Name Text Prayer Time Video
60012 Rosary - I AM the Master of My Psychology   12:31  
Childrens Golden Buddha Rosary   28:15  
Golden Buddha Rosary - Abundance-Fortuna   46:19  
Golden Buddha Rosary (short version) 31:43  
Golden Buddha Rosary Friday 57:12  
Golden Buddha Rosary Monday 59:21  
Golden Buddha Rosary Saturday 57:08  
Golden Buddha Rosary Sunday 57:59  
Golden Buddha Rosary Sunday-Essene Teachings 63:41  
Golden Buddha Rosary Thursday 57:00  
Golden Buddha Rosary Tuesday 57:39  
Golden Buddha Rosary Wednesday-Healing 57:42  
Golden Buddha Rosary Wednesday-Vision 56:24  
Jesus Rosary with Songs 89-142-28-141-150-68   39:08  
Jewel Tree of Tibet   25:46  
Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy   33:33
Letos Evening Meditation   15:13  
Love Rosary with Songs 67-xx -147-145-57-144   39:11  
NOW BUDDHA Rosary   73:31  
NOW Buddha Rosary-SHORT   43:55  
Padre Pio Rosary with Songs 62-43-42-146-18-71   46:05  
Rosary of Divine Quintessence   42:41  
Rosary of Faith 36:20  
Seven Days Of Creation   57:25  
Vestas Solar Rosary   23:53

Ascended Master Rosaries

The Purpose of the Daily Rosary

 An Understanding of the Mother Light

Mother Mary

As we know, beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet1 received from Mother Mary a new rosary for the golden age and later a children’s version of that rosary. These prayers anchor the light of the Mother Flame within the earth and within the souls of her chelas. For as we honor the Mother Flame in Mary, we also honor that flame within ourselves. And as we revere the light within the one, the Mother of Jesus, she—reflecting back to us that same love and reverence—raises our awareness of self in that Mother Light to the crown.
Those who are sensitive as they pray will feel the coursing of this Mother energy known as the kundalini from the base to the crown, nourishing their chakras. It is a washing action of the light; it is a daily cleanse, a bath of divine radiance. It is the Mother’s nurturing of us as we revere her love, her light and all that she did for Jesus but also for us.

A History of Rosaries

In this dispensation of The Hearts Center we have carried on in the tradition of the various rosaries released in the prior dispensation, including the Kuan Yin Crystal Rosary, the Surrender Rosary, the Archangel Michael Rosary. All of these ascended master rosaries were dictated and given for the very purpose of bringing us to the point of understanding our soul, the nature of our soul, the glory of God that can manifest through our soul and the raising of consciousness by calling to these divine personages to assist us in the process of our own self-liberation, our own self-elevation or salvation.


We do not, nor do the ascended masters desire that we worship the image, the icon or, as some feel, the idol of the master or the saint. What we revere and what we pray to and what we honor is the very light of God that emanates through his Sons and Daughters2 who are divine intercessors for us, who come to show us the way, to give us a divine example of beingness, of living in presence, of holy love and reverence for all life.

Creating the Father-Mother Polarity

And so as we pray to the Archeiai3 of the Seven Rays or the Five Secret Rays or the one Mary, truly one of the archeiai herself, we tap into that Mother Light that each one represents for a certain lifewave, a certain frequency, a certain evolution of souls who came serving on various rays to bring to this earth greater glory, greater awareness of God, healing, truth, the science of being.

ascended master buddha rosaryAs we have been given the Golden Buddha Rosary4 we understand that in revering both the Buddha Nature of ourselves and the Mother Light, there is the intertwining of the Alpha-Omega frequencies whereby a polarity of light is set up. And through the nexus of the heart, the light of the Father and the crown descends and the light of the Mother and the base ascends. 

And in the figure-eight flow through the heart chakra there is the adoration, as Above so below, of the Father-Mother principles even within our own being where wholeness is fully manifest, where Presence is glorified, where God exists right within the chalice of our own being.


Connection with Our Higher Self Is the Goal

Every ascended master points to our own Higher Self in the Christ Presence as mediator to that Self through the nexus of the heart. And in a strong heart-mind connection we can have access to the same light that glorifies God through Mary and all of the saints, the archangels and archeiai, all cosmic beings and divine personages who have been raised in glory to be one in Spirit with the Divine. 

As we give our rosaries day by day, each one is an opportunity to once again enter into the very Presence of God’s beingness, the Shekhinah glory, the shakti light of the allness of the One who God is.

We rest in God. We support the very blessedness of the essence of the Godhood within all life, the Spirit flowing and coursing through all beings even as we revere it within one and within ourselves. Let us take the opportunity of these rosaries to go deep within our hearts and to contact the core of our being, the very essence of who we are as God-realized sons and daughters now, not putting off to a future date or time or season the blessedness and grace of Godhood but accepting now, fully, that presence, that joy, that eternality within our hearts, one with each other and with the One.
1. Elizabeth Clare Prophet served actively as a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood through The Summit Lighthouse organization, founded in 1958 by her husband, mentor and messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Mark L Prophet. From 1961 when she first joined Mark in his work until his transition in 1973, they traveled the world delivering the teachings of the ascended masters. Elizabeth continued the work of administrating an expanding organization as well as teaching globally and publishing more books until her retirement in 1998. Over 75 books on the teachings of the ascended masters have been published through their organization.
2. Sons and Daughters of God refer to the ascended masters, our elder brothers and sisters who have passed all major initiations of the spiritual path. They have graduated from Earth’s schoolroom and returned by free will to the heart of God through the sacred process of the ascension. They are the saints, teachers and masters of East and West from all religions and cultures, now residing in higher octaves.
3. Archeiai are the feminine counterparts, or twin flames, of the archangels. As an example, Mother Mary is an archeia on the ray of healing, the green ray. Her twin flame, also on the green ray, is Archangel Raphael. There are seven archangels and archeiai representing the seven rays, or God-qualities, depicted in the causal body rings. For their specific colors see the Your Buddha Nature chart. There are also five secret ray archangels and archeiai that assist the work of the seven archangels. Archeia is the singular spelling, archeiai the plural.
4. The Golden Buddha Rosary can be found in The Hearts CenterPrayers, Decrees and Mantras as prayer 9.000. You can listen to the audio or download it as a single prayer here.
Copyright © 2008 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. All messages released through The Hearts Center are copyrighted, but we encourage you to print and share them with discretion with heartfriends throughout the world. Bracketed words have been inserted for greater clarity with the approval of the dictating master. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Contact us at Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.

