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A Prophet of God for Our Time

The name Elizabeth Clare Prophet is synonymous with ascended master teachings. Along with her husband Mark L. Prophet, she devoted her entire career, her life, to giving these teachings to the twentieth century seeker. In the process, she created a legacy of spiritual wealth that will endure for generations. Mark and Elizabeth served the ascended masters together for twelve years.   Following Mark’s transition, Elizabeth continued the work alone for another 25 years.

Although her accomplishments were many—lecturing, traveling, writing, raising a family, and running an organization--she had no interest in attention or fame. What was important to her was obedience to the masters she served and the accurate delivery of the messages that came through her from them. Her concern also was for the spiritual progress of her students.

Since the passing of Elizabeth in 2009, The Hearts Center has acclaimed and rejoiced in her ascension into the heavenly realms. We know her now as the Ascended Lady Master Clare de Lis. She now joins Mark (Lanello), and six other masters in sponsoring our activity and the messengership of David Christopher Lewis, who co-founded The Hearts Center in 2004.

It is a blessing to feel her tender presence today within our community as we have received HeartStreams from her through the years.

Early Memories: the Heart and Mind of a Child Mature into Womanhood

In reading Mrs. Prophet’s memoirs,1 it soon becomes apparent that the young Elizabeth, or Betty Clare as she was known then, sensed that God had important work for her to do. What was the unique mission of the daughter of Hans and Fridy Wulf of Red Bank, New Jersey?  And how does one prepare? Fortunately, In My Own Words,2 a book  written largely by Elizabeth herself, answers these questions.



One thing becomes evident early on in the telling of her story. The mission laid out for Elizabeth was by no means going to be handed to her on a silver platter. On the contrary, conditions within her family and the world forced Elizabeth to dig deeply into her being, forging traits of grit and boldness, required to fulfil her destiny.

Three major influences set the course of Elizabeth’s life. These helped define her spiritual perspective and her world view of the political realities of her time:

1.Her home life: An alcoholic father, whose fits of anger and verbal attacks upon his wife, caused Elizabeth much distress and a desire to leave home as soon as possible. At 18, she left for college.

2. Christian Science: At 6 years old, Elizabeth’s Sunday School introduction to Christian Science, the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, left a life-long impact. Of all the churches in Red Bank that Elizabeth visited as she was growing up, Christian Science came closest to her own inner sense of truth. Elizabeth grew to love this faith and saw in its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, the same free spirit as herself.

Elizabeth’s reputation as a dynamic practitioner of the faith spread among the community. They noticed that her prayers got results! Yet, as she would reiterate throughout the years, she was only doing what was being taught to her in Spirit. All could access this understanding, she believed.

3. A visit to Switzerland: Her visit to relatives in Switzerland at age 17 allowed her to observe events surrounding the Hungarian Revolution, an uprising against the Soviet Union’s invasion and occupation of Hungary in the summer of 1956.


Welcome, Elizabeth, to a Century of War

Elizabeth was born April 8, 1939. On September 1, 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland which was the start of World War II. Elizabeth’s father was a German emigrant and not yet a naturalized United States citizen. When the U.S. entered World War II in 1941, the F.B.I. arrested Hans soon thereafter, as a suspected collaborator with the Nazis. He was sent to Ellis Island and imprisoned there for six weeks.

After an official hearing found him innocent of the charges, he was released on parole. Hans told his 3-year-old daughter to always remember that her daddy was allowed to come home because kind Jewish friends were willing to witness on his behalf.

Elizabeth’s first 6 years of childhood coincided with the war raging on the European continent. Years later, at age 17, as she was visiting relatives in Switzerland and studying French, the Hungarian Revolution was in full swing. Hungarian freedom fighters were battling Soviet tanks with their bare hands. More than 2000 Hungarians and Russians died in the revolt. Elizabeth participated in candlelight vigils with Swiss citizens to demonstrate their support for the people of Hungary.

