A New Opportunity to Receive Upper Room Teachings
from the Ascended Masters

Melchizedek announced on May 20, 2022, that the masters desire to release higher level teachings through our messenger, David Christopher Lewis, to committed initiates of the sacred fire during specific broadcast services from Livingston. These Upper Room teachings will be high, mighty, refined and mystical inner teachings. They will provide a great blessing to help accelerate us to come up higher and to evolve, grow and expand during this time upon Earth when the energies are intense and planetary karma must be transmuted as we move from Pisces into the light of Aquarius and the Golden-Crystal Age.

In order to receive the upper room teachings during Livingston’s Wednesday morning broadcast services, the monthly Diamond-Crystal Purity Services on Friday evenings and a new monthly Saturday evening service, Melchizedek announced that only those who have fully committed themselves to God’s law of the tithe by tithing to The Hearts Center may attend. The master stated that these teachings may only be delivered to those who are fully committed to the path of initiation, to loving service to God, and to supporting our movement. In order to attend these services, you must have tithed for the past three months. If you have not done so, you may make a “catch-up tithe” to gain access. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are doing this.

These are the tithing requirements for heartfriends based on age, employment status and location:

  • I am tithing 10 percent of my net income
  • I am retired, pensioner on fixed income (Tithing what I can)
  • I tithe to my local chartered Hearts Center
  • No or low income in USA, Canada and Europe, (Minimum $33 per month)
  • No or low income all other countries (Minimum $3 per month)

This is the new tithing page in our store where heartfriends should now submit their tithes:


Blessed ones, every heartfriend who is not auto-tithing and desires to attend Upper Room services must go to this store page by July 25 to give your tithes or update your tithes so that you can access these services.

If you make regular donations that are not made specifically through the tithing store page or through auto-tithing, please begin to use the above tithe link to make your ongoing tithe in order to secure access to these services.

Log onto the website to access the upper room broadcast services: Everyone who is tithing has to log onto the website to attend the Upper Room Services. The broadcast access button that you normally use to access the live broadcast will indicate access to the broadcast for tithers. If you are a tither and you do not log on to the website you will not have access to the service.

In order to check if you will have access to the service on July 27, log on and check your tither status in your account profile page under your name.

These services will not be broadcast on YouTube. If you do not have a log in account for our website at www.heartscenter.org, please create one immediately.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at directors@heartscenter.org before Tuesday July 26 at 3 pm MT.

Blessings of Light and Love,

Claire, Boyd and Charles
Directors of Operation