The Hearts Center of New York Workshop

October 29–31, 2010
The Spirit of Soulfulness in the New Age

Statue of Liberty (Tiara)

Join us at the world-renowned Pennsylvania Hotel in the heart of the city of New York to participate in the power of soulfulness to transform ourselves, New York and the world.

Experience greater light expansion of your own soul as you strengthen your connection to the Spirit of Soulfulness during this event.

  • Gain insight into the meaning and nature of soulfulness
  • Learn how to liberate your soul
  • Discover new ways to live in the present moment as we evolve as souls on Earth

Presentations: Special Highlights

  • “What is Soulfulness? The Violet Light and Its Importance in This Age”
  • Poetry, Music and Venusian Sword Play
  • Sacred Ritual for the Healing of Souls Around the World

Featured Heartstreams

  • AfraI Compel You to Ascend Daily
  • Saint GermainAccepting Freedom of your Soul in Spirit
  • El MoryaI Reclaim New York for Liberty
  • Unnamed Master
  • Lady MarchetteHigher Consciousness
  • Spirit of SoulfulnessBe Soulful with Me
  • Hermes Trismegistus
  • ArcturusA Clearance of Earth’s Soul Chakra

Program Highlights

Friday, October 29

  • Presentation: “What is Soulfulness? The Violet Light and Its Importance in This Age” (David Lewis)
  • HeartStream by Saint Germain: “Accept the Freedom of Your Soul in Spirit”

Saturday, October 30

  • Poetry, Music, Venusian Sword Play
  • HeartStream by El Morya: “I Reclaim New York for Liberty”
  • Presentation: “Soulfulness: Scaling the Heights and Probing the Depths of Soul Experience” (Deborah Timberlake Fitch)
  • Field trip to Nicholas Roerich Museum
  • Presentation: “Man, Woman, Know Thyself” (Wallace Tulloch)
  • HeartStream by Unnamed Master
  • HeartStream by Lady Marchette: “A Darshan on Higher Consciousness”

Sunday, October 31

  • HeartStream by Afra: “I Compel You to Ascend Daily!”
  • Presentation: “The Power of Our Words”—(the Brothers and Sisters of Afra Speak)
  • HeartStream by the Spirit of Soulfulness: “Be Soulful with Me”
  • Meru University Class: “Solar Health, Solar Wealth”
  • HeartStream by Hermes Trimegistus
  • HeartStream by Arcturus: “A Clearance of Earth's Soul Chakra”

Location and Lodging

Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City, NY

Hotel Pennsylvania
401 Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street
New York City, NY 10001

Hotel Pennsylvania's
Special Rate: $199 + taxes

The special rate has been extended until October 20th!

Please make your reservation by October 20th to be sure you receive the SPECIAL RATE. The Hearts Center rate will automatically be applied with this website link.

Ask for the Hearts Center rate when you make your reservation. If you have a problem call Sam Nunez directly at Hotel Penn at 212-502-8163.

Remember to let them know whether you want a room with 2 Double Beds or 1 King Bed—the rates are the same for both.

The Hotel Features include:

  • Gym/Fitness Center
  • Meeting Space
  • Pool


Parking at the Hotel Pennsylvania

  • Cars are $40
  • SUV are $50

Rates are for both self-park and valet and there are no in/out privileges.


Registration Prices

Friday, October 29—7 p.m.

  • Free Lecture “What is Soulfulness”

Entire Two-Day Workshop

  • Onsite Attendance: $70.00
  • Broadcast Attendance: $50.00

Saturday, October 30

  • Onsite Attendance: $35.00
  • Broadcast Attendance: $25.00

Sunday, October 31

  • Onsite Attendance: $35.00
  • Broadcast Attendance: $25.00

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