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Join us in Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta heartfriends welcome us back for our 2024 autumn equinox conference!  Start early on Wednesday evening with a free event at Soul Connections Community Room, a beautiful and comprehensive metaphysical store in the center of town. Soul-Raising Sessions with David are also available that day and scheduled times on Saturday.

As always beloved Saint Germain, spiritual sponsor of Mount Shasta, and other violet flame masters, will share alchemical wisdom through their HeartStreams during the conference. Get ready to celebrate, get ready to emanate, get ready to manifest light, light, light! 

Practice Solar Living with the Violet Ray Masters

Our morning sessions create a sacred space for superb teachings to ensue each day. Require a cosmic boost? The Divine Director provides it on the first full day of our event. On Friday, carpool to the mountain for a discourse by Virgo and God Tabor about how to become one with the earth.

A time for answers to our questions is provided as we darshan with beloved Kuan Yin on Saturday, including a special blessing by her for those present physically. Later that day, we receive from Holy Amethyst an archangelic infusion of violet solar light. On our final day, Sunday, Victoria shows us how to live eternally in the violet light. And there’s more--our time together at this conference is sealed with a Group Soul-Raising Session by the Holy Spirit! 

Celebrate Nature’s Beauty and Blessing 

Join us on Thursday morning for a trip to the Shasta Caverns. On Friday we’ll meet on the mountain’s Old Ski Bowl area to receive a discourse by David, overshined by Virgo and God Tabor. Later in the afternoon a picturesque and relaxed hike on Upper Panther Meadows Trailhead is planned. Castle Lake, a glacial formation surrounded by granite cliffs, will be our destination on Saturday. And on Friday through Sunday, each day begins with outdoor Paneurhythmy* at our venue, Jewel in the Lotus Retreat Center.

Commune with Heaven and Earth!

This is solar living—know oneness with heaven in the presence of the ascended masters and cosmic beings through their radiation and messages; know oneness with the earth by experiencing the natural beauty of this magical, mystical area. Come to Mount Shasta and commune with heaven and earth and with us!

*Paneurhythmy (pan-u-rith-mee) is a system of meditative movement set to sacred music, created and introduced by the Bulgarian master Peter Deunov between 1932 and 1942. In his own words, he describes this all-encompassing science by saying, “I have placed in your hands [Paneurhythmy], the key to my Teaching. If you dance the Paneurhythmy correctly, the positive forces of Nature will flow through you and connect you with one another and connect all of you with the unbounded Cosmic Circle of Great Beings.”



Lake Shasta Caverns

Thursday, September 12, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Tour time is 10:00 am. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to designated departure time. The boat departs right at the tour time -with no exceptions. If you arrive late, you may have to wait. Plan to arrive at the caverns no later than 9:30 am. If you are carpooling from Mount Shasta, meeting time is 8:00 am (location TBA). Please register in our store page. Registration is required before August 27, 2024. Inquire at events@heartscenter.org.

20359 Shasta Caverns Rd
Lakehead , CA


The two-hour tour includes boat, bus and tour guide. 

Adults (Ages 16 and up) $42

Juniors (Ages 7 to 15) $26

Children (Ages 3 to 6) $16

Baby-Toddler (Ages 2 and under) $0 

Please register in our store page. Registration is required before August 27, 2024. Inquire at events@heartscenter.org. 

Cave In to Your Curiosity!

Lake Shasta Caverns is a geologic adventure for your whole family. You will explore Lake Shasta on a catamaran, where your captain will act as a guide and inform you about the geography, formation, and natural beauty of the caverns.

Take part in a robust and comprehensive tour to see the caverns and lake in their glory. Along the way, you might see local animals, such as bald eagles, mountain lions, and black bears!

Old Ski Bowl and Panther Meadow Hike

Friday, September 13, 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Take a gentle hike on beautiful Panther Meadow, the rare sub-alpine meadow on Mount Shasta where Guy Ballard, aka Godfre Ray King, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain in August of 1930. We will walk an easy 1-mile trail across the meadow starting at the Upper Meadow Trailhead, elevation 7700 feet, and gradually descend alongside the cascading Panther Creek to Lower Panther Meadow.

Saturday, September 14, 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Castle Lake Hike

More information coming soon.

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