The Hearts Center Spring Equinox 2020 is in Hawaii

A Spring Equinox Celebration of Joy in Hawaii with the Masters of Levity

With David Christopher Lewis
March 16-23, 2020
On the Big Island of Hawaii

Joy, Levity and Light!

Join us on the Big Island of Hawaii March 16-23 for a spring equinox celebration of joy! The goal of this retreat is to invoke so much joy, levity and light that we actually change the vibration of the planet. We will also interact with the dolphins because dolphins are embodied joy beings.

We discovered that the Big Island is the best place in the Hawaiian Islands to be able to swim with the dolphins in the wild. And we heard many stories of Kealakekua Bay (pronounced “keh-ah-lah-keh-koo-ah” and meaning “pathway of the gods”), which is frequented almost daily by pods of spinner dolphins. Then we found a beautiful retreat center to hold our event, WhaleSpirit Sanctuary, which happened to be only minutes away from Kealakekua Bay.

Hearts Center spring event in Hawaii

WhaleSpirit Sanctuary

A magical and inspirational place to experience the Aloha Spirit, WhaleSpirit Sanctuary connects us with the powerful and nurturing nature of Hawaii. At 350 feet elevation, the property has a breathtaking view of Kealakekua Bay, one of the most powerful and sacred vortexes on the planet.

WhaleSpirit’s open air Balinese setting, with indoor and outdoor spaces, is uniquely charming. This eco-friendly sanctuary is located within minutes of some of the island’s best waters to swim and see whales, dolphins, turtles and other amazing marine life. Mangoes, figs, papayas, avocados, lilikois, bananas, herbs and vegetables are all grown on the 5+ acres of “no-spray” (chemical and toxin free) land.

Allow yourself to be rejuvenated, comforted and renewed, and you will feel the mana (powerful spiritual energy) that permeates this sacred land.


Who Are the Masters of Levity?

Take this opportunity to be in a tropical Hawaiian retreat setting with your brothers and sisters on the spiritual path and with the masters of levity!

We will hear how to be a jolly good fellow with Lanello and a happy camper with Clare de Lis. Fun Wey will share a joy-field of hilarity and a fun-field of health. Joviel will teach us how to be jovial on the path of the Via Gloriosa. And with Levity, the Angel of Joy, we’ll learn how to thrive and be alive in levity’s light.

As our celebration of joy continues, Lord Ling takes us on a sacred journey to the promised land of perfect joy. Laugh-a-Lot encourages us to join his laugh-a-lot tribe. The Goddess of Joy tells us that every blessing has an alchemical center of divine joy.

Do you desire to become more childlike and ascend through joy, joy, joy with Buddhi-Ma? You will!  Then, while we are already high on joy, Maitreya will end our retreat on an even higher note with his laughing Buddhahood that brings the riches of the Spirit to us all.

Explore the Island

Take a private Dolphin Swim boat ride with us along the beautiful Kona Coast where we will be able to swim with free dolphins in their natural environment or watch them from the boat. See the full description with details below.

On another day we will visit the Kīlauea Volcano, which is the most active volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is seen by millions of tourists each year. This makes it the most visited attraction in Hawaii and the most visited volcano in the world. It has recently been erupting continuously between 1983 and 2018.

According to legend, Pele, the volcano goddess, lives in the summit of Kilauea, in Halemaʻumaʻu Crater. Find out more about Pele in the chapter, “Meeting Pele at Vocanoes National Park” in The High Beings of Hawaii by Tanis Helliwell, pages 115-126. See more on this recommended book below. 

In the afternoons we will do Paneurhythmy and have the option of relaxing at WhaleSpirit, going to nearby beaches, snorkeling, or visiting other sites around the island.

Healthy, Catered Meals—A Real Vacation!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily during our Hawaii retreat will be prepared and served at WhaleSpirit by HeartBeet Catering with Chef Jasmine.  The meals will be vegan (with some wild-caught fish), organic, gmo-free, gluten-free, locally sourced, creative, healthy and delicious. So they will be meal-prep-free and cleanup-free for you! Now that’s a real vacation!

