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 Peru Pilgrimage 2012 Pictures and Videos 
The Shift Has Happened...

Enjoy short video clips and a picture gallery of our Peru Pigrimage to Macchu Pichu, Cusco and Lake Titcaca. Junia Inez and Jorge Luis Delgado of Divine Adventures, and events coordinator, our lovely Holly Norton, organized our pilgrimage. If visiting Peru has been your dream, check out tour packages with Junia and Jorge on the Divine Adventure website!

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2012 Peru Pilgrimage

...And a Torch of Illumination Has Been Passed!

On December 21, 2012, during a ceremony at Lake Titicaca and simultaneously at the etheric retreat of the God and Goddess Meru above Lake Titicaca, Helios and Vesta moved on in cosmic hierarchy. Replacing them are the God and Goddess Meru, and replacing the God and Goddess Meru are Clare de Lis and Lanello. During this ritual, a torch of illumination was passed to the students of Clare de Lis and Lanello. 




 A Few Highlights of Our Sacred Journey to Lake Titicaca and Peru


Lake Titicaca Hearts Center Pilgrimage—Straw Island Hut


 Lake Titicaca—Reed Island Family 


 Getting on the "Dream Boat" on Lake Titicaca 

 Lake Titicaca—San Miguel Island


Waliki! Lake Titicaca Greetings to the Natives Who Live on the Island of Reeds

 Lake Titicaca— Children on the Island of Reeds


Getting Ready for the "Dream Boat" on Lake Titicaca

 Lake Titicaca Vendors outside Our Hotel


Boat Trouble on
Lake Titicaca!


Rough Seas on Lake Titicaca!


Lake Titicaca—Rough Seas! Yikes! 


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