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Who Are We?

A Heart-Centered Community

Our passion is drawing forth God's Light for the coming Golden-Crystal Age.

The Hearts Center is a global spiritual community united in our love of God as we experience the tangible presence in our midst of the ascended masters during our free, daily, live broadcasts and other events and classes. We come together in physical and virtual gatherings to meditate, pray, sing, dance and play to achieve personal and planetary enlightenment, Self-realization and inner peace. We study the masters' progressive revelations and share practical teachings, relevant for our world situation today.

We are heart-centered initiates, walking a joyous spiritual path together. Our greater spiritual family is always evolving, and we invite you to join us in all our fun and friendship on this sacred adventure together. 

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Quote of the Day

Knowledge of the root races and their evolution through the seven rays allows us to understand race consciousness and how it impacts the affairs of mankind. Through knowing the inner truths of this dynamic, we experience the circle of life through a holy fellowship, a confraternity of love. As the sixth root race and age give way to the seventh, you will see during the cusp of these ages the interplay and the commingling of these rays, which is even occurring now.

It will become evident how essential it is for those upon Earth to fully embrace the inner teachings that Jesus brought forth,* which are now gaining entrée into the mainstream through progressive revelation and the uncovering of ancient texts that have been discovered and released, such as the Gnostic Gospels, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essene Gospels, and ancient texts from the Far East. Thus, the true and full story of Jesus is essential for mankind to embrace as East meets West, as West meets East, and there is a unified field of wholeness across the globe.

*Jesus was alive during the sixth, or Piscean, age, during which the sixth root race embodied. We are now entering the seventh age of Aquarius, during which the seventh root race will embody.

— Afra,  Living a Soulful Life

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Discover the Mystery
of the Essenes

Inspiration from the Ancient Mystery Schools

Why do we call ourselves an Aquarian Essene Community?
The Essenes dwelt in sustainable communities, living in harmony with Mother Nature. They practiced the solar sciences of the spirit to be closer to God. The Hearts Center follows in their footsteps, drawing wisdom from those ancient mystics combined with progressive revelation to guide our spiritual practices, our diets, and our livelihood.

Rosary of the
New Eightfold Path

A devotional prayer video honoring the Seven Holy Kumaras, Gautama, and their divine complements. Invoke holy virtues from the heart of Venus through this thirty-two minute video lovingly crafted by our creative arts team.

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