Serenity, Silence, Spirituality, Stillness, Swimming and Silliness

As you settle in to the slow gentle rhythms of Hawaii, your soul will begin to know a sweet serenity. Meditation, silence and stillness will be a part of your retreat environment. The oceans and nature spirits of Hawaii beckon you to swim, snorkel and observe the dolphins and marine life. Truly, you will be jolly, joyful, jovial, happy, silly and will laugh-a-lot with the masters of levity!

Private Dolphin Swim Boat Tour

Wednesday, March 18
Time: 8:00 am--12:00 pm
Check-in at the boat at 7:30 am

Experience the magic of swimming with free dolphins in their natural environment. Join Captains Michael and Melainah, the staff at Sunlight on Water and the dolphins on the beautiful Kona Coast on the Big Island! The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are year-round residents, so you can expect to see them whenever you are in Hawaii.

Sunlight on Water has been conducting dolphin swims longer and more successfully than any other Hawaiian dolphin swim eco-tour operator for almost 20 years. They have a 99% success rate in finding the dolphins each day. Equally important is their philosophy of total respect for the dolphins, all marine life and the ocean.

Enjoy the Dolphin Swim Tour when in Hawaii

Enjoy the morning on the ocean on their comfortable 40' boat, the Uhane Nui O Nai’a (Great Spirit of the Dolphin). Along the way, the staff will share with you the protocols for swimming with free dolphins. They will also be in the water with you as guides.

Price: $125 which includes 10% gratuity
Note: Private boat tour capacity is 24 people. After that number is reached, we will see if overflow can be accommodated on another boat or a different day. Register soon to guarantee your spot on the boat.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of being in the ocean with the dolphins! You can see dolphins on TV, can visit them in captivity, and you can even see them from a boat. But swimming with them in their natural ocean habitat is a unique and magical experience that can touch you in ways you might not be able to imagine.

As we are making our way along the Kona Coast, relax and enjoy the feel of the wind and notice how the sun glints off the surface of the ocean, hence the name, Sunlight on Water. Take in the beautiful color of the ocean as she beckons to you… The setting is perfect….

And then you see them–spinner dolphins spiraling in the air to greet you! They love to ride the bow wake of the boat. They are sleek and graceful and exude absolute joy. There is nothing like it.

After receiving instruction about the proper protocols for entering into the dolphins’ world and receiving some insider tips on how to get the most out of your dolphin swim, the moment comes when quietly and gently you ease into the water with these incredible beings and join the dolphin pod. It is completely safe, and a rewarding experience for the entire family.

PROVIDED FOR YOU: all snorkel gear, flotation as needed. Fruit, muffins, water/sodas/juice, dry snacks. Also included are 10-15 complimentary photos of your trip.

WEAR: Bathing suit and cover up clothing.

BRING: Towel, sunscreen (no oils or sprays and preferably "reef safe," please), sunglasses, and shirt/jacket/sweatshirt to keep you comfortable as temperatures change

Any valuables brought on board such as cell phones, cameras, etc are at your own risk. Waterproof bags for your valuables are available for purchase in the office/gift shop.

Michael and Melainah Yee are your guides for a truly extraordinary and unique Hawaiian experience. Together, their great love and respect for the dolphins, whales and all who call the ocean their home, is reflected in the sharing of their extensive knowledge and etiquette for swimming with free dolphins.

Michael and Melainah met in 1998 when she first came to Hawaii to be with the dolphins. In 2002, surrounded by their Ohana (family, friends and loved ones), they were married at sunset by Michael’s father, Kahuna Lanakila Brandt. Their deep personal--some might say magical--connection to the dolphins was reflected when the dolphins arrived just as the ceremony began, spinning and leaping out of the water during the entire ceremony! It’s this uncanny and special connection that accounts for their 99% success rate.

