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The Power of Positive Spoken
(and Sung) Prayers, Decrees, Affirmations, and Chants

People have been praying since time immemorial to bring divine intercession into their lives. In the religious and spiritual traditions of all cultures, prayer has been the cornerstone of aspirants’ practices to draw them to God. And that prayer has taken many forms, whether given silently, spoken, or sung.

In the East, devotees have been chanting mantras for thousands of years. Monks and churchgoers have been singing canticles, hymns, and psalms for centuries. And, of course, many pray in the silence of their hearts and in meditation. So, what is the difference, if any, between silent and spoken prayer?

Prayer and the Sacred Science of Sound

Sound has power! Science has been gradually catching up with what the ancient mystics intuited and implemented millennia ago about the power of sound to create positive change and transformation. The vibratory frequencies of sound are now being used in the medical world to create healing at the cellular level, to enhance cognition, to speed bone repair, to balance hormones, and to relieve pain, to name just a few of its benefits. When it comes to prayers, vibration and frequency can augment their power—in a significant way.

The understanding and use of the science of invocation through the spoken word has become more prevalent in recent years among various spiritual schools. Many devotees of the ascended masters who have been using this practice have experienced its ability to manifest tangible change in their lives. Although we can say the words within the silence of our souls in deep, reverent contemplation upon the divine ideal, we can also choose to animate what we aver by lighting the wick of our intent with the fire and power of the spoken word. This launches our intention, through pure desire, high into the etheric planes.

In the Bible, the Lord God says: “Command ye me.” (Isaiah 45:11) Jesus spoke powerfully when he cast out demons, healed, and raised people from the dead. He said, “Lazarus, come forth!” and Lazarus arose. (John 11:43) This was a command using light, which we can emulate.

As sons and daughters of God, we are vested with the authority to invoke His/Her blessings when we consciously and lovingly speak the name I AM— the name that the Lord gave to Moses from the burning bush. (Exodus 3:14-15) The masters tell us that each of us has been endowed with an individualized Self comprised of this pure beingness of God, our I AM Presence, and therefore we can bring the ancient art of the science of holy prayer to a new level of manifestation through the power and intention of this divine Presence.

See the depiction of the individual Divine Presence, or Solar Presence, in “The Buddha Nature Chart” on our website. The radiating color spheres surrounding the top figure in the chart attempt to capture the glory of this individualized God Self that we are. They teach that when given with devotion and humility, spoken prayer can be more effective than silent prayer in bringing about physical transformation, because the energy of our prayer is anchored in the physical plane through the throat chakra. When we use the I AM name of God, it coalesces divine light within our dimension and level of existence. Divine beings and angelic presences, empowered by our affirmations and heartfelt requests, respond by streaming forth their light into our world—and this can facilitate change within matter itself.

The Purpose of Prayer

There is a divine formula that states “as Above, so below.” When we understand the dynamic of this celestial equation within our terrestrial experience, we can draw forth the energies of Spirit into Matter. This is the purpose of prayer: to bring the kingdom of heaven tangibly upon the earth. The flowering of sound through the tonal qualities of each alphabetic utterance of words and combinations of words, as mantras, is for the purpose of extending the voice of God into our world. As initiates of the ascended masters, we can wield this power of God through our voice, through our words, in order to rekindle in this world what is divinely benign, beautiful, and bountiful.

The Hearts Center website offers many resources to help you begin practicing the science of the spoken word, including meditations, prayers, and songs.

Invoking God’s Transforming Presence

Invocative prayer first convokes the Presence of God’s beingness where we are through calling upon the name of God, I AM. As co-creators with God, we engage our throat chakra as we speak the Word in prayers, mantras, decrees, and songs. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means “wheel” and refers to the spinning centers of energy within us that receive and emanate the flow of light from our God Presence. When the flow of that Word comes through our throat chakra, we step down the frequencies of the Godhead and tie into the perfection of that pure vibration of light.

