2016 Healing Seminar

Meru University 1605
How to Heal Body, Soul, Heart and Mind
Hilarion and Francesca Overshine the Twin Cities with Healing Love

From Livingston, Montana, with
Simulcast to the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Held on October 29, 2016


This course was originally broadcast from Livingston with a simulcast to the Twin Cities. The master of the fifth ray of healing, Hilarion, and his newly ascended twin flame, Lady Francesca, overshined the Twin Cities and the planet with healing love. Through gifted clairaudient, teacher and author, David Christopher Lewis, you will experience the presence of Hilarion and Lady Francesca through their discourses and responses to questions posed by heartfriends.

Healing on a Personal and Planetary Level Is Yours to Experience

You will learn about the following in the video replays:

In Lady Francesca’s discourse:

  • How to be self-healers of our body and soul;
  • How to carry out our own self-correcting behaviors;
  • Understanding the soul in relation to our health and how to reclaim lost soul parts;
  • The importance of flexibility, mobility, exercise and diet;
  • Our body is a temple of the living God. Our soul is our individualized extension of the spirit of the living God;
  • How to treat our body with respect, reverence and love.

Other topics include:

  • Five different video clips to assist in our understanding of how the body works, with a simple key to help with better posture;
  • The importance of the energization exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda;
  • Dr. Modi’s work on soul retrieval.

In Hilarion’s discourse (with comments from Lady Francesca):

  • Your inner physician and healer;
  • The science of wholeness;
  • The relationship between God Self-realization and wholeness;
  • The importance of mastering God-control;
  • The importance of non-attachment; keys to an optimum transition from this life to the next;
  • Faith as the first gift of nine gifts of the Holy Spirit;
  • My faith is my acceptance of God within, God without, God in others and God all about;
  • Excerpt from the movie, The Robe, which showed a touching example of Jesus healing more than just the body;
  • Hilarion endorses Medical Medium, the book by Anthony William; David reads the endorsement from Hilarion’s HeartStream from April 6, 2016, Live Your Truth and Realize Your Godhood (link).



Hilarion, Lord of the Fifth Ray of Healing, and More

The Ascended Master Hilarion, Lord of the Fifth Ray of Science, Healing and Truth, holds a world balance for truth from his etheric retreat, the Temple of Truth, over the island of Crete. We know few of this master’s incarnations, but the three most prominent are as High Priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis; as Paul, beloved apostle of Jesus; and as Hilarion, the great saint and healer, and performer of miracles who founded monasticism in Palestine.

More on Hilarion

Hilarion’s Current Work for Humanity from the Ascended State

In a message from July 18, 2014, Hilarion explains his work for humanity...

“Dearest ones, as the healing wave now flows across the plains, the forests, the mountains, I am there within every healing modality that you choose to engage in to experience a greater level of wholeness within your body temple, within your emotional experience, your mind and especially your spirit. I am there through thick and thin for those who have chosen to behold God, to see through higher eyes the Source of all light and love within their hearts.

“I am there in your strivings, your tests and initiations so that you may prove the law of being; you may know, in eternality, the integrity of your True Self day by day, not as something that you simply read in books or hear that others have known; truly as that which you, as an integrated one, are realizing in the eternal Now, moment by moment.”


Lady Francesca’s Ministry

On April 6, 2016, Hilarion describes the healing ministry Lady Francesca and he are now accomplishing together on our behalf...

“Lady Francesca would like all to know, that when you pray for another, she is there extending her heart and her healing light to that one, or to many. For as my beloved, now one with me in Spirit, it is her great opportunity to accentuate the fires of the emerald ray through her healing ministry with me so that many more may return to a state of inner and outer equilibrium, harmony and balance, being ultimately restored unto their God Presence and oneness with their Source. This is her work, our work of the ages.”

Click here for her eBook, Heavenly Healing and Truffles of Truth: Teachings on Spiritual Wholeness Shared in the Etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters by Lady Francesca.

* A sacred experience of intimate communion with a live master, darshan often occurs in close proximity. It is the sharing of teaching through discourse and/or the answering of questions either by the presiding master or the devotees and by the radiation conveyed. Within The Hearts Center, the ascended masters desire aspirants to rise into their own Christic and Buddhic awareness to discern by the Holy Spirit the truths of higher gnosis through their own direct connection with their Presence, or Higher Self. Our dictionary of ascended master terms.


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