You Can Ascend to God

ascending wings to heaven

The Law of the Recycling of Energy

Returning to God is not the question. Everyone and everything will return to God eventually because everything is God. Remember, God is One. He is in us. We are in him. There is absolutely nothing that is not made from God’s substance because that is the only substance there is. God wants all of his creation back healthy and whole. So God wants you and me back home for all eternity.

There is no question that our energy will return to God, perfected and without flaw, because God’s body must ultimately be perfect and whole to exist eternally. There is no duality in God. God is only good. Within the good of God there is the polarity of Father and Mother, Spirit and Matter, but there is no duality. God is and has always been just one being, one energy and one substance.

Returning to God through the Ascension

The issue really is not returning to God but how we return. Do we return without identity or does our soul become immortal? The ascension is the soul’s complete liberation from the rounds of karma1 and rebirth. This means that the soul will not have to be reborn ever again. In the ascension process the soul becomes merged with her Solar Presence but still retains her unique attributes and personhood, just as God created her.

In the ascension the soul experiences freedom from the karmic pull of the earth and enters God’s eternal presence of total love, a love beyond any human understanding. The soul abides now as an ascended being in realms of the heaven world to continue growing and learning and serving.

A Question of Karma

God made us all creators in his image. Since he gave us the priceless gift of free will, our human creations—that which we think, say or do apart from divine inspiration—fall short of the glory of God. That is why human creations are temporary. Only God, or good, is eternal. The logical conclusion from these truths is that only what is good in each of us can survive to return to God.

At the end of our learning opportunities, our lifetimes spent here in the schoolroom of Earth, our “grades” are reviewed. Balancing our karma purifies our energy by raising it in vibration and frequency and making all that is less than God’s perfection just as perfect as it once was before we left our divine home. Only that portion of our identity that is perfect will continue to exist eternally. That means no ego trips to heaven! Ultimately, 100% of our karma will be balanced. And if not completed on Earth, the opportunity is given in heaven. That is a lot of work, but God helps us every step of the way.

What It Takes to Be a Candidate for the Ascension

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, we have been granted a mercy from God that if 51% or more of our karma has been balanced, we will make our ascension. We are more divine than human, and our identity will be retained in God to grow and evolve as a healthy part of the One. If at an end of any lifetime on Earth we are more ego than God, with less than 51% of our karma balanced, we will be unable to ascend. We will then be given an opportunity, another life, to try again to balance our karma and ascend.

No matter how slowly we learn, God will give us the opportunity to balance our karma and find reunion with the Father-Mother God. All it requires is a humble and contrite heart, willing to work toward perfection. The opportunity to try again is one of God’s greatest mercies.

Our Success Is God’s Success!

God can’t destroy himself; he can only change the form of his energy from imperfect to perfect once more. However, we must clean up our own messes. We remember from science, “Energy is never lost; it just changes form.” We can change the form of our energy with God’s assistance and a lot of hard work.

God is looking out for us, and he wants us to survive and thrive. He sends us teachers and loved ones and gives us unlimited learning opportunities. He has given us the gift of the violet light2 to accelerate the balancing of negative karma. Yes, God wants us to succeed. We are his children, the cells of his body. Our success is God’s success! We are all connected, so in the end the whole must be perfected.

Now we can throw out the lie that only a few are chosen to succeed and all the rest will burn in hell. We can throw out the lie that God is vengeful. The truth is only the few will fail because our Father in heaven wants us all to succeed and ascend. And even they will not suffer for an eternity. He bends over backwards to help us succeed. How long will it take for us to succeed? That is up to us.

His Mercy Endures Forever

God is forgiving, merciful and loving. Jesus’ story of the prodigal son3 illustrates the path of return. Our heavenly Father is always ready to receive us home in blessing and celebration, but it has to be our choice.

We can return, or ascend, to God in this life, but it takes commitment and focus. We must turn our eyes to God and never stop walking home and never give up! If we follow the path of loving service, we will find what we seek. We will return to God with our identity intact because we are love and God is love. We become what we put your attention upon. As we pray, meditate, and minister to God in our fellow man and the planet, we ascend toward home daily. God looks forward to our return.

  1. In Hinduism and Buddhism, karma is defined simply as “an action.” This action returns to the doorstep of its creator without fail either in this life of future embodiments. Harmless and compassionate actions bring blessing to its originator. Self-centered and thoughtless actions bring their painful lessons that through experience we may learn the results of all that we think, say and do. back to karma...
  2. The violet light is the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit. The seventh ray carries the qualities of mercy and freedom, forgiveness and joy. This sacred-fire energy works miracles in our lives, balancing negative karma from current and past lifetimes, lifting burdens and feelings of depression. Invoked through mantra, meditation, decree and song, it can be visualized as flames surrounding a person, a place or a situation. It has been called the “cosmic eraser” and the real “fountain of youth.” To read or download The Hearts Center affirmations and decrees to the violet light, visit our Prayers and Songs page, prayers 70.001 through 70.070. back to the violet light...
  3. Luke 15: 11-32 back to the prodigal son...

Rev. Brett Wallace
Denton, Texas