An artist's representation of the throat chakra.

Our prayers, mantras, and songs are available free of charge on our website. To access them, click here.

The transformative power of prayer manifests as this higher tonal resonance of the Godhead vibrates within our being at all levels—through every cell, every system, every chakra and meridian—revivifying our life and then, in turn, blessing all life. As the beautiful aspects of the Godhead, with all its virtues and divine qualities, flow through us in a pure stream of light, we are moved into higher consciousness day by day.

Our Holy Work as Intermediaries

Some think of prayer only as a petition to the Divine, whereby they request gifts and graces and things of the Earth. Yet mature sons and daughters of God understand that God’s Word, the Logos, may flow through them as Solar light, may emanate through their being as a blessing and a bestowal of the gifts and graces of heaven unto the earth. This is what happens as we move through our day performing our sacred work when our chakras are creating these divine tonal frequencies. As these energies are emitted from within us, everyone who comes within our auric field receives their blessing. And when we pray for any situation affecting our lives or the planet, those prayers become a sacred offering of the lightenergy of our being.

It is one thing to speak with the human voice. It is another to emanate the light through the Word that we have become, so that through the words that we speak, light is manifested through our throat chakra in resonance with the divine harmonic of the Word of the Logos—the living light-energy of the Divine One. By drawing down the divine currents of light from the very Presence of God through our consciousness, we may act as intermediaries, as electrodes of light for many—with great joy, love, and compassion for all life.

Devotion and Harmony: The Keys to Prayer Power

To maximize the potential of our spoken prayers to recreate us day by day, there must be a vibration of reverential devotion, harmony, and divine sublimation that manifests through our whole being. The quantity of transformative power that we have access to through our prayers is directly related to the quality of our heart emanations and divine vision, our ability to ground that energy within the environment in which we abide, and our deep inner harmony. Each of us is an orchestra of many vibrations through the constantly spinning petals of our chakras, which vibrate and whirl at different rates. As we purify our consciousness by meditating upon the perfection within the core of each chakra and feel the godliness within these sacred centers, we can employ the science of mantric sound emanations to resonate through these divine contact points. This internal orchestra has the capacity to play with great synchronicity, harmony, and beauty. Yet if one or another chakra is sluggish, not quite spinning at its true, divine rate, then our prayers, songs, and mantras will not affect the highest transformative action within us. This resonance must be matched on the personal level as well—mentally, emotionally, and physically. Before directing our energies into world situations through our prayers, it is important to achieve a certain balance and harmony within and a stronger connection to our Source so that we do not send out untoward energies to the planet. The more we resolve any conflicts, dissonance, or dis-ease within us, the more freely the divine Word can flow through us each time we open our mouths and hearts to pray.

Practicing the Science of the Spoken Word

The masters have shared that about 70 percent of the effectiveness of our spoken prayer depends on our vision. Therefore as we pray, it is important to use our higher vision to visualize and hold within our mind’s eye patterns and thoughtforms of beauty, grace, perfection, and even cosmic and geometric forms that vibrate with the vitality of the Spirit. It is also essential that we maintain heart-centeredness and an intensity of feeling in effusing love through our prayers to empower our vision and invite the angels to come and infuse that vision with spiritual fire.

As we give our prayers, we see, believe, and feel that what we are saying is a reality now. We are not asking it to happen—it is happening. We are decreeing it into manifestation, just as when a king proclaims an edict or a decree and says, “This is the way it is going to be.” That is why we call many of the dynamic spoken prayers we give decrees. Of course, we do this in a loving way, not like an impatient parent who tells a child, “Clean up your room!” We are collaborating with God and saying: “God, this is what I see manifesting now, and I AM accepting it into reality with all the love of my heart.” For instance, when you pray for someone to be healed using the I AM name of God, you feel the stream of that lovelight-energy pouring through your being, empowered by your deep desire for that person to be made whole.

