Kuan Yin

on Mercy, Forgiveness and the Bodhisattva Path

By David Christopher Lewis



Softcover, 289 pages with 15 full color images

Kuan Yin shares her wisdom and love to move us forward to walk the bodhisattva path and fulfill our divine mission on Earth. She speaks of the grace and compassion of mercy, of how mercy is the greatest form of justice and how to accept the flame of mercy in our hearts as a transformative power and life-changing virtue.

“Mercy is required for true healing at all levels of consciousness. The mercy flame impels each being to see the divine within all. The voice of mercy-peace will help end war upon Earth even while mercifcul, compassionate communication is key to ending all conflict.”

Within these sixty poignant HeartStreams Kuan Yin unveils for all the mystical path of mercy, bodhicitta and bodhisattva love. You do not have to be a Buddhist to enjoy the Presence and powerful radiance of Avalokitesvara, another name for beloved Kuan Yin.

About the Author

David Christopher Lewis is a spiritual teacher, author, composer, and talk-radio contributor. He is the co-founder of The Hearts Center, a spiritual movement and community dedicated to helping people everywhere realize their highest potential. He conducts seminars worldwide and hosts regular online webinars and live broadcasts on diverse spiritual topics. For more information on his other published works, music CDs, broadcasts, and seminars, visit www.HeartsCenter.org.

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