Use the I AM Affirmations to Prosper in the WORD

Use the name I AM to affrim abundance in your life


Prayers, mantras and affirmations--The use of
I AM affirmations for manifesting abundance

The ascended-master wisdom teachings guiding The Hearts Center activity today provide a powerful array of affirmations for positive thinking and attracting prosperity into each of our lives. Our daily prayer services, broadcast over the internet, include spoken prayers, often in the form of decrees, and lively, upbeat songs that engage participants in using universal laws of attraction to manifest God’s abundance, wholeness and healing.

Recall the words of the Master Jesus when he declared:

“I AM come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” --John 10:10

“It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”--Matthew 12:32

We together affirm, avow and reinforce by using powerful mantras for success that God’s plan is being perfected in us. In the use of the I AM affirmations for positive thinking, we are freed from limiting thoughts or any human feelings of fear and lack. Subscribing to the belief that we are made in the image of God, we may grow in the acceptance that:

“Abundance is the divine portion; and abundance embodies consecration not only to the things of God, but also to the ideals of God. Thus the pursuit of the abundant life inspires consecration to the God-Life” 1

“The Lord’s Prayer” in the form of I AM affirmations for the abundant life

Jesus taught his disciples the simple use of prayers and affirmations by example. Recall Jesus’ sayings: “I AM the way, the truth and the life,” or “I AM the resurrection and the life.”  As modern disciples we can use these statements as powerful mantras and affirmations that the reality of Christ and his consciousness is manifest in our lives here and now.

While the Holy Scriptures recorded some of the words of Jesus, it is not always obvious the context in which these words were spoken. Jesus was claiming the Christ alive in himself, and was teaching his inner circle of followers to employ his very words for affirming the light of Christ in themselves too. 

We can understand through reading contemporary ascended-master teachings that Jesus was actually sharing powerful mantras and affirmations with his disciples that he expected them to give aloud. Used as affirmations for positive thinking and self-esteem, employing the same laws of attraction we now know as universal laws for success, the disciples were armed with living words of the Divine Logos.

Consider these words inspired by Jesus for today:

“Yes, dearest ones, the inner processes of cleansing, of purification, of transmutation are so important. And I taught my disciples by example what was essential in this way, having learned from and through the Essene community certain keys and deeper mysteries of light whereby the engagement of heaven through our hearts was activated through the Solar sciences, through an understanding of the archangelic realms and beings of light and through a conscious form of prayer that moved us beyond supplication to an involvement and a direct interaction in the workings of the Spirit in that time”.2

What was not so obvious in past centuries of Christendom is becoming more apparent to spiritual aspirants of today. Jesus was (and is today) indeed teaching and implanting within his disciples affirmations for self-esteem and abundance they could (and can now) readily use to identify with the Christ mind and spirit he had (and has!) wholly identified with.

The words of Christ were meant to move his listeners beyond the limiting beliefs common at the time and to motivate them to identify with that Christ light as being alive in their own hearts as well as in the heart of Jesus.

The beautiful thing about the universal laws activated by the spoken word is they can be applied to every arena of our lives. I AM affirmations through prayers and songs allow us the opportunity to highlight daily God’s ideals taking root and blossoming in everything we think, say and do.

In The Hearts Center community, we employ the practice of the scientific use of the spoken word to move beyond the limiting beliefs that burden many people today. And we do so in ritual and service that is hopefully an enjoyable and inspiring experience for all.

Publication Update: The Hearts Center Community has just released a 16-page booklet entitled The Power of Spoken Prayers, Decrees and Affirmations. It is available for Free PDF download with a newsletter signup here.

Affirmations for prosperity and the modern “science of success” principles

What is the difference between traditional prayer and the decrees, mantras and affirmations used by students and initiates of the ascended masters? It is a matter of frame of reference.

Prayer is a wonderful form of communion with God. It often, not always, presupposes that one is a supplicant, coming before the throne of grace from an imperfect state, beseeching the mercy of God (or his Christ or other representatives) to save him from limitation, lack, condemnation or imminent danger.

Decrees and positive I AM affirmations on the other hand are given, premised upon the law of perfection.  The person decreeing is accepting they are already beloved of God just as they are and thereby claiming a victorious sense of being a son/daughter of the Almighty in the HERE and NOW. For a vital release of energetic power from on high, prayers may not share the same dynamism of decrees spoken with conviction, earnestness and enthusiasm!

Modern gurus of success and wealth and the law of attraction

Carried to its logical extension in all areas the principles of scientific affirmation are taught by the gurus of success, wealth and entrepreneurship.