When you see yourself as an instrument of the Divine One—whereby every decree and mantra is a holy song and offering gently and lovingly expressed, and joyfully and heartfully rendered with great presence of mind, peace within the solar plexus, and power flowing through the throat chakra—your prayers will be joyful and highly effective! That which you offer as your voice is a part of the expression of the totality of who you are. And as you evolve in consciousness, your co-creativity and the magnanimous offerings through your voice may more fully represent the attainment that you are securing and the great love, wisdom, and power that you are upholding as you meditate upon the light and also emanate that light. Keep in your consciousness that you are a world change

Spoken Prayers, Mantras, and Songs

While it is important to meditate and go deep within ourselves to experience mystical union with God, spoken prayers, mantras, and songs are ways in which we can draw that light into the physical plane. When we pray, we are talking to God; when we meditate, we are listening to God—and both are important.

Decrees are power prayers spoken aloud. Many of the decrees given in The Hearts Center have rhythm and they rhyme—they are like powerful poems. When you speak your mantras and prayers, it doesn’t have to be done loudly; you can speak them softly.

Each decree is associated with one of the colors of the seven rays, or aspects, of God, which you can visualize as you give the decree, seeing that color swirling and performing all the actions that you envision. These rainbow rays are also endowed with their particular energetic God-qualities:

  • First ray: Blue—will, faith, and power
  • Second ray: Yellow—wisdom and understanding
  • Third ray: Pink—divine love, compassion, and beauty
  • Fourth ray: White—purity, holiness, and oneness
  • Fifth ray: Green—wholeness, truth, abundance, and music
  • Sixth ray: Purple and gold— service and sacrifice to all of life
  • Seventh ray: Violet—forgiveness, mercy, joy, and freedom

    By your conscious application of the spiritual technologies inherent within the science of the spoken word through mantras, chants, prayers, and decrees, and by the increased melodic resonance that can be experienced during the singing of devotional songs, your aura can become charged and recharged with solar fire and light

    The Power to Recreate Your World

    The mystery of creation exists within the spoken word. For God himself declared: “Let there be light!” and God herself echoed the refrain, “and there was light.” You can claim this same perfection of creation anew each day for yourself and for the world as you give your own affirmations in the following, or a similar, way:

    Let there be light here and now within me, O God. Let there be light upon our Earth where darkness has temporarily abided. Let there be light within my cells to heal me of all that is less than my perfected state of being. Let there be light in my thoughts and feelings so that these may always be worthy of who I AM as a son/a daughter of God. Let there be light within the centrosome of every cell of my being as I manifest my divine consciousness this day and emanate my God-beingness through my Higher Self, my Solar Presence. The power of I AM prayers is here and available to save the nations if lightbearers everywhere will simply believe in the power of God to make them so through their faith.

    Stake Your Claim to Light in Your World When you affirm anything in the I AM name— which stakes your claim to light in your world— pause for a moment after your statements; close your eyes if necessary, and feel the fire manifest through those affirmations, decrees, invocations, or fiats; and then accept them as now manifest. This little pause in time will allow the Holy Spirit to proceed gently yet victoriously through the stream of divine love into your world to grace you and grace the Earth with the light of God that always, always, always prevails. Prayers, as you know, are entreaties to the Divine. They are conversations with God. And this word entreaty is interesting because it is a now-treaty; it is an agreement. And when you make that pact with God, God fulfills his/her end of the bargain, and so must you. In other words, the prayer does not end when you make that entreaty to God. You must also see yourself in the mode of fulfilling, on behalf of God, what you are required to do to maintain your state of purity and harmony in order that that prayer may proceed from the throne of God into manifestation in your life.

    The power of the Word can recreate you at any moment that you choose, so long as you say those words with cosmic intention, joy, harmony, and reverence. The co-creative power that you wield as a son or daughter of God can beget universes when you utilize the keys to this divine science daily to manifest positive change within this matter plane—as an alchemist of the sacred fire, a divine mediator between heaven and earth. Pray, sing, dance, and play with light!