spirit by the Crystal Rays
3/24/21 6m Hilarion Hour of Truth with Hilarion #31 - All Possibilities Are Open for You to Realize Your True Nature
3/24/21 27m David Lewis David's Comments on the Possibilities for Advancement Offered by Hilarion
3/22/21 17m Warren Wallring Live in Sacred Communities of Light Collaborating with the Elemental Being, Now!
3/22/21 11m Lanello Lanello Brings a Dispensation of Light from Venus on Behalf of the Bees and Teaches on Their Vital Role for the Planet
3/22/21 12m Metatron Metatron Offers Us an Elixir of Angelic Energy and Increases Our Awareness of Our God Presence
3/21/21 7m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus on Divine Love is the Soul’s Eternal Spring
3/21/21 9m Kuan Yin Securing and Maintaining Wholeness in Body, Mind and Soul through Mercy
3/21/21 17m Arcturian Arcturian on Love and Light Always Prevails in the Lives of the Sons and Daughters of God
3/20/21 14m Saint Germain Saint Germain on Divine Love and Transmutation
3/20/21 10m Goddess of Liberty Goddess of Liberty on Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Freedom, and the Victory of the Ascension for All
3/20/21 8m Afra Strong Local Communities Are Developed through Ongoing Mystical Associations Between Initiates and with the Masters
3/20/21 14m Portia Portia on Unity of Beingness and Vision of Oneness
3/23/21 22m El Morya El Morya Speaks on the Crisis at the Southern Border and on the Travesty of Human Trafficking
3/10/21 17m Hilarion Hour of Truth with Hilarion #30 - My Study with the God and Goddess Meru - An Invitation to Accelerate the Light of Divine Wisdom Within
3/9/21 23m Lady Kristine Lady Kristine: Let Go of the Past and Accept More of Your God Presence
3/3/21 26m Hilarion Hour of Truth with Hilarion #29 - Love Is the Greatest Healing Power
3/2/21 13m Melchizedek Meditation on Our New World by Melchizedek
3/2/21 20m Lanello The Power of Five in Our Prayers and Our Lives
3/2/21 8m David Lewis Reading from Chapter Six of the Book: Sons and Daughters of God
2/24/21 60m Hilarion The Hour of Truth #28 - The True Path to Oneness - Transmutation is Required for Your Divine Reality to Be Acquired!
2/23/21 12m Unity Unity Speaks on the Psychology of Oneness
2/17/21 7m Hilarion The Hour of Truth #27 - Vestments of Truth Result from Your Investments in Truth
2/17/21 14m Hilarion The Hour of Truth #27 - The Scientific Process of Imbibing Truth
2/16/21 19m Constance Welzel Constance Welzel Speaks on Overcoming Fear through Joy
2/16/21 10m El Morya El Morya's New Quips
2/12/21 20m Maximus Maximus: God is Getting Greater Every Day!
2/10/21 21m Hilarion The Hour of Truth #26 - Hilarion Pledges His Support as We Remain True To Our Higher Self
2/9/21 19m Lanello Lanello: Demonstrating Self-Mastery through Sacrifice and Enduring Hardships
2/9/21 8m Lanello Collaboration between Lanello & Clare de Lis and Apollo & Lumina through Their Retreats
2/3/21 60m Pallas Athena The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #25 - Darshan with Pallas Athena
2/2/21 18m El Morya El Morya's New Quips
2/2/21 13m Alda Hudson Alda Hudson: Tempering Our Zeal as a Kindness to Others
2/2/21 6m David Lewis Divine Humor is the Key During Difficult Times
2/2/21 5m El Morya El Morya Comments on the Benefits of Putting Your Personal Affairs in Order
1/27/21 45m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #24 - What About You is True?
1/26/21 22m Afra Afra Announces the Ascension of Ruby Coleman; Call to Her as "My Ruby Love"
1/26/21 9m David Lewis The Importance of Silent Breathing during Meditation
1/22/21 1h 30m Ganesh Ganesh, Shiva, The Divine Mother, Rama, Krishna and Tara Deliver Gifts for Our Spiritual Advancement
1/20/21 6m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #23 -Living Within the Eternal Light of Truth
1/20/21 13m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #23 - Rising Above Expectations and Desires
1/20/21 17m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #23 -Darshan with Hilarion
1/19/21 23m Fourteen Masters Gov Destiny of America You Are Responsible for the Destiny of America - Jesus Adjudicates Divine Justice Now
1/13/21 60m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #22 -The Blessings of True Teachers and of Teaching Truth
1/12/21 23m Michael Archangel Michael Comes with an Epic Planetary Purge and Reminds Us that We Are Angels
1/12/21 4m David Lewis Collaboration of Ascended Masters with Angels
1/10/21 19m David Lewis Be Fruitful and Multiply!
1/6/21 36m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #21 -The Truth Will Always Lead You to Your Divine Nature
1/5/21 17m El Morya The Hand of God Is Upon America Now
1/5/21 20m David Lewis The Life of the Initiate is Like a Treasure Hunt
1/3/21 20m David Lewis Pain and Bliss as Two Sides of the Same Coin
1/1/21 24m Elohim of the Twelve Rays The Elohim of the Twelve Rays: We Energize Your Vision of a New Blue Earth
12/31/20 17m Gautama Buddha Gautama Budda's 2021 Heartform
12/30/20 25m Hilarion The Hour of Truth with Hilarion #20 -Truth is at the Crux of the Divine Equation for the New Year
12/29/20 11m Portia Each Day is an Opportunity for the Flowering of Our Divinity
12/29/20 13m Portia Portia Explains How to Increase Our Sensitivity and Discernment
12/29/20 30m Portia Darshan with Portia