2014 Spring Equinox Seminar

Spring Equinox Seminar 2014: March 21–23, Towson, Maryland
Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Experience the New Blue Wave to
Clear Your Aura and Chakras


A Spring Cleaning for Washington, D.C.!

Yes, we will know the aligning and clearing of our chakras and cleansing of our auras by the New Blue Wave during our spring equinox event. And Washington, D. C. is in for a spring cleaning too! With El Morya’s presence palpable during the entire event, Godfre, Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, the Goddess of Liberty, Kuthumi, Mother Mary and Jesus have their own plans for the clearing, cleaning, restoration, resurrecting and sealing of the United States capital!

Your Presence Makes It Happen—Reestablishing the Matrix for the 

True America

Seats of government in every nation require resurrection. And it begins with the United States of America. With your cocreative presence, our masters will… 

• Reestablish, throughgh the light of the Holy City, the matrix for the true America of the I AM people.
• Reenergize through this matrix the original blueprint for America.
• Augment our prayers and love of our country to reconsecrate and refortify the true edifices of light within our capital.The New Blue Wave Is Coming Your Way, Baltimore! 

The New Blue Wave?  What is that?  Where does it come from?  How do we incorporate it for the good of all?  The New Blue Wave…

• Is a new current of energy introducing a great shift. 
• Descends from Alpha and Omega, the Father-Mother God of our universe, pulsing out to us from the God Star, Sirius. 
• Ushers us into an age of illumination, enlightenment, compassion and freedom.
• Is sealed within frequencies that are ever changing, like the winds of the Holy Spirit.
• Is best understood when we enter into oneness with all life. 

Be there and experience the clearing and sealing action of El Morya’s New Blue Wave—a true mystery unfolding within us, a new light action for us to behold, know and become. Step with confidence on the pure sand of a New World that we help create. It’s El Morya’s time. It’s our time! 

You Will Get the Wave!

El Morya says, “Whenever I am present, you will get the Wave!” Join heartfriends from every nation who will gather in Baltimore to resurrect our capital and experience in their own beings the wonders of the New Blue Wave. Come and surf in the New Paradigm! 


Information and Links

Broadcast will begin Saturday morning at 8:45 am EDT, 6:45 am MDT with a silent meditation. Friday evening will not be broadcast, however it will be available as a replay.

For more information email Events@heartscenter.org

Location and Transportation

Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel
903 Dulaney Valley Road
Towson, Maryland

Airport: Baltimore/Washington International Airport
7062 Elm Road, Baltimore, Maryland 

Shuttle from airport to hotel:
Super Shuttle: 1-800-622-2089, ext.2.
One way: $36.00  Round Trip: $70.00
Call 24 hours before to reserve



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