Summer Solstice Event 2014

Reconnect with the Divine Mothers-
A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion

June 18-22
Livingston, Montana

Our Divine Mothers—sixteen of them!—grace us with their exquisite presence during our summer solstice conference. Bask also in the presence of Mother Nature by enjoying summer in Montana—hiking, dancing the Paneurhythmy, soaking in the hot springs, and having fun in the sun.  

Come a day early, June 17, for the Meru University outdoor class, In the Garden with Anastasia II. Learn about Solar Living for Today from the perspective of the beautiful and extraordinary young Russian mystic and visionary, Anastasia. 

Experience at our summer conference…

  • Daily outdoor lessons in Paneurhythmy, a dance and moving meditation that opens us to the presence and power of Spirit within ourselves and the universe. (See beautiful video from the Ideal Society below.)
  • Hikes on scenic mountain trails and visits to the hot springs.
  • Campfires under the stars.
  • Outings and fun activities for your children.
  • Our annual Talent Show. Be in it!
  • Meditation sessions—instruction and practice.

Some Divine Mothers who will speak to us…

  • Durga, in Hinduism known as the Goddess of the Universe, will perform a personal clearance of all misuses of the Mother light (going back lifetimes), for all physically present.
  • Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of prosperity, reminds us of the connection between inner harmony and an abundant life.
  • Sarasvati, Hindu Goddess of the Word, will sing a lullaby to our souls.

A Gift from Omega!

Each one present will receive a small crystal egg which Omega, Cosmic Mother in the Great Central Sunwill charge with her essence and which all may use in healing work.

Special Blessing

For those who come to the conference in person, there will be a special blessing by the Lord of the World of Sirius, called a Confirmation by Lightning. He was petitioned to come by Gautama Buddha because of the travails on this earth and what we together, collectively, are going through. This is a grace to the soul and spirit of each one who will come.  

  • With Fortuna, Goddess of Supply, activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to our ability to receive and use them.
  • Mother Mary will share the miracle of the Sun within.
  • Parvati, Hindu goddess and wife of Lord Shiva, has a surprise awaiting us that may involve her sons Ganesh (The Divine Director) and Kartikeya (Sanat Kumara).
  • Kuan Yin will give a personal blessing to accelerate mercy for the seventh-age.
  • Venus invites us to enter her heart, filled with solar love and joy.
  • Vesta, cosmic being from the sun of our system, reminds us to look to our own Sun Presence above and within.

Be Enveloped in the Love of Mother
Clearances, Darshans, Soul Comfort Await You! 

Sixteen Magnificent Mothers desire to enter into a deeper relationship with you. And this is the event where it will happen. Be enveloped in the love of Mother. Commune with Mother Nature in the scenic beauty of Montana’s big sky country. The Divine Mothers await your presence!

Be Present to Receive New Revelations and Gifts of Light!


Paneurhythmy Lessons

Representatives from the IDEAL Society will be teaching Paneurhythmy during our summer conference. View this video to find out more about this beautiful dance which is a moving meditation.

Paneurhythmy CDs Available thrugh the I.D.E.A.L. Society

Click arrow to see player controls. Watch on to see larger screen.

Information and Links

Selenite Eggs

A variety of the mineral Satin Spar gypsum. This beautiful pearly mineral derives it's name from the Greek moonstone or stone of the moon. In Greek mythology Selene is the goddess of the moon and sister of the sun-god Helios.

In June of 2014, Omega, the Cosmic Mother in the Great Central Sun, charged these crystal eggs with her essence. This special blessing can enhance healing work. Buy now

  • Program begins the morning of  Wednesday, June 18, and ends at approximately 1:30 pm on Sunday, June 22. 
  • Suggested dress for Saturday, June 21: white for Kali’s personal/planetary transfiguration.
  • Suggested dress for Sunday, June 22, to dance the full Paneurhythmy : women wear pastel or white dresses or skirts, knee length or longer; men wear white shirts and white long pants.
  • The Confirmation by Lightning by the Lord of the World of Sirius will be offered to those who have attended the conference in person for the full morning on Saturday and Sunday.
  • What to Wear and Bring 2014 Summer Conference.
Important Message about Special Blessing for Attendees:

Food and Lodging

Location and Transportation


Masonic Temple

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

130 North 2nd St.

Livingston, MT 59047




Book your flight into the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).


Register for the shuttle


During business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.:

  • Two-hour parking only on the streets where businesses are located
  • Park Street, on the opposite side from the Livingston Sanctuary—the side of the Livingston Depot Center. See map. (It is okay to park in the Depot’s gravel parking lot.)
  • Public parking lot. (Drive north on Park Street. Go right on B Street to the public lot on the left after Callender and before Lewis Street. See map.)


After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends

  • Unlimited parking on the streets
  • The American Bank parking lot, a few doors away on 2nd Street. See map.

Click Here for a PDF of Printable Parking Map