Through every alchemical means, help Mother Mary to realize her healing retreat…

An Emerald Vision of My Healing Retreat

The Immaculate Conception—Bringing Heaven to Earth

Beloved advocates of my heart, I bring an emerald vision of my healing retreat here so that you may hold within your mind’s eye that immaculate conception1 of what could be, of what may be, of what will be as all is fulfilled through many hearts wed to the holy purpose of simply being heartfriends2 of God. When, through an intention of light and a desire to serve to set life free, you come together and pool the resources of your heart fires, the vast storehouse of wisdom and attainment of your causal bodies and move into an awareness of transcendence through grace and the blessings that flow from your Source, the ascended masters and angels and guardian spirits may surround you, amplify that which is real within the heaven world descending into matter, and then assist you in making it so in the physical plane.

Every Moment Is an Alchemy of Love and Light

You have learned the laws of alchemy3 as brought forth through beloved Saint Germain. But I say that every day, every moment is an alchemy of love and light. And if you would truly understand within the greater context our mission here, you must bring to bear something more, something sublime, something pure from your own God-awareness and the light that flows through you into the equation whereby what I envisioned long ago may manifest, be accomplished and then be sustained in time and space as benevolence, as holiness, as presence and as the physicality of our healing mission together.

Mother Mary’s Mission—Healing, Hospice, Service to the Unborn, Sustainablility

I have offered you in past discourses elements of this vision. And some of you have compiled them and attempted in some way to move forward our plans—whether it be for the water blessed by Jesus and me and Saint Germain as the Holy Family to nourish the life and bloodstreams of many who will come here; whether it is the healing ministry that may manifest in many ways through the heart, head and hand of various sponsored practitioners, those devoted to the alleviation of pain and suffering and for the sustaining of a new framework of wholeness within body mind and soul; whether the hospice work for which some of you have taken training and future work in assisting unwed mothers through their time of travail and that which they require to bring forth newborns into the world; whether of the vision of the statue as an electrode and talisman of healing for this valley of which I have spoken; whether of a sustainable community growing organic foods for your physical nourishment, being off the grid and being able to sustain life within this realm during the potential turmoil ahead.

Service through Community

All of these, blessed ones, are reasons for your coming together, building community, developing your talents, skills and new avenues for the sharing of this teaching and of that which each and every one of you have gleaned in your lives as elements of the truth, the way, and the life. And as you merge and pool your resources, there can be a collective gaining of ground toward the alleviation of much world karma and suffering through the very spiritual services you partake of, such as this one this morning.

The Outer and Inner Work of the Great White Brotherhood

For the greater work at hand is world service and the sustaining of not only a physical retreat of the Universal Great White Brotherhood4 but of the inner work that you accomplish as your bodies are retired and refreshed at night. All of these are the purposes to which many of you have incarnated, relocated here, placed your roots within the very earth itself in this valley and decided that you will stay and maintain, that you will deliver for God the light of your highest self and that that which is within your heart as a part, by God’s grace, of my mission and the mission of many angels, who are your friends, may be fulfilled ere you leave this plane.

Our Collective Vision—Each One Holding a Facet

Blessed ones, every prayer, every service, every gift of the Spirit that flows through your awareness is a building block toward the fulfillment of our collective vision. There is no, one perfect vision although the angels and I hold a matrix of light as a growing Crystal Emerald City of Light here. For each and every one of you have elements of and facets of that crystal and vision. And as you discuss, as you discourse and communicate heart-to-heart in a number of future sessions together, the natural unfoldment of this vision will occur.

It is not for us to mandate exactly what must occur, for there is always the element of free will and the knowledge within your realm of the possible, the doable, the practical, based on the resources that you have. And yet there is also the concurrent manifestation of miracle emerald light that you may draw down from your Presence and from the divine pool of light within the retreat itself that can assist you in accomplishing this vision, this goal, this mission.

Be Guardians of the Vibrations of Aquarius

It must begin somewhere. And it has begun through these services, sustained daily by your devoted hearts one with mine. This is the most important work that you can do, blessed ones. And thus those of you who are here have realized this. And come what may of the challenges ahead in the economies, in the environment or whatever, you are holding firm to your resolve to be those witnesses, to be those guardians of the framework of the new age that is descending day by day through many hearts attuned to the new vibration of Aquarius, the new energies of the Spirit that are welling up from within the hearts of the conscious ones.

And so you have plighted your troth to me and to your sponsoring masters. And this is what, crystal brick by crystal brick, will build the edifice of the Celestial City of Light here, which will overshine the physical manifestation of this healing retreat. Many of you have offered much in the way of your resources and abundance, in monetary giving. And those listening and those who have participated in the alchemy of abundance here have also gained both at inner and sometimes outer levels, greater abundance from the givingness of their hearts.

There has been a conundrum of the current situation of the economy and of what has transpired here previously that has been a challenge to that which many of you have held as the vision of the future. So where do we go from here, blessed ones? How can we move forward and clip the wings of the nefarious ones who would thwart our plans? By the power of the dove of the Holy Spirit, new wings of light are manifesting now as currents of sacred fire all around you and this retreat. It is by your willingness to be God-taught and to move forward that the Holy Spirit will flow, that the healing ministry will begin and that all of your efforts will come to something and not to naught.

