Join one of our Hearts Center teams!

Broadcast Team
Make amazing live prayer services happen.
Events Team
Coordinate life-changing spiritual retreats.
Creative Arts Team
Make uplifting and inspiring videos, music, and art.
Web Presence Team
Create inspiring web pages and touch people with social media.
HeartShare Team
Connect with heartfriends across the U.S.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for The Hearts Center benefits you by...

  1. Giving you the opportunity to co-create with God and heartfriends the projects that assist in blessing life, fulfilling your mission as well as The Hearts Center's vision and mission.
  2. Developing in you new skills in areas of transcribing, audio and video editing, working with social media, and more.
  3. Honing your communication abilities and a team work ethic, patterning the way our ascended masters collaborate on projects on our behalf.
  4. Enjoying discounts on our store products and services.
  5. Creating for yourself lots of good karma!

Where to Start

If you desire to get involved but aren't sure where to start, reach out to us at volunteer@heartscenter.org. Alternatively, explore our teams below and see which one might be a good fit for you!

Volunteer Today!

NEW Volunteer Opportunity – Youth Team

The year 2024 is the Year of the Child and all Hearts Centers are youth- and family-friendly!” Would you like to join to make this happen? We are looking for hearts, heads and hands to aid in the spiritual education and nurturing of young souls coming into our movement. You can help to make our resources, broadcasts and events be more youth-friendly! Please volunteer if you have skills such as teaching, curriculum writing/designing, scriptwriting; if you have graphic arts experience, musical talent, experience in coordinating children's programs. Contact youth@heartscenter.org.

Our Teams

Broadcast Team

Our team of wonderful volunteers hosts internet broadcasts mornings, and some afternoons and evenings. Broadcasters provide both an audio and video platform for devotional offerings, presentations by guest speakers, and live messages from the ascended masters through David Christopher Lewis.

We have a super team. Every broadcaster is loving, dedicated and dynamic! And what a way to assist the ascended masters and all cosmic beings to beam forth light. Broadcasting is a great way to balance our personal and planetary karma. Check us out. No prior experience required. Contact volunteer@heartscenter.org for more information.

Web Presence Team

We create inspiring web pages and play with social media to keep all heartfriends informed and happy. It’s a service to the community that is colorful and fun! Learn social media, SEO, and best practices for websites.

Email us at volunteer@heartscenter.org for opportunities. If you have feedback for the website, message Anthony below:

Anthony R / Website Designer
  • feedback@heartscenter.org

Events Team

The Events Team plans and coordinates Hearts Center conferences. Looking for excitement? You can assist in planning events in different cities globally and make new friendships with spiritual seekers from around the world! Email Zully at events@heartscenter.org . 

See our current opportunities.

HeartShare Team

We share the ascended masters’ teachings via a free monthly Zoom teleclass to help students gain more understanding of their reason for being. It is our desire to see new heartfriends become so enthusiastic about their spiritual growth that they will want to learn more. Volunteer with us and you will learn to pray, sing and share with others all over the United States. Reach out to Barbara at 972-768-8319 or heartshare@heartscenter.org.

Meru University

Fun high-tech and low-tech volunteer opportunities await! Volunteer to assist our course managers and other Meru University staff and earn participation scholarships. Are you organized, detail-oriented? Do you possess basic computer skills? Then this is a perfect opportunity for your gifts! For more information contact Claire at MUregistrar@meruuniversity.org.

Creative Arts Team

We are looking for volunteers who have experience creating digital art and/or creating art videos, also some knowledge of still and video art editing. Interested? We hope so!

Email creativearts@heartscenter.org.

HeartStream Transcribing Team

This team transcribes audio recordings of our ascended master dictations, discourses and darshans, our HeartStreams, into documents. These transcriptions are used for personal study directly from our HeartStreams Library and for use in our print publications. You might choose to do word-for-word transcribing. Or perhaps cleaning up auto-transcribed material may be more your calling. 

Those of us on this team joyfully acknowledge that communing with the masters as we transcribe their words is a phenomenal experience as well as a great service. Those who step forward to do this work are truly blessed! Contact volunteer@heartscenter.org for more information.

Volunteer in the Spotlight

Meet Donna Drigan

I found the ascended masters teachings in late October of 1987. Since that day the Teachings have come to be the most important element in my life. 

Professionally I had focused on art and history and taught art for many years. Since retiring I have gradually become a full-time volunteer for The Hearts Center.

As part of the communication team, I contact inquirers by telephone and email. From the inception of the broadcast, “Prayer Vigil for The Divine Economy of America and All Nations of the Earth,” I have helped to lead prayers every Tuesday during this broadcast, beginning at 7:00 pm ET. I also am a representative on behalf of the United States for our International Coucnil. We have a meeting and a broadcast every month. As a team member of HeartShare teleclasses, I help Barbara with the class and keep in contact with those who attend.

I have more time to give than most and I give it happily. A teacher at heart, I have found nothing more important to do than support the mission of The Hearts Center and share the love-wisdom teachings of the ascended masters with the world.