America remained silent during the revolution; no aid offered to Hungary. And later, as uprisings occurred in Czechoslovakia, no American help was offered. For the remainder of her life Elizabeth recalled what she had witnessed of the destruction of the spirit of these oppressed nations.



A Revolution in Elizabeth’s Theology

Since her earliest memories, Elizabeth loved everything she had learned about Jesus. She loved the Master, and walked and talked with him continually. In her communion with him, she asked many questions, including why there was such injustice and cruelty in the world. Part of that answer came much earlier although she was not fully aware of it.

When Elizabeth was only four, as she played in her backyard sandbox, she was transported in spirit to the sands along the Nile River in Egypt. She felt very familiar with her surroundings there. After being returned to the present time, Elizabeth, quite amazed at this experience, ran to her mother and excitedly told her what had just happened. Fortunately, her mother was familiar with past life experiences, and with great care and calmness told her daughter she had just had one! Her mother said that such remembrances are common among children. Elizabeth accepted this new concept readily. Within the depths of her soul she knew this recollection was somehow a key to her destiny.



Elizabeth’s father continued his almost nightly drunken rages. She ached to see her mother’s co-dependency and fear of her husband. Crying out to Jesus and applying her Christian Science healing prayers, Elizabeth saw no change in their relationship. After a time she learned that despite all the intercessory prayer one could summon, if an individual refused God’s help, the divine hand could not intervene.(However, the ascended masters assure us that all sincere prayers for others assist them without impinging on their free will.)

Her Christian faith matured despite her unfavorable home life. Though she joined with her Christian Science brethren in declaring, “Evil is not real and its appearance has no power,” she was coming to terms with the law of cause and effect. As her mission unfolded, so did the realization that although evil might only be a temporary aberration, it can create havoc.

And though her Christian Science mentors would not agree with the doctrines of karma and reincarnation, the pre-existence and continuity of the soul, or even acknowledge the presence of angels and nature spirits who tended the Earth, Elizabeth knew these concepts were true. Despite conflicting beliefs with her friends and mentors, she remained in the church until her 22nd year.

Elizabeth’s spiritual communion grew and refined. She began to distinguish the voice of her own inner teacher from the still small voice of her conscience and the voice of her sweet Jesus. And she learned to know, more and more accurately, God’s guidance. She began to sense the presence of beings of light, masterful presences that dwelt just beyond the visible world.

A Calling to the Ministry Grows

One day, while asking Jesus for guidance, she opened ,Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures3 to see what page and verse would call to her. Her eyes fell on a text explaining that Saint John’s vision in Revelation “is the acme of this Science [meaning “Christian Science”] as the Bible reveals it.”

She realized that Mary Baker Eddy had followed in the footsteps of the patriarchs and prophets of old, walking and talking with God as a man talks to other men. Elizabeth now knew that the spiritual experiences of her mentor, Mary Baker Eddy, served as an example for her own mission—a mission that depended on her direct communion with those very “saints robed in white” spoken of by Saint John.

In her eighteenth year as Elizabeth readied herself to leave home for college, she paused at the door and asked within her heart if there was anything she required to take with her before leaving. A voice said, “Go to that bookcase, pick up that book and read it.” She knew exactly what book was meant—the I AM Discourses by Godfre Ray King. She opened it. Her eyes met the portrait of a master whom Elizabeth recognized instantly in her soul! It was as though his eyes were communicating with her. Beneath the portrait, she read, “Saint Germain.” She knew she had to find him.

As her attainment grew, Elizabeth learned that among the company of saints are those referred to as ascended masters. And with the Book of Revelation as her scriptural compass, one can understand the paradigm with which Elizabeth identified.

Christian scholars generally acknowledge that the Book of Revelation describes a period of tribulation where a great battle—the Battle of Armageddon--is fought during the “end times,” or the “last days.”

Elizabeth believed her destiny involved the events of those “last days” when Revelation’s prophecies were being played out on the world stage. She believed that she was called to be in the front lines, waging that battle on behalf of God’s people.

