2020 Summer Event

The Hearts Center 2020 Summer Solstice Conference
Recreation through Mother Nature's Miracles
The Elohim's Blessings Are Now Yours!

Livingston, Montana      June 17-21, 2020
With David Christopher Lewis

The Seven Elohim Convey Nature’s Healing

Be re-created with the seven mighty Elohim by attending our summer conference this year! On Wednesday celebrate with us the fifth ray of healing found in nature’s beauty. In the morning at the Healing Light Retreat we’ll discover the wholeness we may access through nature’s emerald streams with Cyclopea and Virginia. In the afternoon, learn more about Permaculture with Mona and David and co-creating a place of divine encounters during In the Garden with Anastasia VI.

The Elohim of love, Heros and Amora, on Thursday will discourse on the miracles of love. And Peace and Aloha will bathe our planet in an extra measure of peace. After this blessing of tranquility from the Elohim of the sixth ray, light’s nurturing energy comes to us on the ray of purity with beloved Purity and Astrea. In the afternoon, U.S. Heartfriends Groups will update us on their local activities via Zoom.

The Prophet Dramatizations

The Prophet, the beloved classic written by Kahlil Gibran, will be dramatized by Raphael Fitch in three parts during the course of our conference.

Mantra Power!

After dinner, engage in the “Sounds of the Cosmos” workshop with Kathleen Karlsen. She will lead us in toning various bija, or "seed,” mantras—single-syllabled, primal, universal sounds. Learn how to connect to the forces of nature through the bija to remove deep-seated emotional patterns and karmic blockages.

More Elohimic Assistance

On Saturday, be with Hercules and Amazonia to create new worlds with them. Then Arcturus and Victoria will perform a planetary clearance with violet laser light. We will hear from The Hearts Center Council and then from our international heartfriends on Zoom. And of course, we hope Saturday evening finds you front and center for our annual talent show, always fun, always funny! A time to shine and share.

On Sunday, Apollo and Lumina will dazzle us with their teachings on ways to allow the Eternal Sun to dwell within us continually. At the magnificent conclusion of our conference enter Maximus and the Solar Lords of Cancer to maximize the light we have anchored in the Earth together and to maximize our lives with joy!

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Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
130 North 2nd St.
Livingston, MT 59047



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