“I suggest that when you call upon and ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that first and foremost within each gift you also ask for the flame of charity to house that gift, to be, as it were, the box that within the present of love of that gift may be ensconced and utilized by your soul for your work.”

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Become an Instrument of the Holy Spirit!

A Deeper Understanding of the Purposes of the Holy Spirit

Blessed hearts of fire, I come to release unto you elements of the Holy Spirit, for you, through your spiritual practices, have come to that point of being able to not only garner more of the elements of the Holy Spirit within you but may, as it were, function as emissaries and breathers of the light of heaven.

I am Paracletus, and you have not known me as an ascended master until this day. But I am one of the representatives of the blessed Holy Spirit, having ascended in the 1800's, having served the Lord Jesus and with Saint Paul and in subsequent embodiments working for and on behalf of the Holy Spirit. I come this day to give you a little more of an understanding of the purposes of the Holy Spirit which I have gleaned in my service to life.

Faith and Purity

Blessed ones, the faith that is required for one to be emboldened by the power that comes when the Spirit of the Lord is upon you is truly great. And thus, those who desire the empowerment of the Holy Spirit must maintain certain standards of purity whereby the light and fire of the divine world, ever present with them, does descend in answer to the call. Those who maintain, through holiness and through their tie to the Great Spirit of Light within all, the inner radiance of fire, may be distributors of that Spirit when called upon by the Lord to give to the children of men some empowerment, some action of healing or grace.

And this is what it is necessary for many heartfriends in this hour to understand and to become more fully. As instruments of God, you may wield great energies. And therefore the channels of your consciousness must be cleared such that nothing of the human is transferred heart-to-heart to those who come for healing or nourishment. The Holy Spirit, as a fiery messenger of God, does appear here and there chastising and impelling mankind higher through the fire that he brings.

Humility, Devotion and Constancy

Those who cannot sustain within them a certain action of humility and oneness with God through devotion, through constancy, may not have the full empowerment of his Spirit. Those of you who have proved that you are constant through your daily attendance at these services have felt, gradually welling up from within you, a greater energy, a greater sustaining of the action of the fire of the Sun Presence of God. And therefore you are gaining in your ability to maintain those spiritual fires and graces within your aura and forcefield, or "flowfield," such that when the time arises for the transfer to occur, you may be as Jesus, a conduit and an electrode for the energies of God to be transferred heart-to-heart for the sacred work at hand.

Become a Lattice of Fire

Blessed ones, you know not the hour when you will be called upon to be the instrument. And therefore, is it not wise to always maintain that presence of Godly love and humility such that when the beggar comes or the child in need or the mother whose sorrow is great from some loss, you will be attuned to the exact frequency of that Holy Spirit that would come forth through your chakras, through your hands? I say that the adepts and those who understand the spiritual bodies of man and how the transfer does occur through the I AM Presence streaming through the chakras, the heart, the secret rays, can truly change the molecules and atoms of individuals and even societies when, through the grace of beingness, you are simply a lattice of fire through whom that Holy Spirit may work.

The Anointing of Spiritual Fire

I was graced to be tutored personally by Paul who did convey to me understandings of the heaven world which he perceived through his meditation upon the heart of Jesus, the fiery spirit of Jesus. And having been taken up, even to the seventh heaven, he was able to commune with ascended beings and angels who did impart unto him many of the inner mysteries which are evidenced in the epistles, the letters that he wrote to the churches. I was there, often glorying in the great light that I saw blazing in his world, blessed ones. For even in that hour I, too, received a certain empowerment. And when I was anointed by Paul, from that day forward I, too, was able by the grace of God to convey spiritual fire for the blessing of many whom I contacted in that life.

Lifetime upon lifetime, subsequently, I did retain the inner memory of that experience whereby through devotion in one or a number of religious activities, I was able to continue the mission of anchoring within the Earth more of the flame of the Holy Spirit through revelation and through the empowerment that did come.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Gift of Faith

Each of you has the opportunity to receive at least one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in this life. Some are called through faith to convey the empowerment of souls to lock into the glory of oneness with God through that faith and belief.

The Gift of the Word of Wisdom

Some through wisdom as teachers receive dispensations of grace for the conveyance of the yellow fires of spiritual gnosis, giving points of the law in those specific doses that souls may understand, retain and thereby grow in understanding.

The Gift of the Word of Knowledge

Some through knowledge, not only of the higher world but of this world, can convey unto mankind very practical measures for the ennoblement of the spirit in the affairs of mankind, bringing the culture of the Mother into a greater fruition in the world of form. For you see, God is practical and needs those even within the governments and societies who will be the applicators of the flame of the Holy Spirit in practical and proper ways.

The Gift of Healing

Those who have the gift of healing see with crystal clarity what is required for souls to receive elements of their own God-consciousness imparted through heart, head and hand through the many modalities that are available but principally through the element of flow that does occur through the chakras and the systems of the body whereby the gift of the Holy Spirit, conveyed through a simple action of touch and through a purity of heart, can be one which does truly heal not only the soul and the spirit but the body itself.