As she was to explain later in her book in a chapter devoted to Mark Prophet’s messengership, she and Mark together had volunteered to come to Earth “to rescue the children of God from the darkness and deception of the fallen ones who had departed from the Lord through disobedience to the Law of the One.”4



Remembrance of the Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ

Among initiates there is a saying: “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” Elizabeth, approaching 22, was about to meet her teacher, coach, future husband, and the man who would introduce her to Saint Germain. In 1961, Elizabeth met Mark Prophet.

Over the next twelve years, Elizabeth and Mark, as husband and wife, served the Universal Brotherhood of Light. Elizabeth dedicated her effort’s to Mark’s spiritual organization, The Summit Lighthouse, which he founded in 1958, and whose membership grew into the thousands. They traveled, held conferences, wrote books. During their marriage, Elizabeth gave birth to 4 children.

And also during this time, she was being trained to become co-messenger with Mark. As she observed Mark deliver teachings from the heavenly hosts, she saw the mystical and mysterious verses of the Book of Revelation being explained!

Mark delivered many inspired and dictated sermons over their combined ministry. He exhibited many gifts of the Spirit, including mastery over the elements, healings, prophecies, and the gift of tongues. As her training under Mark continued, she gradually took on her new role of co-messenger.

It would be years later that Elizabeth would learn that her mystical explorations were placing her squarely within the Gnostic Christian tradition. The word “Gnosis” is Greek for “knowledge” or “understanding.” The Christian Gnostics shared a common belief that the way to salvation was through obtaining knowledge of God, and that God could be experienced directly within as their own Self-knowledge of the inner Christ.

The Gnostics “maintained that they themselves could experience Jesus’ continuing presence through intimate communion with the Master or visions in which he would impart new revelations and insights. And those who received these revelations: thereby shared in or even surpassed the authority vested in the apostles or their representatives—the bishops”.5

The Gnostics believed that Jesus as a wayshower had attained “gnosis” and experienced union with the Father and had come to show them how they could do the same. 

Mrs. Prophet was to dedicate a good portion of the later years of her ministry teaching her students the inner mysteries of Jesus' teachings in her lectures on Gnosticism, In addition, she taught on the science of the initiatic path by including teachings revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls from the early Essene community.

The Revolution in Higher Consciousness Continues through The Hearts Center

In Revelation 10:7 we read: “But in the days of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” Ascended master students generally acknowledge that the “seventh angel” referred to is none other than the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

As the Lord of the Seventh Ray and the hierarch of the dawning Aquarian Age, one of his missions is to coordinate with other ascended masters the release of progressive revelation for the Golden-Crystal Age.

The Bible acknowledges that there are yet mysteries of God to be revealed. Who among us suspected that secreted away were actual scrolls of papyrus waiting to be discovered, written upon by the early followers of Jesus that give us fresh insight into what Jesus taught to his closest disciples.



  • Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ closest disciple and was (according to the ascended masters) married to him. She, with Mary the mother of Jesus and some of the other disciples, preserved many of the innermost teachings of the Christ in a collective library of Gnostic Gospels.


  • The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal the early teachings of the Essenes, a mystery school in which Mary the mother of Jesus as well as Joseph were prepared for their roles as parents of the coming Christ child and Messiah.


  • Ancient Buddhist manuscripts reveal that Jesus spent those “lost years” (about which the New Testament has nothing to say) in the East, where he was known as Saint Issa. Further, teachings of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet instruct us that Jesus was initiated into the lineage of masters and disciples descending from Gautama Buddha and his guru Dipamkara, also known as Sanat Kumara.


  • Jesus’ high regard and reverence for his women disciples and the intuitive wisdom that these women displayed as his highest initiates, was testament to what he had learned from spiritual masters of the East who revere and worship the Divine Mother aspect of God.


