Karma and Reincarnation

Understanding Karma and Reincarnation


The Law of Karma

karma between people

Have you ever watched a series of metal balls, suspended next to one another on thin wires as they hit against each other in succession? This fascinating chain-reaction begins with one move. All it takes is the pulling back and releasing of the first metal ball which impacts the second ball on the down swing. The second impacts the third and so on, the effect continuing through the long series of balls seemingly without much deceleration. Once the final ball is impacted, it swings out and back, and the chain reaction begins in the other direction. Of course, the law of physics behind this experiment is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The law of karma is just like the physical law of cause and effect upon the metal balls. Each action that we set in motion, whether it is a thought, word or deed, affects those around us until it comes right back to our doorstep. Yes, our actions have definite repercussions not only on others but on ourselves!


Archangel Michael Supports Us To Balance 100% of Our Karma
An Example of Karma in Action
Imagine that an irate person punches another person in the stomach. At some future time—a day later, a week later, a month later, a lifetime later—he will experience the emotional and physical impact of the outer demonstration of his anger toward another.  He may fall from a horse in such a way that his own breath is knocked out of him, he may be on the receiving end of someone else’s angry fist, he may suffer wrenching stomach spasms for which there seems no remedy or someone’s hateful remark may feel like a blow to his solar plexus.

And the point is that our compassionate actions also return to us. They come as feelings of well-being and peace, kind acts toward us from others seemingly “out of the blue” or unexpected financial gain. Same law. Seems like a no brainer that we would always choose to do what is kind, forgiving, magnanimous, selfless if we really believed in the law of karma.


How Karma Relates to Reincarnation

Jesus understood the law of karma and indirectly taught this law to the multitudes on the Galilean hillsides as he admonished them to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”1 Certainly his desire was that their motive in choosing to do good over evil be selfless. But the law is the law in any case. The Lord’s Prayer counsels us to forgive so that we, too, will be forgiven.2 And the Apostle Paul preached to the Christians at Ephesus, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”3



Many of the world’s religions teach the law of karma in some form. Sikhs and Jains, esoteric Christians and Kabbalist Jews teach this law. Karma is a core concept in Buddhism and Hinduism, where it is understood in conjunction with the law of reincarnation. Reincarnation, or re-embodiment, is the returning of a soul into physical form—actually being reborn many times over through the course of thousands of years—in order to balance all negative actions, heal all strained relationships and work together harmoniously with others to fulfill projects and goals. The soul is intended also to accomplish personal missions of world service, employing his or her unique gifts and talents to this end.

Karma and Reincarnation as a Mathematical Formula

The outplaying of the laws of karma and reincarnation may not be so simple to discern from an observer’s standpoint. There are intertwining karmic relationships at individual, familial, national and world levels. There are unknown cycles, some with a swift return, some spanning many incarnations as principal players are positioned on life’s chessboard, having been given yet another opportunity to 

Spiral of Karma and Reincarnation

make a relationship work, to right a wrong committed against a family member or a community, to forgive this time around instead of seeking revenge.
In the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell, the opportunity to “get it right” comes fast a
nd furious for Phil (Bill Murray), a self-serving and egotistical weather forecaster, who finds himself stuck re-
doing one twenty-four hour period. Day after day, he awakens to find that it is the same day! Not until the results of his selfish reactions to the same events begin to change is he freed from this round of twenty-four-hour “rebirth.” His transformation is the key to breaking the cycle of living in a perpetual Ground Hog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

The Variable and the X-Factor in the Karmic Equation

So we understand that returning karma is like a mathematical equation in its predictability … in one sense. But in another sense the karmic equation contains a variable—the timing of returning cycles. Only the Universe knows when karma, good or bad, will return to us. This is why we often think injustices occur, bad things seeming to happen to good people, when in truth it is the sure return of that which has been created and sent out in some distant incarnation.
And what is the X-factor in this equation? The law of karma would remain inviolate except for the presence of another law—the law of mercy. Mercy is the X-factor. And what a law it is. Where would we be without mercy? Mercy is a most wondrous law that results in mitigation, or a lessening of a negative reaction through our intention to extend mercy, to serve others, to show compassion. Mercy is also activated by the power of prayer, the sincere request for forgiveness as well as thedecision to change the way we live our lives.
Mercy is the counterpart of justice. Because First Cause is infinite love and compassion, the predictable result of the karmic equation can have a much more glorious outcome. The mitigating factor of the law of mercy is activated when we realize the need to ask forgiveness and choose to forgive others of real or perceived offenses against us. And how often do we forgive? All the time, every time. That is the only way the law of mercy can have an impact on the karmic equation.

The Violet Light

An accelerated action of mercy and forgiveness has beengiven to mankind in the twentieth century by Saint Germain, avatar4 for the Age of Aquarius. The gift that Saint Germain brings is the understanding of the use of the violet light.A facet of the Holy Spirit, the violet light can be invoked into our lives and into our very bodies through visualization, song, prayer and decree6 work. This sacred fire action brings blessing, healing and a more rapidtransformation of our negative karma.
Yes, what goes around comes around sooner or later. But applying the violet light, sacred fire gift from the heart of Saint Germain, in our lives softens the impact of those crashing metal balls of returning negative karma and sometimes even changing those dense spheres into whirling light! Put the violet light into action in your life now!
 reincarnation of a person
1. This oft repeated teaching, called the Golden Rule, is found in Luke 6:31 and in the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus’ exact words in Matthew 7:12 of the King James version are, “Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so unto them.”
2. Matthew 6:12, Luke 11:4
3. Ephesians 6:7
4. In the Hindu tradition an avatar is a deity come to the earth; the incarnation of a god. In ascended master terms, it is the title given to that ascended being who shepherds and directs a certain cycle or age. Jesus is considered the avatar of the Piscean Age, an age lasting approximately 2,000 years. We are entering the Age of Aquarius, another 2,000-year cycle with Saint Germain as our guide and teacher.
5. The violet light is a seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit. The seventh ray carries the qualities of mercy and freedom, forgiveness and joy. This sacred fire energy, called the violet light, works miracles in our lives as it transforms negative karma from this and past lifetimes into light. The daily use of the violet flame lifts burdens and feelings of depression, fills the soul with profound joy and hope, rejuvenates the spirit, mind and body. Invoked through mantra, decree and song, it can be visualized as flames surrounding a person, a place or a situation. It has been called the “cosmic eraser” and the real “fountain of youth.” To read or download The Hearts Center affirmations and decrees to the violet light, visit our Prayers and Songs page, prayers 70.001 through 70.070.
6.Decrees are poetic prayers that affirm the work of God in us and invoke more of God as light energy into our beings. Their rhyming pattern facilitates memorization and repetition. Once a decree is memorized, visualizing what the words are affirming becomes easier. And visualization intensifies the work of the violet light. Mindful repetition also intensifies this light energy, causing our chakras to spin! This accelerating spinning action produces positive change in our beings and in the world. Decrees are much like the mantras of the East, and their action of light can be more intense than the light which is released through prayer or meditation depending on the focus, attainment and momentum of the individual offering the decree. Click “Prayers and Songs” to read and hear decrees given during our services and vigils.
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