David on the Rosary of Faith:








Progressive Revelation

Disciples of the Spirit who have offered rosaries and prayers to the Blessed Mother may be aware that there is a long tradition of various types of rosaries that have been given over the years since Jesus’ life on earth. The original rosary given centuries ago looked much different than that which is given within the Catholic Church of today. Rather than a single prayer for all time, the rosary has become an evolution of devotion. Over the years, various mys- tics and saints, in communion with Jesus and other heavenly beings, have added to the hallowed tradition of the rosary within the greater context of the universal church of the faithful world- wide. The Rosary of Faith you hold in your hand is another step in this divine evolutionary process known as progressive revelation.

Each rosary is, in reality, a spiritual garland of roses created by the giving of various prayers, most often including the “Hail Mary” which honors the words of the Archangel Gabriel spoken to Mary when she was yet a temple virgin, spending much of her time in prayer and meditation upon the heaven world. For years my pri- mary prayer focus has been to pour forth devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels, who has been so instrumental in answering the prayers of the faithful over the centuries.


In the esoteric tradition of Christianity, students with this understanding of higher truth have become aware that Mary is also the archeia of the fifth ray of healing, science, precipitation and music. An archeia is the feminine complement of an archangel and thus wields tremendous energies of the Spirit in her service to mankind often in a gentler and somewhat more feminine manner than her masculine counterpart. Since we know the names of the archeiai of the Seven Archangels, we may call to each of them to bless us with their particular aspect of God’s consciousness for the color ray upon which they serve. Each of these beings is a powerful intercessor for mankind, answering the prayers of those in distress in very specific and, at times, mysterious ways.

A New Type of Rosary for the Protection of our Nation’s Government 

Rosary of Faith BookThis Rosary of Faith is the fulfillment of a request made to me by the Ascended Masters El Morya and Lanello. When the program for a weekend conference in Washington, D.C. in late January 2007 was given to me by them, I was also asked to have ready a completed version of a new Rosary of Faith, wherein we would invoke the light of all seven complements of the archangels, primarily the Archeia Faith, the consort of beloved Archangel Michael. Since Washington, D.C. is the blue-ray focus and throat chakra for the United States of America, it seemed fitting that we should concentrate the action of faith through a new type of rosary for the protection of our nation’s government and its lead- ers. Those of all nations may give this new rosary for the anchoring of God-government in their own country and in all nations, maxi- mixing the light of these prayers on behalf of all peoples.

Faith is the first and essential virtue after which all others follow. In all spiritual traditions unless there be faith and belief, the light of wisdom’s fires and the fulfillment of love in all things does not ensue. Works alone do not allow us entrĂ©e into the kingdom of God, but inspired works of compassion born of spiritual know- ledge and faith flow from a profound oneness of Spirit. 

Invoke the Light of all Seven Archeiai in this Rosary


By invoking the light of all seven archeiai in this rosary, we create a rainbow radiance, a cosmic aureole of God’s tender bless- ing around us. Our halos shine not only with the emerald color of Mary’s presence but with the specific pastel glory of each of these angelic mothers who can nurture us in many sublime ways. Thus, no matter what day of the week we choose to give this rosary, we can have access to all of the “seven sisters” whose manifestation of light complement each other in ways great and small. 

Singing our Prayers


We know that singing our prayers opens our hearts in a profound way, and we’ve been told that hymns of praise invoke the presence of the angelic choirs. In this rosary we pray to the nine choirs of angels, each of these focusing a specific aspect of God’s radiance at a different level of vibration in the heaven world. Some choirs live and move and have their being closer to the Godhead while others work more closely with mankind. By attuning to each choir’s specific purpose and work, we can more readily expand our own consciousness to the level of these angelic beings. And thereby they, too, may work more closely with us.

In both “The Lord’s Prayer” and the prayers to the seven archeiai that are patterned after the “Hail Mary,” we use the Middle English renditions of thee, thou and thy, honoring the ancient tradition of praying in the less familiar and more reveren- tial style. The archangels and archeiai often dictate through the messengers using an older vernacular, probably because they them- selves have been alive as long as the Ancient of Days! We’ve added the English version of the name of God—I AM THAT I AM—to “The Lord’s Prayer.” And we witness to the union of the archangels and archeiai as twin flames; for, like the Elohim, they are also a plurality in a unity. Many of us who have dedicated our lives to the service of mankind are actually embodied angels, and thus we easily resonate with these beautiful presences that are often so close at hand to us though we often know it not. By cosmic law they cannot act within our dimension unless we invoke them by intention. Now you have in the following pages a means of communing with these wonder- flu friends of light and entering into their world of cosmic grace in a simple, new way. 

May the angels go with you always! 

Your servant and messenger for the Seven Archangels and their Archeiai, 
David Christopher Lewis


Continuous Rosary





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