The Gift of Prophecy

Those who have the gift of prophecy as seers of the inner workings of the Spirit within the affairs of mankind and in the lives of individuals do prophesy of not only future events within the now of their perception but convey through that prophecy hope, understanding and the stretching of souls toward the goal of oneness with the divine.

Often this prophecy may be one in which mankind is warned of impending circumstance for the return of karmic energies in their worlds. And so, through the warning, mankind may, through humility and the abasement of the human elements of self, come into a greater oneness with the Divine and thereby avert calamity and prophecy that is given.

The Gift of Tongues

Some through tongues may understand the nature of God's ability to convey fire and teaching to all manner and level of consciousness of those abiding upon this planet. For you see, blessed ones, through the various cultures and nations and peoples there is no one thought process or religion that can fully embrace all. Except through the action of the Holy Spirit, the light of God is conveyed to the specific vibration and level of consciousness of all. This one gift is truly the most misunderstood of all of those of the Holy Spirit. And I would reserve to a future time a greater understanding of this specific gift which I was privy to understand through my meditation upon the great LORD himself.

The Gift of the Interpretation of Tongues

Through interpretation of tongues the edification of souls is brought forth. And therefore this gift, very special, is reserved for those who, through the garnering of the action of the secret rays through insight and spiritual vision and understanding can convey to mankind the subtleties of the law, the workings of the law within the body of believers. And therefore through the teaching conveyed through this interpretation, souls are truly raised in consciousness through the science of divine reasoning.

Doctors of the Spirit, doctors of the law within the Church are those who often had this gift. For they were able to divide the word toward the very discreet and specific actions that were required within their day unto many souls to understand how that Spirit of God did move and breathe in the affairs of men.

The Gift of Charity

As you know, blessed Paul spoke of charity and how this gift, in and of itself, of the Holy Spirit was the greatest of all gifts. And so, blessed ones, I suggest that when you call upon and ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that first and foremost within each gift you also ask for the flame of charity to house that gift, to be, as it were, the box that within the present of love of that gift may be ensconced and utilized by your soul for your work.

The Gift of Discernment

Discernment, discrimination of all is the gift most needed by mankind in this hour. For, blessed ones, many voices are speaking throughout the earth. And to divide what is real and true, to discern whether the spirit that is speaking through one or another is truly one that comes from the highest point of reality that works for you and your soul toward acceleration of consciousness is what is required. For even one misstep along the path may be grievous for a soul. And if byways are taken that lead one not to the rivers of eternal life but to founts [of discarnates and those moving out of the astral plane], it may at times cost one a number of lifetimes to return to that point wherein that one may rise almost effortlessly into the divine embrace through the gift of grace that comes through the flame of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, call for discernment, discrimination and determination as the threefold flame of this gift and, through your attunement, listening, being still, meditating upon the heart of Jesus or the heart of any ascended master and even the heart of your own divine Presence, you may always have the answer conveyed in a very simple but practical way so that you will know the next step to take on your pathway home.

Teach the Youth

I have given you, blessed hearts, an overview in a very short time of the elements of these nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. Take this lesson. Translate it for your youth. Give them the teaching that, even at a tender age like Mark Prophet, they may call upon the Holy Spirit for blessing and grace.

And I suggest that you not wait until the twelfth year of their lives but convey this understanding earlier such that these young children may have a certain empowerment, discrimination and understanding such that when they move through their teenage years, they will have the wherewithal to survive the forces of darkness that would come to steal from them the purity of their souls, the virginity of their consciousness, the chastity of the cosmic light that glows within their hearts and beings and allow many more among mankind to move swiftly toward the divine estate that is naturally theirs through acceptance of the graces that come through prayer and fasting, through service to life, meditation on the one God and, most importantly, love and the expression of that love through charitable works.

Call to Paracletus and the Maha Chohan

You may call upon me, Paracletus, to assist you in your work and service to life. And I will come when you also call upon the Lord, the Maha Chohan, for I am still in his service. And often, unbeknownst to mankind, when he is about certain great work, I go as his representative to work especially with those in the Christian churches who are not quite yet ready for the full intensity of his power and flame, for he is truly a noble one that few can withstand. And so I am, as it were, almost a step-down transformer of his fire to deliver unto many an aspect or a portion of his flame at the level in which they can receive it.

I am with you always as your friend, your brother, even your mentor if you would have me, blessed ones. I seal you in the fire of the Holy Spirit this day for your sacred service to life. Go to the nations and tell them with Mark, with Lanello, the truth. And I will speak through you as you convey cosmic truths with Hilarion also at your side.

Thank you, blessed ones, for the privilege of speaking with you through this messenger.

—Beloved Paracletus through David C. Lewis, July 10, 2006

[Messenger’s comment: During this dictation Paracletus did not address the spiritual gift of miracles, but he desires to do so in a future discourse. Charity is highlighted as a gift, for as he says, it is an overarching fire in which all of the gifts should be ensconced.]


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