Assist in Mother Mary’s Mission Wherever and However

I would inspire those who have the resources to assist this company of saints in fulfilling the collective vision and mission here. And so I have laid out before you this day, both at inner and out levels, something more of that which can transpire. For the gold of the Spirit must come forth and the illumination of the light from the very Sun Source of being must radiate here. And once the properties are secured, all of them, then many more will come to assist you, blessed ones. You have been admonished in the past to pray without ceasing. This is the sacred science of flow whereby the light of your own God Presence does stream through your heart continuously through conscious awareness of your connection with your Source. If each and every one of you can sustain this, then the great wellspring of light will be maintained and secured.

Therefore with all of thy getting, get the understanding of the requirement to maintain this light, this resonance and live in the frequency of love, the light of wisdom and the virya5 of power and perfect balance within your heart. Whether you work physically in this locale or elsewhere, you may hold the flame for this retreat consciously where you are. You may pray, you may sing, you may emanate perfect presence to assist the angels in continuing their work on your behalf.

But, blessed ones, do something every day toward the greater plan, even if it is a simple offering of a prayer in support of those who work here. By tiny baby steps, thousands of them, the great temples have been built. You are building, you are co-creating, you are fulfilling the possible within the impossible within the realms of time and space.

Mother Mary Offers Her Heart Anew to Us

And though we are ascended, at times we would descend to be so physically among you that we could bring this miracle manifestation of emerald-crystal light right within your hands tangibly. I offer my immaculate heart anew. I offer the resources of all that I can bring to bear on your behalf in this mission. As you commune with my heart, as you pray and offer your heart to God, the sacred flow is maintained, the retreat is sustained and the wellspring flows in its cosmic currents, the effervescent light that all see at the soul level on inner planes.

The Vision of the Mother of the Flame

Yes, the vision of the Mother of the Flame6 long ago was in part that which will be fulfilled here as that gushing geyser light. For beneath the earth, within the heart of the Great Mother this flow continues, even transforming the unconscious, transmuting patterns of imperfection within the subconscious minds of mankind. And when all is finally clear, clean and whole, then all will know of this sacred gift of a Mother’s heart for all.

I am your Mary. My heart beats in anticipation of the greater coming of the glory of God within your soul, even as I hold that field of intention and presence as my immaculate vision of you, each one. Speak words of truth, of love and appreciation to each other and abide always in a new presence of joy. I thank you.

—Mother Mary through David C. Lewis on November 19, 2008

  1. The Immaculate Conception is a consciousness that sees only perfection in a person or situation. It refuses to denigrate or gossip, to criticize or judge, to blame or shame. “Picture-perfect presence” is a recent synonym for this holy consciousness. Our Father-Mother God holds the immaculate conception for his creation eternally. When we are in this consciousness, we are not giving strength to the negative aspects of a certain person or situation. We are engaging in the science of alchemy in that our thoughts create our reality. In the Buddhist tradition the concept is called “absolute bodhichitta.”
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  2. A heartfriend, a term coined by the ascended masters, is an individual who has been drawn to the universal message of The Hearts Center and the radiance of the ascended masters through our HeartStreams. And any and all who serve God’s purposes on earth we joyfully consider heartfriends also, whether they are a part of our movement or not.
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  3. Alchemy is a type of pre-chemistry used in medieval times for the transmutation of base metals into gold or silver. In its esoteric context, past and present, alchemy refers to the science of spiritual transformation. According to the teachings of the ascended masters, it is the process through which the base nature of the lesser self is transformed into the qualities of the Higher Self.
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  4. The Universal Great White Brotherhood, also referred to as the Universal White Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood, is an association of saints and sages from all paths and religions as well as angels and cosmic beings. “It is the authority and governing body which represents the Godhead in this system of worlds.”* Many members of this august Brotherhood walked the earth or other planets in our system at one time, striving toward union with God. Some members are embodied. Because of their great service and devotion, those who are embodied have earned the right, even from the unascended state, to be considered among their ranks. Still other members have never entered the rounds of rebirth, residing in etheric octaves. White makes no reference to race but to the purity that emanates from this holy Brotherhood. The purpose of the Universal Great White Brotherhood is the upliftment of mankind so that each individual may attain that self-same mastery and the ultimate joy of this divine reunion. (*from 080601 darshan with the Maha Chohan)
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  5. Virya is a Sanskrit word meaning “vigor, energy, zeal.
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  6. Mother of the Flame is one of the titles given by the ascended masters to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who served as a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood through The Summit Lighthouse organization. From 1963 until her retirement in 1999, Elizabeth energetically carried on the work of messenger and spiritual leader of the The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant. For four decades she lectured around the world, supervised Summit University sessions, directed quarterly conferences, created videos and musical audios, and published books and magazines on the teachings of the ascended masters.
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