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Who Are the Ascended Masters?

The ascended masters are the saints, teachers, and adepts of East and West from all religions and cultures who lived on Earth and now reside in the heaven world to advocate and express God’s will, wisdom, and love throughout our world. They are our elder brothers and sisters who passed all the major initiations of the spiritual path, graduated from Earth’s schoolroom, and returned by free will to the heart of God through the sacred ritual known as the ascension. Through the ascension process, the soul experiences complete liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth. She becomes merged with her Solar Presence—the individualized God Presence that resides in every son and daughter of God—and experiences freedom from the karmic, gravitational pull of the Earth, entering into the bliss of the eternal Presence of pure divine love.

While in embodiment, the ascended masters learned to walk with God intimately day by day, facing each challenge and test with grace and faith until their souls rose in victory beyond any necessity to reincarnate. It could be said that they had evolved to such a level of compassion and understanding that the Earth could no longer hold them. The victory of the ascended masters is meant to be our own.

Well-Known Ascended Masters

The following are ascended masters whose names you may recognize, as some of them had lifetimes that were recorded in history or in sacred texts:

  • Jesus 
  • Padma Sambhava 
  • Mother Mary 
  • Lord Maitreya 
  • Saint Germain (Saint Joseph)
  • El Morya (Abraham) 
  • Gautama Buddha 
  • Enoch 
  • Padre Pio 
  • Kuan Yin 
  • Krishna 
  • Confucius
  • Lao Tse
  • Zarathustra
  • Kuthumi (Saint Francis)
  • Melchizedek

There are also many unsung heroes and heroines of the Spirit who made their ascension in past and recent decades and now serve us from heaven. In addition, an entire hierarchy of angelic beings—the nine choirs of angels—serve the one eternal God cooperatively with the ascended masters.

Mary, Mother of the World
by David Keil
Saint Germain

St. Francis
by Nicholas Roerich
The Divine Director
by Lisa Delaney

Messages from Above

The ascended masters have unlocked the secret of life. They have discerned carefully what is at the core of being—which is God. Through the acceptance of their true nature, they self-regulated the flow of light through their beings and accelerated their frequency to a level whereby they now manifest in Spirit, beyond this dimension that we perceive with our physical eyes. Only those who have their inner sight quickened can perceive their radiation, their essence, even the image that they have chosen as Self-actualized ones continuing to evolve in higher planes and dimensions of being.

They communicate with their devotees in The Hearts Center movement through HeartStreams, which are up-to-the-minute messages and teachings transmitted through their anointed messengers. Delivered in the form of dictations, discourses, and darshans, these messages vibrate with the masters’ love and wisdom. They release and expand divine light in the Earth as they are being released and also when they are replayed in video or audio format. They teach, exhort, bless, uplift, and direct us toward specific actions that, when fulfilled, can yield great blessings for ourselves and our families, communities, nations, and planet.

What It Takes to Become an Ascended Master

The ascended masters exemplify the highest virtues through their givingness to all life. Throughout many lifetimes of service, they mastered the initiations of the seven rays, which are the seven major qualities, or aspects, of the white light of the Godhead:

  • First ray: Blue—will, faith, and power
  • Second ray: Yellow—wisdom and understanding
  • Third ray: Pink—divine love, compassion, and beauty
  • Fourth ray: White—purity, holiness, and oneness
  • Fifth ray: Green—wholeness, truth, abundance, and music
  • Sixth ray: Purple and gold—service and sacrifice to all of life
  • Seventh ray: Violet—forgiveness, mercy, joy, and freedom

Mastery of these attributes is vital to our wholeness and spiritual evolution. The masters of wisdom teach us that we too can return to God in the ascension at the close of this lifetime or the next by gaining this self-mastery, fully utilizing our gifts and talents in our sacred labor, and balancing our debts to life.

As our teachers and guides from higher dimensions, they can show us the way home through a path of the love for God, dedication, self-discipline, and balance in our daily lives. Daily meditation and silent contemplation, as well as the giving of devotional prayers, mantras, and songs, can help us in this process. Balancing our past karma through service to life and resolving our psychology are also major keys to our victory.

Buddha, the Conqueror
by Nicholas Roerich

Our Loving Overseers

Ascended masters, angels, and cosmic beings are part of a holy body known as the Universal Great White Brotherhood. White signifies their purity of consciousness and does not refer to race. They have also been called the saints robed in white, as this purity is reflected in the white light that emanates from their beings.

For as long as mankind has populated the Earth and other planets, the Brotherhood has existed. As the overshining spiritual body that represents the Godhead in this planetary system, they work tirelessly to help willing souls attain the same mastery over their lower nature that the great ones among their ranks have achieved.

Throughout history, the masters have inspired spiritual seekers in all cultures and traditions to raise their eyes and hearts upward, especially during challenging and dark times. They have come with mes- sages of hope and with keys for successful and joyful living and liberation from a limited understanding of our true nature. Through their mentorship and divine instruction, we can learn how to experience the ultimate joy of attaining divine reunion with our Source.

The Councils of the Brotherhood Assist the Earth to Evolve

The ascended masters gather in councils of the Brotherhood in the higher realms over certain areas of energetic significance across the globe to strategically assist mankind to attain their soul freedom and manifest the kingdom of God upon Earth. In their realm, just as in ours, there is discussion and planning. Teams of masters deliberate, consider options, and listen to one another’s ideas before deciding upon a course of action. Their goal is to help souls to move forward on a path that leads toward both personal and planetary transformation, enlightenment, and eternal freedom.

Through the Darjeeling, Indian, and African Councils, as well as many others across the Earth, the Brotherhood leads, inspires, and encourages us to sustain the light through our devotions, meditations, and conscious acts to transmute the darkness that is assailing the planet at this time. Each of us may be a servitor for this sacred cause.

The ascended master Afra serves on the African Council.
Art: Afra, by David Keil
Likewise, the ascended master El Morya serves on the Darjeeling Council.
Art: El Morya, by David Keil

Certain ascended masters work closely with one another to strategize and prepare for an instauration of light to manifest on Earth. They inspire individuals in various fields to discover new ways and means of bringing divine technologies and other spiritual methodologies into play to advance civilization according to the eternal principles and values of the Universal Great White Brotherhood.

Every ascended master’s desire is for you to become fully ensconced within your own Divine Presence, to feel the afflatus of the Holy Spirit and to be able to commune with and receive guidance and inspiration directly from your Source.

As Earth progresses along these lines, it is the ascended masters’ hope that humanity will evolve as a whole and return to the heart of God.

Experience the Ascended Masters Daily

Through the dispensation of The Hearts Center, the ascended masters invite us to experience their presence daily. The ascended lady master Portia, the divine complement of Saint Germain, explained it this way in a HeartStream:

"The experience of an ascended master’s reality by any individual living upon Earth—through the acceptance of that master’s holy virtue and presence in one’s life—can allow a magnanimous entrée of accelerated beingness into one’s world. It is simply up to you to believe that we exist and thereby enter the field of our auric presence and power, which may be yours through your scientific application of the law of correspondence, where a one-to-one relationship may occur."

The power to transform our lives lies within our freewill choices to change course, to walk in the light, and to push forward without hesitancy or fear. Our ascended elder brothers and sisters learned and mastered the art of oneness with God through loving service and virtuous giving to mankind. Since the pure in heart shall see God, we must constantly strive to develop greater purity of consciousness by focusing upon the light of eternal love that beats within every heart.