2016 Summer Meru University Events

2016 Summer Meru University Events

In the Garden with Anastasia III (June 16)


Maitreya Initiates Disciples in the Arts of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mirth: The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love

(June 17-20)

Livingston, Montana

With David Christopher Lewis

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Permaculture Montana-Style with Anastasia

Permaculture front and center! Breathe in the fresh Montana outdoors all day Thursday, June 16, while you learn more about amazing Permaculture techniques, shared by Mona and David. They invite you to their beautiful property, beginning at 10:00 am, to experience...

  • Creating polyculture food forests
  • The importance of planting as Nature desires
  • The optimal way to position, transplant, water and mulch
  • A special circle of love prayer to the elemental kingdom
  • A gratitude meditation and Paneurhythmy
  • Darshan with Anastasia

The morning practicum with Mona will begin with a tour of the property. This year we will co-create a food forest—with the elementals. So be prepared. Bring along your jeans and a sun hat.

In the afternoon, Anastasia will darshan through David, sharing first her teaching on the power of Permaculture to achieve planetary transformation. And there will be time for you to ask her questions.

Aquarian Living Now! Co-Create with Nature

Take advantage of this hands-on opportunity to learn more about co-creating with Nature as an entrance to the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius. Get to know Anastasia and feel her desire to reconnect us with our true identity as one with Mother Earth and all of the elemental kingdom.

For more information on Anastasia and Permaculture, visit our Forum. Look for these forums:

  • Who Is Anastasia?
  • Meru 1306 In the Garden with Anastasia
  • Meru 1405 In the Garden with Anastasia II

Welcome to Summer Solstice with Lord Maitreya

For your next four days, June 17-20, enter summer solstice with Lord Maitreya, who, with Manjushri, Padma Sambhava, Gautama and Kartikeya, will tutor you in mindfulness and meditation. They will remind you in new and creative ways to experience mirth daily and the laughter of the Buddhas. And they will share keys to help you walk the Aquarian path of love victoriously. Come meditate and feel the joy that wells within because you have tapped into inner peace, inner stillness, because you are connecting with the Compassionate One.

Our Venue--An Historic Old-West Town, Nestled in Snow-Capped Mountains

If you have never been to Livingston before, its Old West charm will delight you. At the doorstep of Yellowstone National Park and on the banks of the Yellowstone River, Livingston is surrounded with natural beauty. As backdrop to this idyllic town, the Absaroka and Gallatin ranges make certain that just about everywhere you gaze, snow-capped peaks will greet you.

There’s More!

During our event we’ll also...

  • Learn and dance the Paneurhythmy with expert instruction from Boris Mitov.
  • Find out what is happening locally and internationally, as our groups and our council share updates.
  • Visit the Healing Light Retreat and experience the amazing vaastu temple there.
  • Hike some mountain trails and enjoy Chico Hot Springs.
  • Entertain each other at our annual talent show. (Yes, you should begin preparing your act right now!)

So, along with your meditation rug and prayer books, pack your hiking shoes, swimsuit, sun hat and backpack. Lots of fun indoors and outdoors awaits you at our summer solstice events!

Talent Show – Submit Your Entries by May 20!

Jubilant Jewels and Mirthful Melodies

Please consider entering a spiritually uplifting, G-rated (God-rated) act into our Talent Show—songs, dance, musical instruments, humor, skits and poetry are all welcome. All acts must be 5 minutes or less and will be reviewed in advance. Send a description of your act with the script/words/music as applicable, the time, the title, and your name to talentshow@heartscenter.org  by May 20. First come, first serve! Acts will be accepted until we reach the 90-minute time limit for our show. The talent show program will be printed prior to the conference.

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Images for In the Garden with Anastasia III

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Program for Maitreya Initiates Disciples

Program for In the Garden with Anastasia III


Testimonials from This Event

My greatest take away from my experience at the Heart Center was reconnecting with my long lost friends on this spiritual journey. There is so much love and oneness here. I got a sense of purpose and confidence that the masters are continuing to bless love and work with us on saving the planet as we have vowed to do when we came with Sanat Kumara.I also got a sense that the masters are even closer to us than ever before. I felt so at home that I wanted to stay but I know that my family needs me as there is much work to be done here and with God's grace and this new found oneness of community in the light I feel that nothing is impossible because it is not me but God that is doing the work. I know now that I am not alone.

I found that this is a community of light workers who has a direct connection with the masters and all the hosts of heaven ready willing and most capable of saving our beloved earth. That this community is real and the masters are real and we as humans need their help and intersession to do the work that God can save the world with the help of his servants the masters and the angels in heaven but they need us who are on this physical plane to be their heart hand and feet to manifest in the physical that which is possible in the spiritual. We as humans cannot do this alone. We need the love wisdom and power of those who have the unlimited access and abilities to do the work.— D.M


Seldom during this sojourn does one find the opportunity to dip into the consciousness of Pure Divine Love. So was this opportunity, as one was willing to open to the Heart of the Masters.—D.K.


Keep meditating! This was a fantastic class with the group meditation for 30 minutes at the beginning of the day. Much was accomplished! And we were told how much we can continue to accomplish with divine beings in our times of silent meditation. Paneurhythmy is beginning to take on a more spiritual aspect now. Boris was fantastic--at teaching and at modeling the spirituality of Paneurhythmy. I pray that our community will one day have the reverence for it that he does.

It was great that other masters and cosmic beings came besides the ones on the program. Expect the unexpected. The Buddha of the Maxin Light came because he said we magnetized him during our meditation. And Alpha and Omega came because our meditation reached the Great Central Sun! Amazing! I would also add that you can't even imagine all the light, love and graces that you receive when you come. Mother Mary assisted in the retrieval of  our lost soul parts. How valuable is that? .—L.H.


We had a chance to be together with like-minded heart friends to take it. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know one other as well as serve in the light in a more powerful way than being at home listening and watching on the broadcast.—C.H.


There are so many great experiences for me---how does one choose? Here are a few I remember at this time:  We were given a golden sheath around our aura. Teachings: Loving Kindness is the key to all healing and wholeness. Loving Kindness flows on waves.  All of us are empowered to give the wave blessings to all of life. The love and camaraderie shared between all those present. This conference was the best by far! I will listen to the replays to recall all the other teachings and blessings we were given.—R.L.


I felt like I was a different person after the coming of the Buddha of the Maxin Light.  I knew that I was changed in some way.—A.R.