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“Still, as the spiral grew,
He left the past year’s dwelling for the new.”

- The Chambered Nautilus

It’s the Joy of Expanding Our Awareness ... Just like the Nautilus!

You are on the greatest journey of many lifetimes. Thanks for stopping here. We hope you’ll stay awhile.

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Your Buddha Nature

It could also be called your Christ nature. Inspired ascended master artists have created charts depicting our divine nature, our connection to God through our own I AM Presence. These charts have evolved through the decades.

Our version is called, “ Your Buddha  Nature.”

The Divine Feminine

A mother’s love heals all wounds and the age of the Divine Feminine is upon us. The feminine aspects of the Godhead bring comfort, hope, purity, wholeness. Models of the Mother Principle have come to us through various traditions, especially Hinduism. Two examples to begin your explorations: Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.

Our Hearts Center Heritage

Our movement continues in the lineage of spiritual communities whose goal is the Self-realization of each one serving in it. Today, many are discovering the joy and fulfillment of merging with their divine nature.

HeartStreams—Messages from Heaven for the Issues of Our Day

“HeartStream” is the name the ascended masters have given to the messages delivered through our community since its launch in 2005. You can search these messages by master, event, date, or topic in our HeartStreams Library.

The Holy Spirit

God did not leave us to our own devices after we descended into physical form so long ago. The ascended masters were empowered by the Holy Spirit to show us how to also receive that indwelling Presence. The Maha Chohan, whose name means “the Great Lord,” is the representative of the Holy Spirit in our ascended master tradition. In the Hindu religion Shiva takes on this role. He is called the destroyer of illusions.

Karma and Reincarnation

As certain as the seasons, as certain as the movement of our Earth around our sun, if we have karmic debts, we come back. And in the process of clearing our debts we learn and grow. The goal of all this divine education? The ascension!

The Magnificent Seven—The Lords of the Seven Rays

From El Morya on the first ray to Saint Germain on the seventh, getting to know these seven ascended masters is a wise step in your soul’s evolution.

And Then There’s Meditation—Zip the Lip, Stop the Thoughts, Be Still and Know

Communion with God as spoken prayer is vital. Yet, just as vital is meditation. The practice of meditation enhances our prayer work even as it deepens our relationship with the Divine. And of course, meditation can be guided and sometimes we can meditate on transcendent music.

Our Meditation Series

What Is a Messenger?

Since ancient times, some were chosen to speak for God—seers, oracles, the prophets of the Old Testament. The tradition continued when David Christopher Lewis was called by the Brotherhood in 2004 to take on this role and begin our community.

Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

Because of the intercession of the Master Saint Germain not so long ago, greater numbers of souls on Earth now have the knowledge of the use of the violet flame. The violet flame, an aspect of the Holy Spirit, delivers to mankind great mercy, forgiveness, joy and the soul-freedom we require today more than ever. In our community we have learned to also apply its action as violet-laser light and the radical forgiveness of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian teaching.

Sanat Kumara, Ancient Savior of Earth

“The Ancient of Days” of the Bible, called Dipamkara in Buddhism, Kartikeya in Hinduism, and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism, Sanat Kumara saved our Earth from destruction eons ago.

The Seven Rays and the Five Crystal Rays

In order to gain mastery in the use of the five crystal rays, we first move through the seven rays. This is how the path expands for us, empowers us to be of greater service. Dance through the rays with us!

Why Spoken Prayers?

Think of giving spoken prayers like being a cheerleader for all that is beautiful, holy, loving and joyful. When we give our prayers in community and through our broadcasts, it is like having a pep rally for God! Very powerful energy.

More On Prayer

The Threefold Flame

Touch your heart. It’s there. Feel it. The threefold flame is God, blazing within your physical form. This flame resides in the crystal chamber of your heart and animates you as you walk the Earth.

Twin Flames

When we descended into matter, we came with our loving, supportive other half, our twin flame. God knew we would require a cohort in this grand experiment called life. The Creator thinks of everything! Yes, every being has a twin flame. The twin flames of some masters, archangels and Elohim have been revealed through this and past ascended master communities. And one of the most noted in recent decades is the twin flame relationship of Jesus and Magda.

Jesus and Magda—Twin Flames, Twin Missionss

Universal Brotherhood of Light

We are covered. We are loved. Heaven teems with ascended masters, angels, other magnificent beings, also called the Great White Brotherhood, whose desire is to help us find our way back Home.

More About the Universal Great White* Brotherhood

*White refers to the color of the aura; it is unrelated to skin color.

Dictionary of Ascended Master Terms

From “Afra” to “Z-ray,” from concepts to mini-bios, we hope this ever-expanding dictionary will come in handy.

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