Robert Kiyosaki the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of financial investment books is a good example of a coach who advises his readers in the basics of harnessing the power of the word and using affirmations for manifestation.**   Robert’s dad schooled him in the foundational Biblical concept: “And the Word was made flesh.” (John 1:1)

The I AM Word became flesh


Rich Dad says: “Whatever you think and say is real becomes your reality .... Your words become your reality.” With the right mindset, right words and the right plan, ”[c]ontinue to think those thoughts (and affirm them) until those ideas from the realm of possibility become your reality.” 

And: “If you will dedicate your life to making words real and a part of your life, your life will be far different than someone who knows the words by their mental definition [only].”3  

Of course what he is talking about is learning through a disciplined life to control and change your reality. This ability to change and upgrade your reality is ultimately what Rich Dad says makes you rich. Using the leverage of your mind and affirming your ability to constantly control, change and expand your reality is the beginning of manifesting the abundant life.

And though Robert Kiyosaki’s instructions are written for readers interested in the worldly pursuit of retirement income and wealth, we can see how the affirmations for prosperity are applicable to spiritual aspirants seeking the abundant life, “the treasures laid up in heaven” Jesus spoke of.

Conscious Language™–The Logos of Now, a modern treatise on I AM affirmations

Author Robert Tennyson Stevens has dedicated his professional career to discovering and designing “Systems for Upgrading Human Consciousness,” a phrase that appears on the back cover of his book. 

His book includes Bible quotes and the timeless wisdom of the Scriptures, which he adapts into contemporary language. His mission is to educate us in recognizing that language serves as self-fulfilling prophecy. “Changing our language changes our life trajectory,” he says. Stevens explains that the entire focus of his books and programs is to prepare his students to upgrade--to mindfully articulate “Pure Speech” and understand the profound role that language has in our lives.

Through his studies and observations he has designed courses and workshops on the right use of language to bring positive change for achieving our highest desired outcomes. Included within his systems are methods for discovering, coding and upgrading “our new conscious human operating system”. These are techniques for learning how to hear our internal dialogue and consciously catch and then transmute our self-talk into constructive coding that scripts our lives for success and progress.

The goal is to “distinguish and upgrade [our internal dialogue and words that cause] self-sabotage before it can act.”


Learn the Language of Mastery


Similarly, heartfriends in our community engage in the daily ritual of giving powerful affirmations. We use the law of attraction as we give our powerful mantras for spiritual growth and progress. When we do this on a consistent basis we are consciously reinforcing the positive manifestations we envision and proclaim.

Through identification with the words we utter using this form of “Pure Speech,” negative internal dialog and programming begins to fall away. Through persistent and dedicated practice in this science of using conscious language we reinforce that positive trajectory in our lives.

Learning the “Language of Mastery” and applying it in every domain

In the beginning was the Word and by that Word, the Creator endowed Man with the power of speech. Man is made in the image of God. The Divine Logos alive within all asserts that our words are of the same creative force and powerful activity as God’s Word.

God created all things by His Word, and we as co-creators may rightfully use our words in affirming God’s name, I AM THAT I AM4, within us to create our individual reality.

So, in our roles as co-creators with God, what we say aloud to others and to ourselves silently in our inner speech profoundly affects what we manifest in our lives.

“Pure Speech” does not come without dedicated and constant effort. Mr. Stevens reminds us of an epoch when our language became confused, separating us from one another. That is the episode recorded as the building of the Tower of Babel in the Bible. Many languages emerged after that incident hindering clear communication and our ability to reason together.  Was it man’s pride that spawned what Stevens defines as the “Babel virus”?

What we do know is that modern language and communication skills have yet to bring about universal peace and harmony among the nations.

It will require training, practice, education, re-education, and, most important, spiritul development to restore perfected speech to humanity.  And yet, perhaps that day is not so far off as we might think. For the Pure Speech we are talking about is the language of the heart.  God has written his laws into our hearts and has already provided us a trail to return home to the “OM” within ourselves.

Stevens says, “The language of our hearts is pure, connected, already conscious and already installed within our Heart of Hearts.”5

The I AM affirmations for manifestation help us to keep blazing that trail and to stay on the path of light–helping us to reconnect with our hearts upon which God has written his name and his laws6...

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References and Notes
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** It should be noted that Robert Kiyosaki does not specifically coach his readers to use mantras and affirmations in the form of prayers.  His teaching focuses on how we use our speech to communicate with others, and especially on how we influence our beliefs and behavior with our inner speech—what we are telling ourselves continually.

That where I AM, there ye may be also

Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. Exodus 3:14

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22:28

Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me. Isaiah 45:11


Conscious Language The Logos of Now by Robert Tennyson Stevens

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