Imbibe Your Solar Presence​ for a Supernatural High!


What is it about the setting sun? We’ve all seen it before. Two lovers drink in a gorgeous sunset, then turn to gaze into each other’s eyes—the perfect moment for a first kiss. They are both feeling an emotional high. As John Denver sang, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. Sunshine almost always makes me high….”
The Benefits of Light
Scientists know that bright light stimulates the production of serotonin which helps maintain a positive mood. Too little serotonin causes depression and lack of energy.
Some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during winter because they don’t get enough sunlight. A cure for SAD is to use a bright light box for several minutes each day.
The Benefits of Sunshine

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…Or you can sun gaze for free!1 Beside the serotonin high produced by sun gazing, sunbathers get an additional high. Dr. Michael F. Holick, in The UV Advantage,2notes that “sun exposure provides a natural high by stimulating the release of ‘feel good’ substances in your body such as serotonin, dopamine, and beta endorphins. Sunshine also suppresses hormones like melatonin, which make you feel sluggish and down.” Holick’s book summarizes the research that’s been done on the benefits of sunbathing in treating many diseases. However, more research needs to be done and it should be expanded to include sun gazing.

In the meantime, lovers will continue gazing into the sunset and sunbathers will keep basking in the rays of the sun. They don’t need a scientific paper to confirm what they already know—sunshine gives them a natural high!
The Benefits of Solar Meditation
Above and beyond the biophysical positive effects of sunlight are the spiritual effects. In esoteric mystery school teachings, the sun is the physical manifestation of the spiritual Sun wherein dwells the Solar Presence.3 These schools taught their students techniques of connecting with their Solar Presence. One such technique, taught by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,4 is “drinking the sun.” He instructed his students to “drink this living light and picture it flowing into all the cells and organs of your body, strengthening, vivifying and purifying them.”
Fire Blooming

Another method taught in esoteric communities, which can be combined with the first, is “fire blooming.” As you face the sun or give meditate upon your Higher Self, raise your arms in a “Y” position to channel the ethereal radiance from the sun and your own Solar Presence into your etheric body. With these spiritual techniques, you are bringing healing into your being and strengthening the connection with your Solar Presence. What a supernatural high!  

--Wayne H. Purdin

1. Learn more about the benefits of sun gazing by visiting
Looking directly into the sun when the UV index is greater than 2 may cause cornea damage. Gazing restfully at the sun during the first half hour after sunrise or the half hour prior to sunset when the UV index is 0 is safe. Begin this practice by only gazing five to ten seconds the first time and adding five to ten more seconds daily.
2. Holick, Michael F., and Jenkins, Mark, The UV Advantage, Simon & Schuster, Chicago, 2003.
3. “Solar Presence” is a new term, introduced by the ascended masters through The Hearts Center dispensation to describe that part of our being that is God, depicted as the upper figure in “Your Buddha Nature Chart.” The Solar Presence is also called the I AM Presence, the Divine Presence, the God Presence.
4. Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov is a recently ascended master, whose books and daily meditations are often read during The Hearts Center’s morning rosary. Born in 1900 in Bulgaria, he spent most of his teaching mission in France until his transition in 1986. His teachings are noted for their simplicity, profundity and practicality. For publications of his lectures visit   


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