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HeartStreams Library - Messages From the Ascended Masters
DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
2/12/19 23m Cuzco The Power to Be Victorious is Within You! Developing the Volition, Virtue and Virya of Victory!
2/13/19 14m Meta Meta Comes with Love to Raise all Children
2/9/19 8m Spirit of Europe Spirit of Europe Affirmations
2/10/19 18m Magda Magda: Make a Daily Pilgrimage to My Heart for Therein You Will also Visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus
2/8/19 22m Fu Lao Fu Lao, Chinese Teacher and Mentor Extraordinaire, Speaks!
2/6/19 20m Manjushri Manjushri Speaks on the Tai Chi Dynamics of Living in Our Buddha Nature
1/23/19 35m Afra Afra: Another Take on Love, Brotherhood and Freedom
1/22/19 20m El Morya El Morya on How to Make the Greatest Progress on the Path
1/20/19 27m Jesus Jesus on Taking Responsibility and Accountability for Everything
1/17/19 17m Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light Collapse Time, Transcend Space to Access Your Buddha Nature Now!
1/16/19 5m Joviel Joviel Encourages Us to Be Jovial and Full of Levity and Love
1/1/19 29m Monica Every Soul is Precious to God; Every Spirit is a Part of God
1/9/19 14m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Prophecy for 2019 - 2022
1/8/19 35m El Morya El Morya's 33 Quips to Empower and Encourage Us to Live in God's Will to Safeguard Our Economy
1/6/19 35m Clare de Lis Clare de Lis Emphasizes Using the Cosmic Clock Teachings of Mother Mary on Our Initiatic Path
1/4/19 11m Maitreya Purity is the Key to Your Victory
1/2/19 19m Nadiel Nadiel Speaks on the Importance of Our Hands and Blesses Them
1/1/19 21m David Lewis Forward Into the Light of the New Day and New Year!
12/31/18 12m Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha Releases the Thoughtform for 2019
12/31/18 13m David Lewis David's Comments after Gautama's HeartStream & The Announcement of the Ascension of Jean Morgan
12/28/18 15m David Lewis Vision of a Council Session at the Maha Chohan's Retreat to Support the Youth
12/26/18 23m Kuthumi Assimilate the Mystical Elements of Your Presence
12/26/18 9m Kuthumi Love the Earth as a Meditation
12/26/18 6m El Morya El Morya Charges the Earth with God's Blue-Will Light
12/26/18 6m Djwal Kul Djwal Kul Emanates Himalayan Light to the World
12/24/18 10m Lanello Lanello's Christmas Eve Message
12/22/18 12m Nicholas Roerich Nicholas Roerich A New Touch of Venus; A New Brush of Beauty
12/21/18 7m El Morya El Morya's Poetic Message of Encouragement
12/21/18 4m El Morya El Morya Explains Discipleship Sessions
12/20/18 10m Juan Diego Give Your Heart to God as a Floral Offering
12/19/18 26m Amitabha Beloved Amitabha Speaks on Discriminating Wisdom
12/16/18 11m Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit Empowers Us with Love
12/16/18 30m Jesus Jesus: Darshan on Aquarian Love
12/16/18 6m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus: The Sealing of Your Hearts with Venusian Love and Aquarian Joy!
12/15/18 23m Divine Director Divine Director: Anchoring Planetary Providence, Progress and Peace
12/15/18 21m Saint Germain Saint Germain: Envisioning a New Earth Victorious in Love, Freedom and Righteousness
12/14/18 13m Seven Holy Kumaras The Seven Holy Kumaras Charge the Earth with Aquarian Love-Light!
12/14/18 7m David Lewis The Trial by Fire Is an On-going Initiation of Empowerment
12/14/18 56m Mother Mary Mother Mary: Darshan on Expanding Aquarian Love Person-to-Person
12/13/18 30m Lady Clarity Lady Clarity: Welcome to the Temple of Clarity Where Aquarian Love Reigns Supreme!
12/13/18 3m Lanello Lanello Invites Us to Hawaii in Spring 2020 to Interact with Dolphins and Change the Vibration of the Planet
12/13/18 9m David Lewis A Teaching on the Grace of Receiving the Good Types of Forgetfulness
12/12/18 19m Mother Mary Mother Mary: Live in the Integrity of Honor and Be an Instrument of God's Virtue
12/7/18 5m Lanello Lanello's Special Announcement of a Dispensation on a One-Time, Additional Christmas Tithe
12/7/18 16m Padre Pio Darshan with Padre Pio
12/7/18 17m Angel Deva of the Jade Temple Meditate on Jade! Meditate in Jade! Meditate with Jade!
12/5/18 24m Saint Germain A Comprehensive Discourse on the Seventh Ray
12/4/18 9m El Morya The Responsibility of the Righteous. The Destiny of the Deserving. The Legacy of Lightbearers. And A New Prayer from the Master.
4/29/18 10m David Lewis David Christopher Lewis Ascension Now Panel 2018 New Living Expo San Mateo, CA
11/29/18 35m Victory Darshan on the Angel of the Presence, Victory's Temple, Balancing Karma and More
11/29/18 7m Victory Victory Is Always Yours to Claim in the I AM Name!