Both Michael and Melainah are USCG licensed captains. “China” Mike has been surfing, diving and has captained boats on the Kona Coast for over 25 years and is one of the most experienced captains on the Big Island. He operated the first charter boat offering dolphin swims in Hawaii. While in his teens, he became a well-known champion surfer in Hawaii and Southern California. He is a complete water-man, and his extensive knowledge of the coastline is unsurpassed. He is as comfortable in the water as most people are on land.

In 1999, Melainah returned to the Big Island for a two month sabbatical from Atlanta. She never left! She is a facilitator who teaches and hosts seminars on attaining self-empowerment and remembering who we truly are. She offers dolphin retreats, retreats on Hawaiian spirituality and retreats about the ancient land of Lemuria.

Together, Michael and Melainah are Kona’s unquestioned leaders when talking about experience with dolphins. They are known internationally and have been featured on several television documentaries discussing the human/dolphin connection.

Recommended Reading

The High Beings of Hawaii—Encounters with Mystical Ancestors by Tanis Helliwell 

Tanis Helliwell has been able to see and interact with elementals, angels and master teachers on other planes since childhood. In this book she describes her experiences with the various nature spirits she encounters in Hawaii. She has a chapter named after “The Place of Refuge on The Big Island,” which is about a 12-minute drive from WhaleSpirit, and we will be visiting it.

The next chapter, “Meeting Pele at Vocanoes National Park” describes her interaction with Pele, the volcano goddess. Learning about the myriad of beings that populate Hawaii will help us, when we visit, to be conscious of all the special things that are occurring in other dimensions on these highly spiritual islands.


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See videos and photos of the Hawaii event on Flickr here.

Broadcast Prices

Internet Broadcast Registration Fee
(per household)  

Flexible fee: $100 suggested, $75 minimum

See registration store page for reduced international and senior rates.

Spanish translations will be broadcast on an alternate channel whenever possible by our volunteer translators.


Onsite Prices

Onsite Attendance Package Price

  • $1,000 per person

Package Price Includes

  • Registration for A Spring Equinox Celebration of Joy in Hawaii with HeartStreams from the masters of Levity at WhaleSpirit Sanctuary. It’s an opportunity to be in a tropical retreat setting with your brothers and sisters on the spiritual path to invoke so much joy, levity and light that we actually change the vibration of the planet!
  • Transportation on Monday afternoon, March 16, from the Kona airport (KOA) on the Big Island to WhaleSpirit Sanctuary; and on Monday morning, March 23, from WhaleSpirit Sanctuary to Kona airport (KOA).
  • All transportation to excursions around the Big Island including Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, private dolphin swim boat tour, beaches, snorkeling, etc. See event program for details.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily during our Hawaii retreat will be prepared and served at WhaleSpirit by HeartBeet Catering with Chef Jasmine.  The meals will be vegan (with some wild-caught fish), organic, gmo-free, gluten-free, locally sourced, creative, healthy and delicious. So they will be meal-prep-free and cleanup-free for you! 

Catered Meals Included at Spring Event in Hawaii

Package Price Does Not Include

  • Flights to and from the Big Island Kona Airport (KOA)
  • Transportation to and from the airport on any days/times other than Monday afternoon, March 16, and Monday morning, March 23.
  • Lodging
  • Cost of the dolphin swim boat tour or any other excursion fees

Onsite Lodging Prices

Balcony View from a Whalespirit Cottage

Lodging at WhaleSpirit Sanctuary—First-Come, First-Served
Email us right away at to tell us which lodging option you prefer, with whom you will be rooming, and your phone number. We will call you to discuss your options. As soon as you pay your deposit of $500, we will reserve a room for you.