  • And perhaps most telling, is the mystery that is the great key of Jesus' lost teachings


“God descends as sacred fire; but the sacred fire must have a temple. And the temple is the Mother. So in reality, we have a Trinity of God sealed within our hearts.”6

Praise our Father/Mother God 7 that souls of light such as our beloved Mother of the Flame, as Elizabeth is called by her devotees, are raised up in consciousness to access the higher truths in order to reveal them to their students. And thankfully, too, students of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet have been trained to carry on the legacy of the Two Witnesses, an office sponsored by the ascended masters alive within The Hearts Center movement today.

What is more, the mystery school tradition, which included the Essenes, continues. Summit University, founded by Mrs. Prophet, offers spiritual studies programs. Our own Hearts Center education courses, conducted through Meru University, include introductory and advanced studies for spiritual adepts and initiates.

Are you ready to engage your Higher Self today? Guru Ma, as Ascended Lady Master Clare de Lis, avers: “The age of intuition, vision and imagination is here! …Truly it is the age of a new co-creativity with our Source where every possible means of spiritual advancement is being offered by our gurus and sponsors to afford us the quickest pathway to our enlightenment and union with God. The sacred Yogic sciences are becoming increasingly known throughout the Western world.”8

And from another message, “Now heartfriends, the foundation of the golden-crystal age is being built upon the love-wisdom teachings [supplementing the Judeo-Christian era’s Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with a New Era love tryst] with the Christ, the Buddha,"9 [and the Mother].



Clare de Lis—Key Teachings for the 21st Century

Through David Christopher Lewis, The Hearts Center’s spiritual director and amanuensis for the Universal Brotherhood, Elizabeth, now Ascended Lady Master Clare de Lis, continues to teach her students. Even prior to her ascension in 2009, she would come through David to offer guidance and encouragement to the leadership of our community from its founding years. And since her ascension Clare de Lis has shared many teachings through David for 21st century initiates everywhere. Find them in our HeartStreams Library.

Through the years Clare de Lis has spoken to us on topics such as Buddha Motherhood, expanding the mission of the World Mother, the importance of working on our personal psychology, and recently reminding us to put into practice the cosmic clock teachings of Mother Mary.10 In her March 28, 2018 darshan Clare de Lis tells what it is to be a true teacher of the Word.



In her January 29, 2016 release, Clare de Lis gives to a larger audience reasons for the creation of The Hearts Center community and the vitality of living in our God Presence. Her HeartStream concludes with these words:

“You, each one, do make a difference when you live in your Presence. For the light of your Presence is the counterbalancing cosmic energy field that provides the impetus for resolution, for angelic intercession, for the divine mandate to manifest upon Earth. Your daily life lived in integrity is the greatest means by which you make a difference, you help restore true humanity to all peoples, true brother/sisterhood to all cultures.

“And when you live fully in this light and the ascension fire is burning within you in some way each day, the angels take that light from your auric field and go and touch a heart here and there, save a soul somewhere upon Earth. If you could see this dynamic, you would be moved to ever live in your Presence in totality, moment by moment, and let nothing dissuade you from this high electronic-fire state of being.

“Even David had the experience of this state later in his involvement in The Summit when he came to King Arthur's Court for a picture with his family and me. He shook my hand and instantly there was a cosmic electronic charge that went through his being, simply by the touch between guru and disciple in a cosmic collaboration of light. This proved to him the veracity of the dynamism of this relationship of spirituality.

“And it can be so for you with me now, even as I am in spirit, if you will simply reach up into heaven, consciously, and make that connection, feel the energy transfer and realize that I am not removed from you; that I am here and now working on your behalf; that I am involved in every aspect of your life if you invite me; and that I have never let go of you, even during those years when my body temple was languishing in its final dissolution and yet my spirit was even more powerful and active on behalf of my beloved ones.

“You see, with Lanello, I can truly acclaim, “I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!” And it is so. And I would be everywhere where you are if you would have me, if you would accept the higher reality of my Buddhic Presence in your midst.”11





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O Guru Ma, O Clare de Lis, O Mother, ECP—
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O Clare de Lis, dear Clare de Lis,
Blaze wisdom-fire through me!
Our Clare de Lis, blest Clare de Lis,
Your love-light sets all free!

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