11/28/18 15m David Lewis Dynamics of the Living Word
11/27/18 25m Serapis Bey Serapis Challenges Initiates to Choose to be One with God Every Moment
11/25/18 21m Lanello Lanello's Sermon for a Sabbath Morning #1
11/22/18 10m Mother Mary Mother Mary's 2018 Inspirational Thanksgiving Message
11/19/18 10m Saint Germain The Miraculous Action of Violet Fire Infused Within and Through Grateful Hearts
11/21/18 14m Maximus Maximus Comes for Planetary Change, Blazing the Fires of Transmutation!
10/20/18 32m David Lewis David Christopher Lewis: Discourse on Who the Ascended Masters Are
10/20/18 1h 5m Jesus Jesus and Magda: Darshan on the Importance of Mindfulness in Our Daily Lives
11/13/18 40m Peter Deunov The Strength of Character and Will Required for Your Christhood
11/15/18 18m Zadkiel Earn Your Eternal Freedom Through Work! Freedom is Being Responsible and Accountable!
11/14/18 20m Meta All Children Deserve the Best Spiritual and Secular Education and Training
11/14/18 17m Godfre America, Awaken! Be Raised Up by the Holy Spirit and Be Free
11/12/18 25m Buddha of the Ruby Ray David Delivers Live Two Buddha of the Ruby Ray HeartStreams from November 2004
10/27/18 9m El Morya El Morya: Be a Blessing to all Life through Acceptance of God’s Will, Wisdom and Love
10/27/18 9m Maitreya Maitreya: Developing Mindfulness through Entering the Great Silence
10/27/18 20m Divine Director Divine Director: Co-create a World of Solar Joy through Mindful Living
10/20/18 13m Kuan Yin Accentuate Mercy to Live in a Field of Heart-Centered Joy
10/20/18 10m David Lewis David Christopher Lewis: Discourse Connecting with the Higher Self
10/20/18 4m Saint Germain Saint Germain and Portia: Soulfully Co-Create a New Era of Love and Freedom
11/11/18 28m David Lewis David Shares on the Fires, Mexico Event, Liver Rescue, Healing and More
11/9/18 26m Christiel You are a Crystal Dewdrop of God! You Have a Christic Essence Within!
11/9/18 30m Lady Kristine Lady Kristine on Surrender
10/21/18 43m Gautama Buddha Gautama: Discourse on the New Eight-Fold Path
10/21/18 17m Zarathustra Zarathustra: You Are Flaming Spirits, One with the Eternal!
10/21/18 58m Mother Mary Mother Mary: Darshan on Living from, through and in God’s Heart
10/21/18 10m David Lewis The Purpose of Giving Devotion through Kirtan
11/7/18 26m Virginia Virginia: Practice the Presence through the Courageous Alchemy of Perfect Vision
11/6/18 29m El Morya El Morya: Economize Your Life with God's Will Restored Within
11/4/18 13m El Morya You Are a Signature of God
11/3/18 14m Eriel Look Within and Behold the Face of God of Your Own Inner Child
11/1/18 11m Afra Afra Blesses the Saints on Earth on All Saints Day
11/1/18 10m David Lewis David Shares about the 2018 Australia Trip and Receives a New Assignment for the Afra Book
10/11/18 3m David Lewis Invocation for Mexican Heartfriends
10/12/18 18m Gabriel Gabriel and Hope Announce the Shortening of the Days for the Elect
10/11/18 10m Melchizedek Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear! Be Selfless, Fearless and Victorious!
10/10/18 8m David Lewis How Watching The Song of Bernadette as a Child Awakened David to His Life's Mission
10/10/18 10m Akshobhya Akshobhya Comes Consecrated to Our Victory and to Sustaining our Path of Oneness
9/23/18 40m Saint Germain Saint Germain: The Genesis of the Aquarian Age through the Genie within You! (EXPO-Falls Church, VA)
10/9/18 25m Maria Montessori Love the Child Within. Teach the Child Within. Save the Child Within. Then Love, Teach and Save all Children!
10/6/18 10m Saint Therese of Lisieux Saint Therese of Lisieux: Develop a Fragrant, Rosy Heart Like those of the Loving Saints of East and West and a Sweet Story of the Healing of a Precious Child with a Surprise Ending!
10/5/18 29m Celestel Celestel: We Co-Create with You a New Latticework of Divine, Crystalline Light around Our Earth
10/7/18 14m El Morya El Morya Charges Us with a Light Impetus to Adopt a Higher Orbit of Christhood
10/7/18 10m David Lewis Reading from Chapter 3 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura
10/3/18 41m Divine Director Darshan with International Heartfriends
10/2/18 22m El Morya A Word of Caution to Initiates: Pride Can Compromise or Negate Spiritual Attainment - A Thriving Economy Must Be Built on a Foundation of Light and the Golden Rule
9/30/18 18m David Lewis Patience, Perseverance and Purity on the Path
9/28/18 14m Omraam The Courtesy of the Christ; The Comity of the Buddha; The Civility of the Holy Spirit
9/29/18 20m Michael Archangel Michael's 2018 Michaelmas Day Address Reinforcing Our Spiritual Mooring on Our Path of Light
9/26/18 12m David Lewis David's Reflections on 2018 Virginia Expo