Dolphin Suite, Turtle Suite and 4 Garden Rooms

  • Located in the WhaleSpirit Main Hale (House), each room has one queen bed and one single bed. See rooms here.
  • Three to a room: $650 per person
  • Two to a room: $750 per person

Dragonfly Temple - FULL

  • Two queen beds in one room, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. See cottage here.
  • Two in this cottage: $750 per person

Cottages -  FULL
one queen bed in each—$700.00 per person

Single Rooms
In order to lodge as many people as possible at WhaleSpirit Sanctuary, we are not able to offer single rooms onsite. If you would like a single room, email us at As soon as we know how many single rooms are required, we will choose which of our off-site options will serve us best. We would like to lodge everyone in one off-site location if possible and will strive to get a reasonable price. You will be paying the lodging price directly to the owner of the off-site facility. We will be providing transportation to and from the off-site lodging and you will be eating all meals at WhaleSpirit with the group and participating in all group activities.

Overflow Lodging
Once all the WhaleSpirit rooms are full, we will arrange overflow lodging, up to the capacity of the WhaleSpirit meeting room and our meal caterer. The overflow lodging will work in the same way as the single room lodging outlined above.

Deposit and Payment Dates

  • Non-refundable deposit of $500 due as soon as possible. As soon as you contact us at and you pay the deposit, your lodging will be reserved. This deposit goes toward the package price.
  • Second payment of $500 due by January 1, 2020
  • Payment of final balance due by February 1, 2020


Your Flight to Hawaii

Book your flight soon
to get the best price! Fly into the Kona International Airport (KOA), 73-200 Kupipi St., Kalaoa, HI. Also, book your flight to arrive at Kona Airport before 3:00 pm, March 16.  Since check-in at the WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is at 3:00 pm or after (they do not permit earlier check-in), transportation from Kona Airport to WhaleSpirit will begin between 1:30-2:00 pm. 

The check-out time for WhaleSpirit is Monday, March 23, before 10:00 am. The trip from WhaleSpirit to Kona Airport takes 45 minutes. The airport shuttles will leave as required between 6:00 am and 9:30 am. Book your flight home no earlier than 9:00 am.

If you have any problem booking flights within the flight times stated above, or have any other flight questions, email with your name and phone number. We will call you right away to assist you with your flights.

Shuttle Information
As soon as you have booked your flights,
please click on the link below to register for the free airport shuttle. We must have this information in order to arrange your transportation to and from Kona Airport.

An airport shuttle schedule will be emailed to you before the event. It will include ...

  • Your airport pick-up and drop-off times
  • The meeting location at the airport with your shuttle driver
  • The driver’s cell phone number

Location of Retreat

82-5988B Lower Nāpo’opo’o Rd.
Captain Cook, Hawaii  96704

Scholarship Request Form

If you desire to attend the event and require financial assistance, please fill out a scholarship request form by clicking on the appropriate link below. If you require any assistance with the scholarship forms or have any questions, please email

HC Event Scholarship Request Form  (PDF)  (Word)

Donate to the Scholarship Fund
Please consider making a generous contribution to our scholarship fund to assist a heartfriend who requires financial assistance.

Meals by Chef Jasmine

Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily during our Hawaii retreat will be cooked and served at WhaleSpirit by HeartBeet Catering with Chef Jasmine.

The cost of meals is included in the onsite attendance package price. The meals begin with dinner, Monday, March 16, and will end with breakfast, Monday, March 23. On the two days that we have all-day excursions, picnic lunches will be packed for us.

The meals will be vegan (with some wild-caught fish), organic, locally sourced, creative, healthy and delicious.  Chef Jasmine’s cooking style is influenced by her background, having grown up on her family’s organic farm. Her menus are made from scratch using gluten-free and GMO-free ingredients. Her produce is sourced from local, organic farms as much as possible, including her family’s farm near Hilo, Hawaii.

The best quality ingredients are always a priority, including the oils and spices, as there are no compromises in Jasmine’s cooking. She assures us that the meals will be the highest quality and always made with lots of love. 



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